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Hey, Hooligan! Sorry I've been absent recently. Things have been crazy around the house in the past 3 months since we took in some extended family from TX who lost a house. So there are now 11 people and 11 animals and it's super stressful at home.

Having said that, I finally completed a big video project I've been working on and it's premiering tomorrow! :D I'm excited and a little nervous. This video was long so I divided it into three parts.

Part 1 premieres tomorrow at 3PM EST.

Refine Print #1 Mindset - a comedy book review of Carol Dweck's cognitive science research about how to get the most out of life.

Hey, Hooligan! I haven't been around DA much lately, and I just noticed this pic my friend Adriana made of Amity from my Hellbent story. It's awesome! I didn't even know she was reading Hellbent. :D

The webcomic has been hanging for weeks and I feel a bit bad about the slow-down to be honest... but other parts of my life and work are going well. Well... my work... when I CAN work. Things at home have been crazy.

A few weeks ago we took in my ex's extended family until they get back on their feet. My former father-in-law let his taxes and 2-liens on his house go until the final notice to renegotiate had come and gone and they were about a month away from being physically yanked out of the house by the bank. So we took in him and my brother-in-law's family, along with my younger daughter who'd gone to stay with them a couple months earlier.

We're now up to 11 people, 6 dogs, 4 cats and a ferret in the house, and their animals keep shitting on my desk. All the things I have to do to accommodate them have been slowing down my work, although I will say that my YouTube channel is coming along nicely. :D

I'm at 48 subscribers with a lot of new ones in the last month and I recently put up this new video about the anonymous NYT Op-Ed from September. It also gets into gerrymandering, Bret Kavanaugh and stolen judicial seats.

I really want to hire someone to illustrate my comics, but there's no way I can afford it currently. Maybe if my YouTube channel gets popular and I get more patrons I'll be able to do that and then there wouldn't be so many slow-downs on the comics (presumably). :fingerscrossed:

How've you been?
Hey, Hooligan! Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

I published this comic review for a friend on YouTube:

I'm sorry I haven't been around DA much lately. Last month, Tiff and I had to take an emergency trip to Florida... I won't get into too much detail, but the short story is Tiff's sister is being held against her will by a couple she's been living with for a while who's gaslighting her, in part because she has some cognitive impairment (formerly known as "mental retardation") as a result of a high fever after her birth, which makes it easier for people to take advantage of her.

Tiff and I just weren't aware that this was a problem until we got a sudden phone call from her, unlike anything we'd heard before (and she calls here to talk to their mother daily), saying she was hiding out in the garage, hoping no one would catch her making the call, and could we come and get her because she couldn't stay there any more. I don't really know the details of what kind of abuse she's going through -- we're pretty sure the couple she's staying with is pocketing her SSI checks. And we couldn't really afford to drive down there (over 1k miles), but we did it anyway, and while I don't regret it, it all went sideways at the end and we weren't able to get to her.

Long story short, at this moment we can't really do anything more than file reports with Adult Protective Services, so it's a long, painful process now.

The trip knocked a couple weeks out of my work schedule (4-5 days for the trip and several more days of recovering at home, licking our wounds) and I've not been able to get another comic strip made, in part because I've been focused on another political satire video for YouTube. I'm really enjoying that work, though I do feel a little unhappy about the sluggishness of my comics. But I have to accept that sometimes life gets in the way and I've had plenty of reasons for delay the past month or so.

My birthday is on Nov 5, Guy Fawkes day -- named for a guy who tried and failed to blow up the English parliament. ;P He was also the inspiration for V for Vendetta. I try not to make a big deal about my birthday, but because it's always around election day, every couple years I'm always telling people "VOTE!" :|

I'm pretty happy with the election results. There's still a lot of work to be done, but it's movement in the right direction. :D I'm pretty encouraged to see better representation in our public offices -- two Muslim congresswomen, two Indian congresswomen, the first gay governor in Colorado, and a record number of women in congress, now over 100 :boogie: (out of 535, so again, still lots more work to do).

How are you doing? I hope you had an awesome week!

Hey, Hooligan!

I'm leaving the house in a few hours to drive up to Grand Rapids MI where I'll be sharing a table at Grand Con with my friend Ryan Wellever! :D

It's my first time at Grand Con and Ryan's first time tabling anywhere. Wish us luck!

Otherwise I've got a lot of ideas for new comics and videos, I just don't seem to have the time to get them done as quickly as I'd like. The eternal struggle.  ;P

I'm thinking about doing a short, 10-15 minute video when I get back mocking the anonymous NYT Op-Ed "I'm Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration". That whole thing is just hysterical to me. ;P

How are you all doing? What projects are you working on?
I was tagged by FireNationPhoenix Hug

1. Marvel or DC?
Marvel. I know they have their Galactuses, but I always felt the marvel characters were more relatable.

Deadpool became my all-time favorite when they gave him his own title. The first 26 issues were amazingly well written, dealing with ideas of fate/destiny, free will, responsibility, etc. Subsequent stuff has been good comedy, but that first 26 issue arc was what hooked me.

2. Weirdest thing that has happened at work or school?
... fuck if I remember... two of the four high-schools I attended no longer exist... and I had a ton of jobs, but nothing "weird" is springing to mind.

3. Have you been to any Disney park?
When I was a kid, yeah, my parents were rich for a while and took us to Disney World in FL.

4. Favorite 80's song?
I truly can't pick one. The one I heard most recently, and definitely in my list of favorites, Africa by Toto.

5. Cats or dogs?
Cats. Dogs are too much work. Though lately our cats are giving them a run... Dexter whines for me to pet him almost every time I enter the room now.

6. If you could have any power, what would it be?
Read minds... but that's primarily because most people actually have that power (to a limited extent) and I was born without it. (Autism)

It also manifested in an intense interest in con movies like Ocean's Eleven and Focus because those characters understand people in a way that's always been really hard for me.

7. Do you believe aliens exist?

8. Most overrated Disney movie?
Toss up between Cinderella and Fantasia, although to be fair, I think Disney movies as a whole are incredibly overrated.

9. Corgis or Shibes?

10. Favorite video game?
Mega Man II ... despite the fact that I enjoy it, I've never actually finished it. ;P

I may come back and tag a few people later... Busy with some work at the moment.

Hey, Hooligans! This past week I published a new comic page, a new webcomic review, I finished my 2nd book (following the Kickstarter) and I got it off to the printer! (Waiting on delivery now.) :D

Woohooligan vol 2: Laugh It Forward by woohooligan

This morning I got a new comment on this old journal I wrote in 2011 about how to earn more commissions. In the seven years since then I've not really pursued commissions for myself, but it's still really nice to hear people enjoy the article. :aww:

Melinda McGill is a Hungarian illustrator who loves sci-fi and fantasy, and joined DeviantArt just two months ago, so she's just a babe. ;P

Beautiful work! :la:

She asks:
I don't know how to get started, I have my skills, I used to work on commissions full time previously, but I still feel a bit insecure. I made the choice to stop doing digital art, I enjoy traditional art so muck better, I wish I could earn a living drawing and painting exclusively that way. Is that possible? Do you have any advice where to start? What goals to work at, what opportunities to take, what doors to knock on?

I wrote this out in a reply to her, but it occurred to me that it might be useful for a lot of others as well, so I decided to make this journal for all of you, to share what I've learned in the last few years.

Is it possible to earn a living making traditional art commissions? I'm pretty sure I've seen people doing it, so I'd say yes. Personally I've opted to focus on making books, prints and similar products that I can sell to multiple fans -- that way what might have been a fairly expensive commission can be enjoyed by a bunch of fans and it becomes very inexpensive for them each individually. Just something to consider as you think about how you want to earn your living.

I set a goal to replace my disability income during 2016 and fell flat on my face. ;P By the end of the year I had achieved 4% of that goal. It was really hard on me, but I didn't give up, and I've found some really great resources since then. (Five years after the original commission journal.)

My best advice is start a newsletter. It's going to be awkward and uncomfortable at first -- you won't know what to say, you'll be afraid of rejection, etc. But if you push yourself through that awkward learning curve and learn to talk to your newsletter subscribers like any other friend, it will help you grow your audience. Set a schedule for it. I do mine every week -- you might choose 2-weeks or monthly -- however you prefer, just so you know when your next one will go out, and be consistent sending it out.

Most of your newsletters should be providing something to your subscribers, like in my case mostly jokes. I also give links to funny, important or inspiring news... I share a fair amount of science news. After having developed a rapport with them and proved that you're giving them good stuff, then they'll appreciate when you occasionally say "hey, I'm offering commissions" or whatever it is you need to sell, because they know you and they know you didn't just get them on your list to constantly advertise to them.

Speaking of getting people on your list... also look up how to create a landing page for your newsletter signup. I had a newsletter for a year before I figured this out (or that I should send consistent updates). Several of the mailing list providers like MailChimp offer some basic landing page features, and there are also third-party landing page providers like LeadPages, or you can design it yourself on your own site.

You should also have your signup form on your personal website or your blog (Sumo has some tools to help with that), but make a separate landing page you can send people to in your email (in your signature is great), or written on a cocktail napkin, etc. A page that tells visitors what they're going to get after they enter their name and email address. Offer them something extra they'll enjoy for free -- a tutorial, a book you made, etc. (mine is my first ebook of cartoons) and let them know you'll send them art or tips or whatever (in my case jokes) in each newsletter and that they can unsubscribe any time.

My landing page is here in case you're curious (it's not perfect):

Try out different landing pages periodically to see if you can improve on it -- try and find a way to measure the effectiveness of the page, like, how many people sign up? 1% of visitors? 5%? That's a huge gap by the way, and I wouldn't expect more than 5% -- I've heard of 10%, but that's exceptionally rare.

I'm also enrolled in several marketing courses from Tyler James (Vogel) who produces the ComixLaunch podcast, which is about publishing comics through Kickstarter. He also has a ListLaunch course that's specifically about building your mailing list / newsletter. The podcast and the courses are both very good. :nod:

If you're like me, that $400 price tag was the reason I never enrolled before. The reason I did eventually enroll is because he changed his pricing and he offered a deal at the time I could get in for $40/mo (and because it was new, he waived the setup fee). You can see that in the enrollment options for ComixLaunch ... I'm not finding it for ListLaunch, so you might want to contact Tyler about that. You can also find him on Twitter.

Also check out Russell Nohelty. I recommend his book Sell Your Soul: How to Build Your Creative Career. I read a ton of marketing books and most of them are utter garbage, but this one had a ton of useful info in it. He also used to publish a blog / podcast called the Business of Art, which you can still check out the archives for good stuff there... and here's a Facebook group he runs for writers and artists

Russell also offers at least one premium course (like the courses I'm in with Tyler James), but I haven't enrolled in his course yet, so I can't really vouch for it/them -- but I assume it's very good, like the value I've gotten from his book and other resources.

Okay, I feel like I've given you a lot to think about. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, or send me a note if there's anything else I might be able to help you with! :D

Hey, Hooligans! I know I've not been on DA much lately. Let me know how you're doing. What projects are you working on? Life changes? Victories? Setbacks?

I got all the formatting on my 2nd book done, finally! It was slowed down a lot because I wrote this foreword bout my personal evolution from being afraid of making political comedy to embracing it this past year, and tying that together with the rise of alt-right racism or white supremacy since 2001. It was a lot of hard work researching things like the Charlottesville riot, the Dylann Roof church shooting, etc... and even harder writing comedy around all that! :faint: But I'm glad I did it. It made the foreword a lot better, and it gave me a much clearer understanding of recent history. :nod:

My friend Mizz-Swagnificent made this awesome gift art from an old comic strip of mine from back in 2012!

Jack The Guitarist by Mizz-Swagnificent
Sweet! Here's the original strip I made:

Rock Star! by woohooligan

:new: My friend Lizzy opened up some emergency commissions to get some convention supplies she needs. Check it out!

The keyboard on my laptop is disintegrating and I'll have to replace it (the keyboard or the laptop, not sure which) soon.

That's all I've got for now. I'm just waiting on my books to come in to ship out to my Kickstarter backers and catching up on my social media that I've not been on much lately.

So what are you doing? :D

Hey, Hooligans! I neglected to post an update about this on Thursday. Oops! The Kickstarter campaign funded and hit its first stretch goal at the same time! :D 

But I also have some other cool news! Yesterday, Scott Rosenberg backed the project! 

Scott's an NYT best-selling author, former VP of Marvel and Chairman of  Platinum Studios (Cowboys & Aliens, Hero by Night, I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space). But what you may know best from his work is producing the comic series Men in Black from Malibu Comics, which he signed to the movie deal before selling Malibu to Marvel.

That's so flattering! :D 

In the hours since I published the Kickstarter update about Scott backing the project, we picked up a couple more backers and are just $8 from our 2nd stretch goal! So I published another update to let all the backers know that anyone who pledged at $4 or more can upgrade to the next level to put us over that next stretch goal so that all the $12+ backers will get not just one Kickstarter exclusive print, but all three! 

You've only got 3 DAYS left to get these cool rewards! If you get one of the books, you're getting it at regular price, and all three exclusive prints are FREE! And if you get both books, you also get a free custom art-card caricature! :la:

The final exclusive print is my favorite, this tribute to the very first issue of Captain America, with our Pigasus standing in for Cap, socking old Adolf on the jaw!

Captain America Tribute by woohooligan

This is awesome! It's kind of weird because I didn't expect to need stretch goals at all, but now it looks like I need to think up a fourth stretch goal, since it looks like we're likely to hit the first three. But it's so cool to have this project exceed all my expectations!

Last 3 days to get in on the action! :la:

Keep on rockin' it, Hooligans! 


Hey, Hooligans! Great news! :D

I relaunched our Kickstarter this morning and we're already 48% funded! :la: Just one Kickstarter Exclusive Print or $8 gets us to 50% funded in the first day! (EDIT: 55% by the end of the first day -- 2/3rds funded by day 5!)

Woohooligan Vol 2: Laugh It Forward! Dick Jokes for Justice!

Our patrons and newsletter subscribers helped design this cover!

Woohooligan vol 2: Laugh It Forward by woohooligan

Thank you all for all your support over the years, it really means a lot to me! :D

EDIT: This Captain America tribute is one of two extra images backers are voting on (along with the cover) for the Kickstarter exclusive print & desktop wallpaper. For more background on the Captain America cover and info about the voting, check out our 2nd project update.

Captain America Tribute by woohooligan

Hey, Hooligans! A few months back I had this little dust-up with pro-internet troll and arguably the most hated man in comics today, Richard Meyer, which was great for me, gave me tons of material for satire. :boogie: Basically, he and his fans can't handle their own medicine. I pushed back the relaunch of our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter because I wanted to get this off my to-do list first.

I've had some pretty good feedback on it so far!

"I love what you’re doing... like Swift meets a calm Bill Hicks, you use your comedy to expose the animal trappings of human nature. Ego, fear, ignorance, etc... You have a unique voice and perspective." - Eric Hailey

"oh...mygod. I... LOVED it xDDD Even lovey is sitting to the side, having no idea what I pulled up and says 'I love this guy, he's hilarious' and we're both just laughing our asses off." - Punkocalypse

I put it in my Twitter rotation with a bunch of Carlin-esque descriptions like:

"Meyer says jokes bring people together, so in that spirit, I think the world would be better off if he were butfucked to death by a pack of rabbid hyenas. ;P #satire"


"Meyer says jokes bring people together, so in that spirit, I think the world would be better off if someone force-fed him 50 gallons of Ebola-tainted whale jizz. ;P #satire"

Those descriptions make more sense a few minutes into the video, they're basically Meyer's idea of satire. Thanks in advance for the likes and let me know what you think!

- Sam

:new: And here's the video for the upcoming Kickstarter relaunch on Tuesday!

Hey, Hooligans!

As seemed apparent within a few days of the end, our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter campaign didn't fund. I learned a lot, and I'll be relaunching the campaign in May. If you'd like to know more about the hilarious mistakes I made :lmao: and the changes I'm making for the next launch, check out my post-campaign update. :D…


p.s. What are you doing these days? New projects? Old projects? Let me know!
Hey, Hooligans! I'm just rounding up a final push for our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter that ends tomorrow! :D

I've had three pledges from DeviantArt so far, which ain't too bad! You guys are trailing behind Facebook (9), Kickstarter (8), and Twitter (7), but 3 backers out of 38 from DA ain't at all shabby! Now's your chance, if you've been waiting or weren't sure if you could afford it, you've got a little over a day to get your copy of either or both of the new books!

Laugh It Forward on Kickstarter!

I've learned a lot. I made a ton of mistakes in the preparation and execution of this campaign. I put a character's face dead-center in the campaign picture, so the PLAY button covered it right up. I put the tag line on the same picture in bigger letters than the title, so a bunch of people at the beginning thought the title was "Dick Jokes for Justice". ;P I learned to contact bloggers and comics journalists a lot earlier! I was contacting most of them during the campaign and you really want to give them a couple months. I still managed to get pieces from Nicole D'Andria, the comics maven at Comics Frontline, Ben Howard at the Outhousers, Paul at, and a guest appearance on the Nerdfect Strangers podcast! I still think I might be forgetting someone. D'oh!

I overextended myself on the artist spotlights, trying to help people out, and then I ran out of content for the artist spotlights anyway because 24 out of 60 of them never got their interview responses to me. Next time I'm not going to promise them to anyone -- I'll take submissions, and I'll choose from those who I feel is a good fit, and ready to be promoted. I learned that, although more than the average number of Kickstarter project updates is good, 50+ might not be a good idea. ;P

I also learned some things that aren't exactly mistakes. I learned that, in the long run it might have been a better idea to make this project just about Woohooligan vol 2 and reprints of vol 1 and run a separate KS campaign for Hellbent later. I learned that most artists, even those who say they "love telling stories" or are "compelled to tell stories" are horrible at telling their own story. ;P I'm going to write an article about that soon-ish, my attempt to help other creators learn how to better present themselves.

I tried and failed to schedule a live stream on Facebook. ;P I managed to start a livestream almost 2 hours late. Still no word on how to schedule one and go live at the scheduled time.

I've been surprised at just how many NEW people backed the project, coming in straight from Kickstarter! That's super flattering! :D

And although I was a bit rusty, I enjoyed making this video of our manifesto!

Laugh It Forward on Kickstarter!

My daughter announced she's getting married! They're planning a small wedding at the end of June.

I hope you've had an awesome month, and Easter Fools Day! ;P

How've you been?

- Sam

p.s. Feel free to note me if I can help with any of your projects!
Hey, Hooligans! As you know, I volunteered at Animatic Con in Cincinnati this past weekend, and hosted my first comic con panel, titled Marketing Your Webcomic or Other Art! It went great! The nine attendees who came laughed at all my jokes and said they got some good tips they can use for their marketing, so that's a win! :D My performance could have been better -- there were one or two specific points I forgot to mention, but I covered everything overall.

And the rest of the convention was pretty sweet as well! I got to see Tea Time With Deadpool, and I met a comedy musician by the name of Mikey Mason. Check out this video of one of his songs!

I wrote more about the event here:…

I had to pre-schedule six of the artist spotlights over the weekend because I wasn't going to have time to format and publish them while I was there. That went great. And then the Monday after I got home, I had a ton of fires and wasn't able to publish my two spotlights for the day. D'oh! I did publish two yesterday and should have two more done a little later today. But also, I'm still waiting on 24 of the artists to fill out their interviews! So as of right now, I have enough content to last until Sunday if nobody else fills out their interviews.

I'm still trying to contact as many bloggers and so forth as I can to promote the Laugh It Forward Kickstarter. I got an interview with the Nerdfect Strangers podcast that went live on Sunday while I was wrapping up at Animatic, and Anthony Cleveland over at has offered to give us some ink for our Kickstarter over there as well!

If you haven't seen them yet, check out these YouTube videos. The first is our comedy manifesto, the Laughtifesto, and the second is a digital illustration tutorial I made back at the beginning of last year.

How are you hooligans doing? Having an awesome week, I hope!

- Sam

p.s. Thank you to all the wonderful people who are sharing the hell out of our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter!
I finally recorded our manifesto!

Be sure to check out our Laugh It Foward Kickstarter!

I hope you all are having an awesome Tuesday! Let me know what projects you're working on, maybe I can help! :D

:new: It's live! Laugh It Forward on Kickstarter!

This is it! The moment we've been waiting for!

I'm so excited! Here's a real photo of me, taken just this morning. This has not been doctored!

Excited-little-puppy by woohooligan

The Laugh It Forward Kickstarter!

Two new 64-page full-color trade paperbacks of Woohooligan laughtivism!

Woohooligan Vol. 2: Laugh It Forward & Hellbent Vol. 1: Hell If I Know

Picard Yes by woohooligan


  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Help design the book covers
  • Your name in the book!
  • Custom Art Trading Cards with a Caricature of your choice!
  • Custom Comedy Ringtones! *
  • 9x12 Caricatures! **
  • Custom Comedy Videos!!
  • Appear as a character in a future page of Hellbent or provide a whole page of Woohooligan vol. 2!!!
  • Laugh Riot Comedy Jam! A Party at Your House!!!!
  • Executive Producer! Rename one of the Books!!!!!

* - At the $10-$60 pledge tiers, Custom Comedy Ringtones are available only for the FIRST THREE DAYS until THURSDAY!
** - Rewards at the caricature level and above are limited!

Picard Orly by woohooligan

DONT FORGET! Every day I'll be featuring one or two cool comedians, comic creators or podcast hosts, in our artist spotlights! So check back daily for interviews with some awesome creators! :D

I'm so excited to be doing all this with you awesome Hooligans! :D

- Sam

p.s. Remember to Laugh It Forward and share the Kickstarter campaign with your friends, so they can get in on the awesome!

Picard Makeitso by woohooligan

In the meantime, my friend Emma broker her glasses and could use some help with commissions to get them fixed.…

Hey, Hooligans!

I think I was trying to wait to post this journal until I had recorded a better video for our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter, but I've been having trouble getting a mic that works with my Canon Vixia, so I'm going ahead and posting now instead of waiting 'till at least Tuesday. ;P

The Laugh It Forward Kickstarter launches in a little over two weeks on March 6th! I did manage to find 60 people who answered the call for artists to spotlight, and about 17 of them have already filled out their interview questions. One person dropped out, so if you'd like a spotlight during the March campaign, there's one empty seat. :D

I think the project is pretty ready for launch. I am of course pretty nervous. Here's the preview if you'd like to offer your thoughts on it, that'd be great! :D…

I know the video's real rough -- I'm waiting on a new mic from Amazon before I record another one where I'll be more excited and hopefully funnier. :D

The endocrinologist changed my mix of diabetes drugs. Reduced my insulin by half down to 18 units a day, which is great, but the new Victoza and especially Metformin prescriptions have been kicking my ass for three weeks. I'm told it's a temporary adjustment period, hopefully I'll be better before Tuesday when my new mic arrives. ;P In the meantime my work has been a bit slow.

How have you hooligans been?! Let's catch up!
Hey, Hooligans! I just put up a new satirical blog the other day titled, as you've obviously guessed, Punching Nazis: A Handy Guide!

I also got my 60 artists just at the end of the month and sent out the forms for the artist spotlights during my Kickstarter next month! I've already seen several responses, and, the google form doesn't work the way I thought it did! :P But the foul-up isn't so bad that I can't work with it.

I've been seeing a lot more engagement with people on Twitter lately, sharing my tweets about a couple of the strips and blogs I'm trying to promote, like my comedy manifesto and the trickle-down economics info-comic.

Oh, subscribers on our mailing list TRIPLED last month to 93! :D

I also created an AMA that launches the day of the Kickstarter: Sam Dealey Roasts Himself! An AMA on Comedy, Comics, Autism, Near Death Birthdays, Depression, and why Laughter is a Moral Imperative. The page says there are already 108 RSVPs who want to know when it's live, and 69 questions! :horny:

What were you up to last month?!

Thank you for sharing yourself!

p.s. My friend Angel is selling some things on Ebay to fund some things she needs like dental work. See if you can give her a hand!

Happy Holidays, Hooligans!

:holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: 

First, if you'd like some Free Promotion in March, I'd like to remind everyone that I'll be doing a daily Artist Spotlight during my Kickstarter that will start March 6th. All you have to do is let me know what project(s) you'd like to promote and how best to contact you (note, email, Twitter, etc). I'll get you in our spreadsheet and follow up with more details closer to March.

:new: I just found out Lehmuri had a house fire and the family lost everything. Please help if you can. :heart:

Ive lost everything in a fireUpdate #3: I havent really had the heart to be active on DA and TH. All I did was read the comments and browse and what not. But Ive told myself that being depressed and just sitting around all day isnt going to bring my house and cats back. SOOO Im gonna try and reply to all of your comments (theres 43 btw holy cow Ive never had that many before!) and finish setting up my contest!
Also, for all of those who have donated please check out lilly-wise's journal! She's hosting a small raffle and the winners will receive a chibi! ;v;<3
Staccatos has also made these super adorable adopts and all the funds will go towards the fundraiser! >>  
Update #2: Im totally speechless with all the people who have come forward to help donate and share my journal! ;; I already said this on TH but its at times like these that I love being apart of this community. I cant thank you all enough for the kind words and encouragem

:new: JA Meyers TheBrassGlass is compiling a list of comic creators on DA.…

:new: My friend SavvyRed is giving away a 1-month core membership, some points and some features in a Pay It Forward contest. You have to get in by Jan 1 to be eligible for the core membership.

Pass It On Giveaway - Giving Out Points + Feature:icondisney-heroines::iconcomicunderground::iconloveseesnogender:

UPDATE: I have chosen to give the Core membership to BudderMeow!

Yes, that's right!  This is a giveaway!  The first 20 people who enter will get 1 point each, and one awesome person will get a FREE 1 month Core Membership! (Core membership has been given away already to BudderMeow!, but we still have plenty of space for free points and a feature!)   The next 20 people will end up in a feature.  You don't have to advertise anything, write a journal, or anything like that.  However, you MUST follow the directions!
FIRST PRIZE (Given to one person chosen by me who properly enters the contest by January 1, 2017)
1 month FREE

This next subject is a bit personal and emotional for me. I spent most of this week working on a very specific blog on my Tumblr, about changing careers to comedy and how it forces me to wade through a lot of very disgusting marketing stuff in order to do this cool comedy for you that really is my passion. It took me most of the week and five revisions to feel ready to publish, and the last two days I spent uncontrollably sobbing over my keyboard. (Many of them happy tears.) I hope you enjoy it! :heart:

:star: :star: :star:… :star: :star: :star:

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In funnier news, as I braved the zombie apocalypse we know as "holiday shopping" this year, I found a great many weird and wonderful and definitely stupid things! I posted a blog about that on my Tumblr, with photos of all the stupid things found at the store this year:…

Also mentioned in that blog, my friend ChibiCelina sent me this really cool hand-drawn picture of Lucifer and Amity from my Hellbent story. It was a thank-you for something, but I actually don't remember what. :B This is a lot more menacing than Lucifer ever looks when I draw him. ;P You can read Hellbent starting here:

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Happy Holidays!

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Hey, Hooligans!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I'm launching the Kickstarter for my next two books in March. I'm also using this as an opportunity to promote some of my friends and other artists. So, every day during and maybe even before the launch of the Kickstarter, I'll be publishing a daily update and artist spotlight!

All I need from you right now is an idea of the projects you'd like to promote and a way to contact you -- social media, an email address, whatever. Leave me a comment or a note. We'll talk more about the details of the promotion closer to March.

If you're new here, Hi! :wave: My name is Sam, I'm a comedian and a cartoonist. If you're wondering if this promotion is a good fit for you, you can check out some of my comedy here: Laughter Is a Moral Imperative and some of my more popular comics from 2016.

I also review webcomics.

And please share this with your friends!

Thank you for sharing yourself,
Hey, Hooligans!

I made the last couple updates on my Patreon public.

First, both of my younger kids (16 and 19) got official autism diagnoses yesterday. It's good news, because it makes them eligible for supports they wouldn't otherwise have access to.…

And the other thing is I'm planning a Kickstarter for March to publish the next two Woohooligan books.…

And the rest of today I'm working on another comic page and a couple of comedy articles.

How are you folks doin'?


p.s. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Laughter is a Moral Imperative. I'm really happy with this little manifesto, I think it's one of the best things I've written. :D

:new: Also, my friend Amy lilrebelart is having some tech issues and could really use a commission or two. Here's her commission page…