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Woohooligan vol 2: Laugh It Forward



Hey, Hooligans! My newsletter subscribers and patrons helped design this cover for our next book! :D

Our Kickstarter launches tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15th!

Here's the project URL:

EDIT: After a little under a week, the project is already 67% funded! :la:

Trivia: the blind justice character is named Themis and she is not a god, she's one of the titans. Also, she was never blind -- that's a modern addition. Though to be fair, there's not really a singular translation of what Themis means in English. It does mean "justice", but it also meant "will of the gods", which wasn't necessarily just, merely what the gods decided. So somebody getting their comeuppance like Tantalus was Themis, but so was getting crabs or dying of tuberculosis for no particular reason. ;P


Also, scholars of Greek mythology will tell you, the Greeks were pretty fascist in their thinking. If you were strong or beautiful, it was only because the gods loved you, and therefore you must be "good", because you were beautiful and strong. And of course conversely if you were ill or had deformities, that indicated that you were "bad" and the gods were punishing you for it. This lead to a pretty awful culture for anyone who wasn't beautiful and strong, though it also lead to some funny anecdotes, like the time a prostitute won a trial by flashing her boobs to the jurors and saying, "obviously I'm good and the gods love me if they gave me these!... If the tits are legit, you must acquit!" ;P


Here's the cover of my first book:

And a tribute to Captain America made for this campaign:
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