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Hey, Hooligans! I'm just rounding up a final push for our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter that ends tomorrow! :D

I've had three pledges from DeviantArt so far, which ain't too bad! You guys are trailing behind Facebook (9), Kickstarter (8), and Twitter (7), but 3 backers out of 38 from DA ain't at all shabby! Now's your chance, if you've been waiting or weren't sure if you could afford it, you've got a little over a day to get your copy of either or both of the new books!

Laugh It Forward on Kickstarter!

I've learned a lot. I made a ton of mistakes in the preparation and execution of this campaign. I put a character's face dead-center in the campaign picture, so the PLAY button covered it right up. I put the tag line on the same picture in bigger letters than the title, so a bunch of people at the beginning thought the title was "Dick Jokes for Justice". ;P I learned to contact bloggers and comics journalists a lot earlier! I was contacting most of them during the campaign and you really want to give them a couple months. I still managed to get pieces from Nicole D'Andria, the comics maven at Comics Frontline, Ben Howard at the Outhousers, Paul at, and a guest appearance on the Nerdfect Strangers podcast! I still think I might be forgetting someone. D'oh!

I overextended myself on the artist spotlights, trying to help people out, and then I ran out of content for the artist spotlights anyway because 24 out of 60 of them never got their interview responses to me. Next time I'm not going to promise them to anyone -- I'll take submissions, and I'll choose from those who I feel is a good fit, and ready to be promoted. I learned that, although more than the average number of Kickstarter project updates is good, 50+ might not be a good idea. ;P

I also learned some things that aren't exactly mistakes. I learned that, in the long run it might have been a better idea to make this project just about Woohooligan vol 2 and reprints of vol 1 and run a separate KS campaign for Hellbent later. I learned that most artists, even those who say they "love telling stories" or are "compelled to tell stories" are horrible at telling their own story. ;P I'm going to write an article about that soon-ish, my attempt to help other creators learn how to better present themselves.

I tried and failed to schedule a live stream on Facebook. ;P I managed to start a livestream almost 2 hours late. Still no word on how to schedule one and go live at the scheduled time.

I've been surprised at just how many NEW people backed the project, coming in straight from Kickstarter! That's super flattering! :D

And although I was a bit rusty, I enjoyed making this video of our manifesto!

Laugh It Forward on Kickstarter!

My daughter announced she's getting married! They're planning a small wedding at the end of June.

I hope you've had an awesome month, and Easter Fools Day! ;P

How've you been?

- Sam

p.s. Feel free to note me if I can help with any of your projects!
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