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Secret Lives of Kliingons Cover

This thing took me ages to finish... dayumn! Anyway, I'm glad it's finally done! :la:

And with this, the book is nearly finished. I just have to add the credits in the back and assign an ISBN and it'll be ready! :woohoo:

More Secret Lives of Klingons

I had originally thought about parodying a Norman Rockwell painting, but after looking through a variety of his paintings, I couldn't find one that really spoke to me and said "make me a parody!" Or at least, none that said it for this particular book project. D'oh! So I settled on this parody of Grant Wood's American Gothic, a painting that has never said anything to me more than it says, "who ordered the loveless marriage?" ;P

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As someone who's seen countless parodies of American Gothic, I have to admit this one took me by surprise. The pose and expressions are right on the money for American Gothic, and the clothes appear to be the perfect blend between Sci-Fi and Farmer. The best touch of all was the symbol on the house window. More so since many say the window was the focal point of American Gothic, its strange shape bringing us to wonder what goes on in the couples lives, aided by their frusterated unhappy expressions.

As for improvements, I'm feeling like the weapon should've been replaced with a pitchfork. Either that or the background be more space-like with an outer space type of sky with stars and planets. Its like you could've gone a little more in one direction or the other. And the words on the corner felt rather inane, unless maybe this gets used in some magazine. But most of the time words on a piece of artwork are distracting.
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Love it! "And the flag of the federation fluttering in the breeze - charming. Stations!"
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Thanks, Gulliver! :highfive:

Hey, our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter ends on tomorrow!
Grateful for any help sharing in our final push! :D…
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I saw a parody of this with humans. Those Terran thieves!
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So just made my day!
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Thanks, Liz! :hug: How's the kiddo doin?
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Classic. And hilarious. Well worth the labor, I must say.
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Made me laugh. Well done.
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Thanks, Thomas! :highfive:
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:lol: this is a great parody :D The backstory around American Gothic is slightly different, but from face value it does appear to be a loveless marriage XD
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Ha! You know I hadn't actually read the history on Wikipedia and when I read this comment, I figured I should probably do that... so after reading the article, only now do I realize how appropriate this is. Heh. That Grant Wood chose the house because he thought the window was funny because it was overly ornate for such a cheap house -- a window that belonged in a cathedral (especially given how I've made the window even more ornate)... and that Iowans were all upset about being depicted as sour people when they weren't even based on an actual couple -- his sister and his dentist. heh... and that people then started reading too much into it, saying it was all about mourning because the curtains were drawn (I suspect because that's easier to paint), or that it had something to do with the depression, which started a couple years later. ;P

Thanks, Mel! :hug:

How's work and school by the way? You're not still working 2 jobs? One of those jobs was temporary wasn't it?
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No problem :D And school's going great, the semester is just about done now, I've got one final critique on Tuesday and then I'm done with school! I'm heading home to Ohio on the 10th and I'll be there for about a month. Also nope, not working that much anymore :lol: I quit Walgreens in August (BEST DECISION EVER even though not having as much income isn't great) I still technically have my contract illustration job (the company is testing the market before any more work is made so it could be another few weeks before I get another assignment) and my internship is going well, I'll be with them until May next year, so more experience to be had :la: How about you? Is your health improving hopefully?:hug:
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Fantastic! I'm really glad the jobs and the school are going so well for you. :hug: What part of Ohio are you from again? I forget.

My health is yeah, I've been pretty stable starting a couple weeks after getting out of the hospital. Doctor increased my insulin dosage at my last visit a couple weeks ago -- just after our house-hunting trip. The trip seemed to cause a bit of fluctuation, probably because my schedule was less predictable and then my weight loss stalled out about 176lbs I think because it's cold out and I'm not taking as many bike rides. But overall I'm feeling a lot better and I've discovered that I can eat all the fresh fruit I want, so that's a bonus. :D

Mostly I'm just really jazzed about the new house (which I expect to be the BEST DECISION EVER), despite being a little anxious about the move and potential house repairs. But I'm sure I'll be getting some good experience doing my own home repairs and probably will end up with some comic ideas out of it. Not to mention I'm looking forward to rebuilding the stoop -- it's just a concrete block, so I want to put in a more attractive brick deck and Alex is hoping to help me design a mosaic pattern for the top. :la:
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I'm from NE Ohio, Akron to be exact :D And that's great to hear! Fruit'll satisfy your sweet tooth nicely and help keep you away from holiday treats :lol: My dad was into the sugar free candies when he wanted sweets (he was diabetic too) and those didn't seem to affect his blood sugar too much. And I'm glad you guys were able to settle on a house ^ ^ Even if it's a fixer upper, at least you'll be able to customize it to your liking :) 
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Yeah, I spent most of today reading about how to install PEX plumbing. ;P
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:lol: I hope it works out well! I suck at technical stuff XD
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Rarely ever is sucking on something the correct installation procedure. ;P
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Brilliance! I have to share this with my fellow Trek junkies. :XD:
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Thanks, Alejandro! :highfive:
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This is awesome!
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Thanks, Angel! :hug: Did you ever get that button maker you wanted?
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Sadly, no, not yet.  Still trying to sell more stuff to get up the funds.  Just put up more for sale today on my storenvy.
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