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You're probably already aware that Michael Jackson died on Thursday (June 25, 2009). I tend not to pay much attention to these kinds of events. But what did pique my interest was the impact his death had on the internet. So much so that I heard a rumor that his death severely impaired the ability of Iranian Twitter users to send information out of Iran whilst still in the midst of their tragic and bloody revolution. My heart goes out to them, while my mind searches for a bit of humor in difficult times. :)

Something you may not be aware of is that Billy Mays died a couple days later. I posted a follow-up cartoon in which Mays pitches Jackson to Saint Peter at heaven's pearly gates.

UPDATE: It wasn't until a week or so after I'd published this strip that I discovered a supermarket tabloid with a headline about possible actual plots to steal Jackson's body. Here's my journal about that: [link] :D
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that is sooooo messed up :XD:
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Thanks again, Meriam. :love:

I take it this was the point at which you felt the comments were getting monotonous. ;P
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Nope. Just stuck in class @_@
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LMAO stealing his body would so be something I would do! I mean, comeon, it can't be that hard! ......Can it? :/ RIP Michael Jackson!
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Hi Freaky, welcome to DeviantArt.

Glad you enjoyed it... At least I think you enjoyed it. ;)

Oddly enough, at least according to the tabloids the family has been pretty concerned about the body being stolen. It's not unprecedented - a number of parts of Descartes body were stolen after he died. Anyway, in the apocryphal article I read, they were talking about creating a vault of something like 12ft thick concrete... basically everything short of a moat with sharks with head-mounted lasers. ;)
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D*MN!!! Screw that! I'll just make a freakin dummy! I'm crazy, but nowhere near that!! That's suicide! With the time it would take you to get through, some one would probably already have shot you!
Kudos to the person that does steal it! Without being killed!
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i just shit myself.
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I'm trying to figure out if I should be flattered or disturbed. ;)
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up to you my good man. i jsut make the comments.
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Apparently your cartoon made me smile after Michael's death, I really had not smiled or anything...I was just drawing and creating homage for him.

This has the certain qualities of happiness in a dark time that rather would have left me trying to find happiness in just drawing Michael Jackson.
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I just realized I neglected to reply to this comment a while back. Wanted to say that I'm glad you got a smile out of my strip. :)
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Oh, well that is quite alright. :D I understand that. But I thank you for still listening.
And I say that I am glad for that smile. It is just that your comic strips are funny and enlightening.
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So wrong, I can't stop laughing!
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I guess I'm not the only one who has the embarrassing giggles at funerals then ...... ;)

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Not by a long shot. ;)
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:rofl::rofl: Only you would come up with something like that!!! (I feel comfortable enough with you to joke with you like that. lol) Despite the sadness I feel about Farrah and Michael's deaths, your cartoon is frickin' hilarious!! Especially the last frame! I love it, man! Thanks for the smile this 'toon put on my face. :D
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Thanks for watching. I'm glad you feel comfortable with me. :glomp: And I know my sense of humor is ... bent. ;) Thought it was kind of ironic, because the 25th Anniversary release of the Thriller album has printed on the cover "the world's biggest selling album of all time". (See here.) It's the album that made him famous and when I read about the sales spike on Amazon it seemed truly ironic to me that what made him "the king of pop" was a song about zombie movies and now that he's died, suddenly everyone's rushing to buy his albums. ;)
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