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Hey, Hooligans!

I think I was trying to wait to post this journal until I had recorded a better video for our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter, but I've been having trouble getting a mic that works with my Canon Vixia, so I'm going ahead and posting now instead of waiting 'till at least Tuesday. ;P

The Laugh It Forward Kickstarter launches in a little over two weeks on March 6th! I did manage to find 60 people who answered the call for artists to spotlight, and about 17 of them have already filled out their interview questions. One person dropped out, so if you'd like a spotlight during the March campaign, there's one empty seat. :D

I think the project is pretty ready for launch. I am of course pretty nervous. Here's the preview if you'd like to offer your thoughts on it, that'd be great! :D…

I know the video's real rough -- I'm waiting on a new mic from Amazon before I record another one where I'll be more excited and hopefully funnier. :D

The endocrinologist changed my mix of diabetes drugs. Reduced my insulin by half down to 18 units a day, which is great, but the new Victoza and especially Metformin prescriptions have been kicking my ass for three weeks. I'm told it's a temporary adjustment period, hopefully I'll be better before Tuesday when my new mic arrives. ;P In the meantime my work has been a bit slow.

How have you hooligans been?! Let's catch up!
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Submitted on
February 18, 2018