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Sally Sprocket + Piston Pete

Thanks to Alejandro Lee who backed our Woohooligan Kickstarter a while back.


These are the main characters from his awesome comic, The Ballad of Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete! It's a crazy steampunk adventure with lots of style and humor. You should definitely check it out if you haven't seen it yet. :la:

Here's page one on the official site:…
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:iconla-plz: :iconla-plz: :iconla-plz: Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] :iconla-plz:

I was not expecting this~~~

I love this pseudo-New Yorker style you've got for 'em...!
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Ha! Thanks, Al! :hug:

You know, I've never really followed the New Yorker, so I wasn't familiar with their cartoons, but yeah, I can see the similarity. :nod:
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Haha, well the style is just something I see in political cartoons (and a bit School House Rock...?) the New Yorker being shorthand for that look.

I almost never read the publication either, just when I see it in a waiting room. ;P
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I don't think I've ever seen the New Yorker in a waiting room... maybe because most of the waiting rooms I've been in over the years have been in Texas. ;P

I am pretty happy with the way this one turned out though. :nod:
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Thanks for the much-needed boost! ::getting back on track after nonstop client deadlines this week::
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:nod: I definitely know that feeling. You're welcome. I'm happy to finally have your commission done. :bucktooth: Gotta get it in the mail. :nod:
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