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Star Wars Fan Theories

By woohooligan
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Hey, Hooligans! You guys really should go read my comments about the Star Wars fan theories on the official site, lots more funny shit in there! :D

If you'd like to see the bonus ending for this comic, plus at least 83 more bonus comics (I make at least one every month), that starts at just $1/mo on our Patreon here:

Woohooligan Patreon:

Stay awesome, Hooligans!
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FireNationPhoenix's avatar
you think jar jar was a sith or no?
woohooligan's avatar
I don't have an opinion on it, I just thought it was funny for the strip. :heart:
Breezeyheart's avatar
This is awesome! You combined my favorite tv show with one of my favorite movie series! I also love How to train your Dragon and Lord of the rings for example. My favorite thing about your art piece is the camos in the silhouetted audience members. 
woohooligan's avatar
Thanks, Breezy! :D

Sorry for the late reply, things have been crazy around the house and I've been a little absent here on DA.

How've you been?!
Anything new happening?
DTJB's avatar
End of his career?  Liam Neeson?
woohooligan's avatar
I honestly don't remember if I was thinking of Neeson or George Lucas, who wrote the script. I remember someone saying that the Star Wars prequels were going to end Neeson's career, so that may be what I was referencing.
DTJB's avatar
Good point.
TheMightyGorga's avatar
Well, Chewie is definitely Shaggy...
hanahakisack's avatar
I love seeing the cameos as silhouetted audience members :lmao:
woohooligan's avatar
Thanks, JM! :icondragonhug:

I think you're the first person to mention it, but yeah, I thought it'd be a cool little "easter egg".
hanahakisack's avatar
Oh really? Well that's cool :D Mostly I noticed Chewie's shoulder belt pattern on a reread and started looking :)
woohooligan's avatar
Hey, Kyle. :wave: How've you been?
kyrtuck's avatar
Been busy with a twice a week webcomic, real life chores, and various art caprices.  Skipping on sleep.  Losing some hair.

Also recently started a group on DA just to see what its like.
woohooligan's avatar
Ha! That's a lot. :nod:

Let me know if I can help.
That's really neat!
woohooligan's avatar
Thanks, Corgi! Welcome to DeviantArt! :hug:
UncannyX-Factor's avatar
Autism, diabetes, and cancer? Poor sir, if I weren't broke I'd support. Nice work.
woohooligan's avatar
Thanks, Noah! :hug:

Yeah, I really don't spend much time thinking about those things beyond obviously I have to watch my diet (I did wean myself off of the insulin)... and I don't say that all because I'm looking for people to feel sorry for me, but rather because overcoming those challenges, particularly the latter two life-threatening ones, shocked me out of complacency about my life and got me working to put things I really want to see into the world. Like this Star Wars comic. :la:

Of course, if you still want to help, I always appreciate it when people share my work. :nod:

Thanks again. :hug:
UncannyX-Factor's avatar
Well, I have the first two (special needs and diabetes) so I'll definitely share.
woohooligan's avatar
Sweet! Thanks, Noah! :hug:
goeliath's avatar
honestly I didn't like episode 7, I was a bigger fan of rogue 1. 
Regardless good comic lol
woohooligan's avatar
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