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:new: Tiff and I are back from our week out of town and still have guests this week (Aug 8), which is slowing down the next update, but it's coming! :D

:new: Tiff and I are going to be out of town next week. In the interim, I'm going to try and bang out some more work, so I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm going to be more or less radio-silent for the next two weeks. See you on the flip! :highfive:

:new: Hey, hey! So it turns out that the table location we got wasn't as good as we had originally expected. Yes, our table was directly in front of a choke-point, so we were the first thing anybody saw if they entered the 2nd room! :la: Unfortunately, the sign leading to the 2nd room was black and white and pretty plain and I think a lot of people didn't notice it. I heard a lot of people say either that they were just noticing the 2nd room very late or that upon walking in there were a lot fewer people in there. Bob Corby who organizes SPACE heard the same reports and started announcing on the PA, "please remember we have a 2nd room". I understand, it's not their fault - these are the kinds of things that happen when you have an event at a new location, which was necessary when their previous hotel location folded without real warning. There's always a learning curve.

Despite that, this was the best event I've had so far! :la: And I even saw someone I didn't expect to see who had bought Woohooligan Vol 1. Into Dorkness a few months ago at RathaCon. He was telling a friend of his how good he thought my first book was. :la:

My friend Angel, who shared the table with me didn't do quite so well. We both met some cool people, but she got almost no sales. I could tell it was a real blow for her. She does a ton of conventions (mostly anime) and because she busts her ass, she always walks away with at least a hundred in profit, but this time didn't break even. (I think a lot of her product - at least what she chose to display prominently - appeals more to the anime crowd. So I think her sales really reflect a different audience at this event.) Since I wanted to be supportive, I gave her a break on her half of the gas and table-fees. I'd also like to ask you wonderful folks to have a look at her work and if you like it and can afford it, pick something up from her store to help her out with her upcoming trip next week.

Thanks, Hooligans! Stay awesome!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I'll be at SPACE in Columbus on the 18th and 19th of this month and then I'll be out of town the last week.

We'll be sharing the booth with our friend Angel Melzak. :iconkuroitenshi13:

You can get more info about the SPACE event here: www.backporchcomics.com/space.…

So this months comic updates will probably be a bit more sparse than in the past couple of months.

Also congrats to StarDragger who won our last Patreon monthly commission raffle. :) patreon.com/woohooligan

Stay awesome, Hooligans!

:new: Check out the sweet booth location we snagged!

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Thanks for the congrats! Hope all is going well with you and yours!
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Doing good, yeah... I've started working on your commission a couple of times and for some reason that's a mystery to me, I haven't been happy with the results, so I'm still trying to get that done. ^^; This month has been weird -- I've only managed to get two 3-page spreads out for Woohooligan, so I guess that's about 1.5 pages per week? A lot less than in previous months, although it's a lot more than I've promised on the Patreon for the current milestone.
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Good to hear that you're doing well. No worries, I figured there was some sort of road/mind block, as you're good about getting things done in a timely manner. Keep at it, I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with it (or, if you'd rather, I can try for a different character, I've got others that need drawing :P).
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If you'd like to switch characters you're welcome to... I actually still have a couple of commissions I'm also working on from the Kickstarter campaign from way back. I will get to them, they've just been caught in limbo while I've been struggling to deal with all the other upheavals like moving to OH and now being diabetic, both of which happened right on the tail of that Kickstarter campaign. :bucktooth:
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Glad to hear it went well.  Out of curiosity, what kind of stock do you personally pack for a con?  I've wondered this before, if I ever actually decided to try one.  Not sure how many books one would need to be relatively well stocked.  Because I've heard varying reports, from people saying that cons result in brisk sales, and other people saying that it's mostly talking to people and generating good will without much in the way of sales.
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Yeah, that's the thing is I'm not sure there's a really good or simple answer to that... I personally am not making huge sales yet - this time was better - but I also have only done a very small handful of events so far, so I have little experience to gauge.

Angel's done a ton of events and she says she usually turns over at least $100 in net profit, whereas I'm not quite breaking even yet. She also I think takes more stuff than she needs to and would probably make more if she took less (people at the table would have less decision fatigue).

When I go, I take the books I've printed so far (I'm down to about a dozen), and so far I've sold about one book per event. But I've only had print books for two of the five events I've done. I've also sold about one shirt at each of three of those five events. I sold 4 at this event, so it averages out to about 1 shirt per event overall o for me so far. I had a few greeting cards this time, just printed on some cardstock, not gloss or pro-printed, at $1/ea. Didn't move any of those.

So at least for me, I don't need a ton of stock (so far) at the events I've attended, because my sales have been initially sluggish. I have a sneaking suspicion that part of the reason for this is because I've been attending events with smaller ticket sales. SPACE was about a thousand people and was my best event so far - the three events I attended prior probably were less than that, maybe 6-800. Angel says she usually attends cons with no less than 2k in ticket sales, which may help explain why she gets better sales when she goes. (Although she also attends mostly anime cons and has a lot of Sailor Moon material and otherwise anime-specific appeal.)

I tell you, if I had the money to just go to a bunch of cons and basically systematically research it -- experiment with different banners and such, I'd write a whole book on how to make the most of tabling conventions. :nod:
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Thanks for the info.  All the cons I've heard of around here tend to be bigger.  There's one (ConBravo) in my own town, but that's more the 'thousands of people' size, and I've heard people talk about it as a SMALL con.

Something that's held me back from trying these cons is the question of how much merch one needs as stock.  And the fact that there's no answer is sort of hard when big money is on the line.  For instance, should I take a dozen books, which would already cost me well over a hundred bucks?  Or should I take fifty bucks, which would cost more than I want to spend?  I'm in the stinky position of not having an established 'print run' sitting there from which to draw.

Anyway, it's nice to hear when people have good experiences, at the very least.
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Glad to help. :nod: It occurs to me now that I overlooked something. What might be a good strategy is to figure out the smallest number of books you would need to break even, or possibly to double your investment at the con and take that. So if it's in your own town and the table is $100 you ballpark the gas around $10 and so you divide that $110 by the profit you make on each book at whatever your printing rate is. So if your book nets you $5 per book, you take 22 if you're targeting the break-even or 44 if you're hoping to double that $110 investment.

For your first event or two I wouldn't expect to be able to double the investment, but it's always possible. Part of the problem is having an audience contributes to sales, part of it also is that I think you're more likely to make a profit on the event if you have more than one book or at least more than one product available. Obviously that doesn't mean take gobs and gobs of different products, but I think having a few (3-8) helps.

I will probably switch to a different printer - after I had mine printed at Ka-Blam I then met some folks who got a better deal (and a better, thicker cover) through CreateSpace or ComicBookPrinting.com. So since the quality at those other places is at least as good and they cost less, it just makes sense. Anyway, mine are priced at $16 because each book was $8 to print and that's generally how things break down - the ballpark is that production is about half of the final price on most things. Or so I've heard. Sure that does mean 100% markup for you, but in traditional distribution it would happen that way anyway, and that 100% markup would be divided up with very little to you and a heaping ton of it for the folks that did the least work, promoting and distributing it.
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I print through Createspace.  It's good.  The books technically cost me something like nine dollars US to print, but the price I've got on them currently is $24.99 because the Canadian dollar is super weak right now, AND I get charged extra for shipping across the border.  So really the books cost me at least $12 a book in Canadian funds.  

I might sell a twenty a pop at a con, but I'm not sure.  And having more products would be good, but again, a lot of work to generate.  Anyway, it's a fascinating world that I might dive into eventually.  Eventually.
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:nod: Feel free to note me if you ever have any other questions and I'll do my best to help.
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Oh my, thank you so much for giving me this shoutout. It means a lot to me! And thank you for the weekend, even though the event itself wasn't as good as it could have been I still took home a wealth of knowledge and experiences~
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I had a good time too. :nod: :hug:

I still need to note you those other things about collabs and stuff. :nod:
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Sure sure. I'm in no hurry at the moment. I did write up (with a bit of help) a children's book script.
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Oh cool. That was fast! :nod:

I've only gotten in a few hours on my next Woohooligan comic so far... I need to finish getting Amy out of heaven. ;P
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When the creative iron hits with me it's always fast. The ending I'm a bit shaky on, but that is the text, the images I mostly see in my head already.
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:nod: Yeah, I always have to wait for my ideas to ferment. ;P
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I do many times, but then when it comes together it really comes together.
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Right, I'm often just waiting for a single idea to slide into place. :nod:
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Glad to hear you had a great time!
SPACE seems like an interesting and fun event.. I'm just on the west coast lol
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Thanks, Ricky.

Yeah, it's not nearly big enough to warrant flying cross-country. :nod:
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Have fun! SPACE is a great show!
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I'm so excited about this!!!!  I actually was able to order a few more comics!
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