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Hey, Hooligans! There's been a lot going on lately, so I'm just going to run down some bullet points for anyone who's interested. Some frustrating stuff, some good news, a few tv-show and book recommendations. What are you up to? Leave me a comment.

- Still struggling with diabetes complications from an as-yet undiagnosed second condition (doctor wants me to see an endocrinologist) - my money is still on hypothyroid - despite the insulin getting my blood-sugars down to the high side of average (100-150 most of the time), I'm still having a boat-load of the diabetic symptoms -- feeling hot or cold at normal room temperatures, frequent urination, constant physical exhaustion, even a little blurry vision (small print on pill bottles or my phone in particular)

- need to switch my medicare provider as soon as enrollment starts next month because my provider is cheap and doesn't want to pay for my doctor's network anymore

- my mother-in-law has an adenocarcinoma in her lung that was discovered on a scan after her hyperparathyroid surgery

- but her bone destruction hasn't healed since that surgery because when she was told to stop taking calcium she heard "STOP TAKING ANY MEDICATIONS!"

- thankfully her cancer was caught early at stage 1 and didn't get into her lymph which means only 2-weeks of radiation therapy...

- I'm still the only driver in a house of 5 and all of us now have therapy sessions on top of frequent doctor visits for 3 of us due to diabetes, back injury (and associated attempt at disability), and Carol's age-related issues like the hyperparathyroid and cancer...

- The exhaustion from the diabetes has seriously impeded my work during the times that I haven't been driving errands and doctor's appointments

- I finished reading two books recently, Seth Godin's Tribes and Amanda Fucking Palmer's The Art of Asking (both good) mostly while waiting in doctor's offices

- both of the break lights in our new car stopped working (not sure if we have any money left to get them fixed)

- we've been living about $100 below poverty for over a year - I did pick up a single new $1 Patron in the past couple months, but that's the only growth I've had all year - I'm thankful that I haven't lost more than about $3 in pledges this year though

- I've got about 50 people on my mailing list and I'm hoping to double that before the spring when I want to run a Kickstarter in the hopes that funding around $5k will bring in enough capital for me to visit a few conventions next year in addition to having a 2nd book on the table.

- Despite the illness, I finally managed to publish a 4-page comic about trickle-down economics last month, although it was the only work I managed to publish for the month

- my webcomic reviews have been a lot slower than I'd hoped because of the illness

- but I did just standardize my reply emails for authors requesting reviews, which will at least make that part easier, and I added some links to articles that may help them with Kickstarter campaigns and such (just today)

- I've gotten a bit better about Facebook -- when people send me friend requests now, I copy and paste a thank-you onto their wall or a message to them, I offer to help with any of their projects, and I link them to my Patreon page -- it's resulted in several great conversations this week

- I finally published my review for Russell Nohelty's new Sell Your Soul book, which I agreed to reed an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of, and agreed to review many months ago…

- I ran out of episodes of Voyager and DS9 and have been watching episodes of the original Star Trek recently... when I run out of that, the only one left that I can get for free will be the animated series.

- I have really mixed feelings about The Good Doctor - a series about a severely autistic resident surgeon... it's the only new show about an autistic character that I can see for free... I wish someone would make a network show about an autistic character who represents the majority of autistic people like me, who frequently hear "you don't seem autistic", instead of making all of them talk like Rain Man - Bones had a lot of autistic characters, but none that were described as diagnosed

- I don't like that any new show you're interested in now requires a separate subscription for a network with virtually nothing else on it

- This year's political comedies are fantastic! Colbert, Seth Meyers, the Daily Show, Full Frontal, and I'm really happy with Jordan Klepper's new show, the Opposition

- Oh, and there are two awesome half-hour sitcoms on lately -- The Good Place is in season 2 and Ghosted just started -- and Seth McFarlane now has an hour-long sci-fi comedy called the Orville, loosely based on Star Trek and that's also awesome

- I'm vaguely considering making a board game in which the goal is to outlive all the other players (like Monopoly), whilst navigating the corridors of a hospital that puts the Minotaur's labyrinth to shame, with heart counters, money, and byzantine amounts of red-tape and insurance cock-ups -- I want to have event cards like "receive an asshole transplant - pay $x and move to the recovery room" or "doctor left a wristwatch in your colon, receive $x from malpractice, lose one heart and move to the surgery room for follow-up". I'm contemplating a lobotomy card, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't have a good name for this game, but I feel like it's a great opportunity for comedy. :D

How and what are you guys all doing?
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mrwolfglesga Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017
Hug that sounds like a lot to deal with... I hope the rest of 2017 treats you better!

2017 seems to be an evil year thus far. *sigh* 
woohooligan Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, Eric! :hug:

Yeah, there's been a lot of shit this year, but it's cool to see so many people rising to the challenge. :nod: A friend of mine was arrested at a protest rally in Berkley for carrying an "unauthorized weapon" -- a cardboard sign more than 30-inches across. ;P I bet that sounds even sillier to you in Greece, with the kinds of violence issues you folks have been having. Or no? Am I being insensitive? I actually can't tell at this moment. ^^;
mrwolfglesga Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017
Eek... who knew cardboard could be considered a weapon!  I guess it depends on the cardboard, I mean, if you hack at someone's neck with it persistently enough... might give them a jugular paper cut? Wink/Razz  I wouldn't say you're being insensitive at all! I actually don't get out much and only occasionally watch the news (maybe like, once a week beyond reading stuff shared on social media) so I'm not entirely sure. Having said that, I do know that in Cyprus (and possibly Greece) human rights protesters have been kicked/beaten by extreme right-wing groups. >.< 
woohooligan Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
:nod: Yeah, I mean, I certainly don't think it's as bad there as in say Syria where they're dealing with a civil war, but it seems like I remember seeing a lot of pictures of pretty violent events between both police and protestors and it seems to me like I've seen a lot of those recently in Greece and Itally... and I guess now Spain as well with the Catalan independence movement problems...

I know nobody's immune to it -- we've certainly had some events that have turned violent here in the US, like the Rodney King riots, it just seems like there's been a lot of that sort of thing in those three countries recently. And when I see that on one hand then my other friend (Sarah) getting arrested for cardboard seems even more ridiculous. I think it would seem like an overreaction by the police here to begin with (especially given that when there's not a protest and sometimes when there is, people can carry almost any kind of gun here in the US). But then I'm also glad they weren't getting beaten like the people in Catalan.

I'm also continually surprised by how politically informed I am... I say that because I don't consider myself informed -- I watch a lot of political comedy on TV, that's probably where I get the bulk of my information and yet I find myself frequently more informed than most other Americans. It's both funny and sad.

Thanks, Eric! :hug:
mrwolfglesga Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
Well, yeah true. I guess there are countries where violence is worse and where it's actually better. And then there's the violence we don't hear about... which is probably equally bad (if not worse). 

Again, I agree. I guess it's kind of made worse by the state of the economy and xenophobia - not necessarily by the average Joe Bloggs, but the right-wing groups that seem to be finding a platform. A recent example that's still on the news here: the 28th October is a national holiday here and traditionally schoolkids parade through the streets with the 'star' of each holding the Greek flag. Up until this year, teachers would pick the star pupil(s) for this, but this year they decided to make it more 'fair' (or something...) by holding a raffle. The kid whose name gets pulled out of the hat (so to speak) would carry the flag. Well, one school ended up picking an 11-year old Afghani refugee, but they didn't let him carry the flag (they made him carry the sign with the school's name on it). According to the kid's mum, the school told her he couldn't do it cause they were Muslim and would have to enter a Greek Orthodox church (she pointed out to them she had no problem with this, but still they didn't let her son carry the flag). As if this wasn't enough, some 'unidentified perpetrators' passed by their house at 3am and threw rocks at the kid's house, while also leaving a sign which read 'go home'. 

I don't consider myself particularly informed either, but then, I volunteer as a translator for a human rights organisation in Cyprus so I have some contact with the whole thing. Having friends who are more involved tends to help :P 
woohooligan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
:nod: Yeah, Sarah Roark who makes a comic called After Daylight is far more active and involved than I am. I get a fair amount of info from her too. I wish I had more time and better health to do more. My diabetes has been flaring up the past few months and really making it hard for me to get things done.
mrwolfglesga Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
Yeah, I know what you mean... (sorry, been away from Dev-Art for so long! I keep forgetting that I actually know my password XD)
woohooligan Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
lol Yeah, I just am always logged in here. But there are sites where I don't log in regularly and my session expires and I put off logging in to do things because I don't remember the password. ;P I have them written down somewhere, or I can request a reset, but it's just more effort than it's worth on some sites.
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StrixVanAllen Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dear, so much has happened to you! Hope the rest of the year is gentler.
woohooligan Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, Adriana! :hug:
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