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Hey, Hooligans! As you know, I volunteered at Animatic Con in Cincinnati this past weekend, and hosted my first comic con panel, titled Marketing Your Webcomic or Other Art! It went great! The nine attendees who came laughed at all my jokes and said they got some good tips they can use for their marketing, so that's a win! :D My performance could have been better -- there were one or two specific points I forgot to mention, but I covered everything overall.

And the rest of the convention was pretty sweet as well! I got to see Tea Time With Deadpool, and I met a comedy musician by the name of Mikey Mason. Check out this video of one of his songs!

I wrote more about the event here:…

I had to pre-schedule six of the artist spotlights over the weekend because I wasn't going to have time to format and publish them while I was there. That went great. And then the Monday after I got home, I had a ton of fires and wasn't able to publish my two spotlights for the day. D'oh! I did publish two yesterday and should have two more done a little later today. But also, I'm still waiting on 24 of the artists to fill out their interviews! So as of right now, I have enough content to last until Sunday if nobody else fills out their interviews.

I'm still trying to contact as many bloggers and so forth as I can to promote the Laugh It Forward Kickstarter. I got an interview with the Nerdfect Strangers podcast that went live on Sunday while I was wrapping up at Animatic, and Anthony Cleveland over at has offered to give us some ink for our Kickstarter over there as well!

If you haven't seen them yet, check out these YouTube videos. The first is our comedy manifesto, the Laughtifesto, and the second is a digital illustration tutorial I made back at the beginning of last year.

How are you hooligans doing? Having an awesome week, I hope!

- Sam

p.s. Thank you to all the wonderful people who are sharing the hell out of our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter!
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