Happy Holidays!

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I'm having an awesome few weeks!

How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are all doing fantastic! :la: :cake:

Last Friday my dad came by the house and had dinner with us. It's the first time we've seen my dad at the holidays in over a decade! :nod: He and his new wife, Sharon, are coming down again from Detroit this upcoming Saturday as well. Very cool! And we finally got Gram (Tiff's mother) to the doctor for a checkup today.

With all the repairs on the house, finances are still real tight. No Christmas tree this year and for now Gram and the kids will only be getting some used books for Christmas. But it's the thought that counts, right? It's being together, enjoying each-other's company and supporting one-another. :nod:

I've been blown-away by your response to the last Woohooligan strip - the bronze-age strip. I thought for sure the joke would be too obscure, but I was wrong! You guys loved it! Wow! And thank you! :highfive: You guys also said that you'd like to see more Woohooligan comics from me, even if the extra strips are black and white, which is incredibly flattering! So around February I'll start posting 2-3 strips a week instead of the one.

Also, there's a new LOL Rat strip up, about Cats and Christmas! Many of you hooligans already rated and fav'd and shared my contest submission, and I really appreciate your support! It means so much to me that you guys are helping me reach toward that dream of making comics full-time! :hug:

LOL Rat has stayed on the 2nd page of the contest for the past few days! :la: Staying there, with new entries added every day, means LOL Rat is actually rising in the contest! It's slipped slightly today onto the 3rd page, that means it's only gone from the top 8% to the top 10% out of 459 entries now! :boogie:

:new: Thank you guys so much! I took a half-hour out to play Mario Kart with my wife, Tiffany, and in that time, your help got LOL Rat back on the first page! It's currently #17 out of 461 entries, which is in the top 4%!!! If you haven't rated it, or shared it with friends, now's a great time, because every little bit helps! :la:

If you haven't already rated LOL Rat, please do, because even getting this far is amazing! You guys are really pushing me to work harder to make better comics for you and to live that dream of making them full-time! If you haven't shared LOL Rat, or shared any of the strips you enjoyed, please do that as well! Encourage your friends to enjoy the strips and rate them. Every little bit helps! :nod:

It's real simple, all you have to do is log in (Twitter or Facebook are accepted), then click twice to rate my comics as you can see in the handy info-mo-graphi-tron below, then read them!


Thanks, and stay awesome, Hooligans!
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Sorry, for the late merry Christmas.
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Merry Christmas, JR!

:holly: :holly: :holly:   :santa: :iconchristmastreeplz: :holly: :holly: :holly:
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Thank you also my user name is actually my initials, my full name is Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English but just call me Joe. So what did you get for Christmas? (If its ok to ask?)
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Sure it's fine. Our Christmas was pretty minimalist, because we were short on funds. I picked up some books (mostly sci-fi) for my kids and my wife, Tiffany (who also got a DVD of the Life of Pi), but I didn't actually get anything for Christmas. I got to spend time with my dad, who I haven't seen at the holidays for... well it's been at least 10 years, but probably more like 20 if we're only counting seeing him at the holidays. So that was my cool thing this year. :la: Oh and we finally got the garage door opener fixed, which isn't technically a Christmas gift, but I'm happy about it anyway. :nod:

How about you, Joe? You get anything cool this year?
J-R-M-N-K-E's avatar
Thank you. Oh ok, me I got a Superdry Polar Sports Puffer Jacket (www.superdry.com/mens/jackets/… ), a Cedar Wood State Loungewear, a Lynx Peace deodorant bodyspary, 2in1 shampoo and shower gel, two Linkin Park albums (The Hunting Party and A Thousand Suns), slippers and socks.
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That's a sweet lookin' jacket. :nod: Reminds me, one of these days I need to get a static-resistant sweater. Static's been a huge problem in the new house.
J-R-M-N-K-E's avatar
Yeah, I think lot of people like Superdry. I just found out the most ironic thing about it, isn't Japanese company, turn out it is a British company which combined two themes are vintage Americana styling with Japanese inspired graphics. The two things I like. Oh ok.
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Ha! That's funny. Still is a nice lookin' jacket. :nod:
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Awesome to hear you had a great time with the family!
I've been missing family lately due to just school and work. Well for now it's just work and it won't leave me alone!

Other than that, I'll be seeing them soon tho :)
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Good to hear! :nod: You going to school near your family? Out in California, right?
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My school is a 10-15 minute drive from my parents' house (which is where I reside). So technically I'm still nearby my family 
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LOL. That's cool though, it's good to be with family. :nod: My oldest daughter, Alex is 19 now and college is likely to be difficult for her to swing, but for now she's just started working and she's staying with us. I'm glad actually, I know she needs to get some more independence, she needs a driver's license, etc. but I'm glad she's not having to just get out on her own and sink or swim, which is more or less what happened with me.
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It's nice that your daughter is still with you guys.
I don't know the feeling of having kids... But I'm pretty sure I'd miss them if they left on their own
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:nod: We're not like most of their friends' parents. We're more active in their lives - not just chores, we have meals together and family activities on the weekends too (movie nights, board games, etc.)
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