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:new: Sorry I've been so quiet lately. We've been really busy between house hunting, trading the car (had to get one big enough for the family), commission work and a few other things (have an apt at the social security office today to discuss supplemental benefits for my kids). I've still managed to get comics done for Woohooligan although I've been getting them out a little bit late each time, like 8-9 days instead of 7. That's been frustrating for me, especially because the closer I get to the end of the week (or past deadline), the harder I find it to work on the comic. It's just very draining on me when I know that I'm late. And I'm not keeping up on the Gutter Stars interviews or on that Stick It To the Man contest I started. :shakefist:

Anyway, there is some good news! :D

:bulletblue: This week I discovered a cool new competitor to Ink Outbreak called Comic Rocket

:bulletblue: and a site for comedy webcomics specifically called IsItFunnyToday.com

:bulletblue: Traffic on the Woohooligan comic is up again! Woohoo! I had gotten traffic up from about 150/day to about 1,000/day when I started advertising on Project Wonderful, which was sweet! and then last week or so I noticed that my return traffic was at about 50% (on Google Analytics), and that was fantastic! Because it meant that people are coming back to the official woohooligan.com site and reading each week. And the past week since the 1st of the month when I published those lesbians (okay, technically they were bisexual) :bucktooth: traffic on the site doubled. At first I thought it would just be a 24-hour spike, like sometimes happens when I publish a new comic, but it's kept up all week! More people are sharing Woohooligan on Twitter, and finding those other two sites may have helped also. :nod: So I'm up from about 1k/day to now about 2k/day.

Woohoo! :happybounce: :cake:

Looking forward to StripCon in early August! :D

Oh and please do let us know if you see any decent 4-bed houses under $65k... or potentially even a 3-bedroom if it's got a garage or a basement or one of those "we're not technically allowed to call it a bedroom" rooms. ;P

Hey there, hooligans!

We're in a bit of a strange situation and I'm hoping maybe one of you guys could help. :nod:

About 2 years ago Tiff's mom, Carol, came to stay with us when her brother passed away. Then about a year ago now I got custody of my 3 kids, Alex, Cali and Nick. So that makes 6 people in the house. At the time we were in a 2 bedroom apartment, which was way too small. The kids were all having to sleep on a fold-out sofa in the living room every night. So we had to move to a bigger place. Right now we're in a 3-bed rent house with a converted garage (Tiff's mom's room). And it's working for us for the most part and we were expecting to stay here for a while. We're even weeding the lawn and taking care of a bunch of other repairs that the previous tenants had just ignored for god knows how long.

Now here's the problem you can help us with. :nod: The income we get between myself and Tiff's mom's social security isn't nearly enough to support the family as a whole in this rent house. Until now we've been getting some help from a discretionary trust (meaning that we can't use any of the money without the bank's approval).

Two weeks ago we got a call from the bank and they said

:bulletblue: You have to buy a house... NOW
:bulletblue: It has to be no more than $65k total after closing (and at least 4 bedrooms for 6 people)
:bulletblue: It can't need any major repairs

(and when it's over, the trust will be gone)

Luckily for us the way the custody hearings went (with the kids' mother never showing up) we're allowed to go wherever we need to go. So we can get a house anywhere in the US... potentially even in Mexico or Canada although I wouldn't expect that.

Based on the research we've done this past week the town we're in right now is one of the least expensive places we could get without putting ourselves way out in the Styx. So we've been looking in this area and not finding much and what we have found mostly needs major repairs like a roof or something. We did find that the Detroit home market is about 40% less expensive and have found some places there that might work, but even there it seems to be slim pickings (also because of the crime rate there and making sure the neighborhood isn't too dangerous especially with our kids). I'd prefer a place where I can get high-speed internet (Uverse or Fios preferably), although it's not an absolute requirement... I would just have to put my webserver in a colo facility.

We know it's going to be a challenge... we've been at this for two weeks already. :nod:

Anyway, if you know of a house for sale in that price range, I'd really appreciate any leads you've got. :nod:

Leave a comment here or a note or you can email me at isaac_dealey@yahoo.com.

Thanks! Stay awesome, hooligans!
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Hey, thanks for the lead on those sites. Apparently I was already ON Comic Rocket. I asked to be added to the rate it site. Who knows? And 2k! Crap, man! That's nutsy! Hey, considered Adsense yet? With those pageviews, it might be worth it. I make about a buck a day on one leaderboard and 5k pageviews. Better than a kick in the pants, as they say.