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Improving on Perfection

Of course everyone knows by now about the death of Michael Jackson. Some of you may not know that Billy Mays also died just a couple days afterward.

There's also a previous cartoon about Michael Jackson and internet trends and rumors.

EDIT: Holy cow! 200 views in the first day and already 14 fav's... This will easily be one of my most popular works. Which is a surprise to me, I thought it would go largely unnoticed, like the Thriller strip before. Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the favs and comments, I'm really glad that you're all enjoying it! :la:
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Thanks for all the favs, Seb. :highfive:
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. . .What the heck did I read? I'm confused. ._____.
Good drawn but.. the text confused me D:
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Well I don't know how much you know about Michael Jackson and Billy Mays... the whole strip is a joke about the two of them dying at the same time and presenting Jackson to the Christian St. Peter at the gates of heaven. Billy Mays was known for loud, over-the-top infomercials and Michael Jackson was known for (aside from his music) both transforming himself physically via years of surgery from a very dark-skinned black man to an effeminate-looking white man (with a strong cleft) and also for owning a chimpanzee and for a pedophilia scandal that he ended up in court over (although he was acquitted). So the joke is that 1) he's getting Billy Mays to represent him to St. Peter and 2) that it doesn't really matter because regardless of the possible pedophilia, he's altered his body too much for God to forgive... maybe he could overlook the pedophilia, but his body was a work of art, God-damn-it! ;P
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Ah while I was reading it I was like.. oh let it be a good one MJ beating up Tom Sneddon :D
Uhm it was good drawn yes, but remember that God always forgive. Hehe you made MJ sexy
at least he's beautiful in everyway. I didn't got the joke really cause I don't laughs at
anybody's mistakes, like trusting wrong persons and letting them to talk behind your back (like MJ did)
you know. I don't know so much about him, but it feels like I knew him, while I was listening to his
interviews and songs etc. You did a good work on MJ as I told you I never judge :D
But keep it up! :D I'm bad at critism and stuff but I don't cares I just let it go lol :p
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God may always forgive, but in the Christian tradition that doesn't mean everyone gets into heaven. And even still, MJ would be cast out in this strip because that's the joke. I believe cosmetic surgery is okay (or any other way you care to change your appearance with piercings or tattoos, etc), I'm just making a joke about God feeling it's wrong.

Anyway, thanks for the comments! :hug:
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hee hee. i lol'ed a little. Michael looks so SEXY! :D
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hee hee, you're welcome. :D
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I don't know why people are offended... if they're religious, even more so. Michael Jackson used to scare me as a little girl and now that I'm older I realise now why it was right to fear him. People need to accept he was, in a way, too close with the children... especially the boys. One of the boys who claimed he abused him, well, his father killed himself because Jacko's crazy fans kept trying to murder him... why make the father suffer?!
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Thanks Saba. I don't really follow it, so I never saw any of the news about what happened with the kid's family. I did already know it was a chimpanzee, not an orangutan, but I said orangutan in the strip because I think the word sounds funnier, and I'm a comedian, that's what I do. ;) But the strip doesn't even say that he did the deed, it only says there were rumors about it, which is true. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the fav! :D
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:D ACK!! I think St peters expression just killed me
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this is an awesome strip Ike. I read it about five or six times now and will fave shortly. Personally I never cared for Billy Mays and didn't know his name till he died (honestly thought my brother was talking about the baseball player Willy Mays from the 50s). I think it was the man's beard though- for some reason the beard annoyed me though it sucks he died. If anyone died i thought it would have been the Shamwow! guy.
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Thanks Sean. :) You're the second person I've seen say "the Shamwow guy". It just makes me realize how popular Billy Mays actually was, since a lot of folks do know his name. ;)
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well at least billy mays was never arrested for kicking the shit out of a hooker.
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Seems to have been about a poor choice of vendors. ;) [link]
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you think it was all a misunderstanding- maybe it was a horrible accident while demonstrating the slap chop. Besides- a guy like that? besides the clean up was the perfect time to demonstrate the awesome powers of the Shamwow to the CSIs.
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LOL... that I won't be making a comic strip of. :)
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aw' c'mon. It'll be awesome.

*panel three- Shlomi kneeling on rug, blood red ont he otherwise white carpet. 'and now, gentleman, i shall demonstrate the awesome power of the shamwow. See how how this fantastic German device just soaks up the blood and leaves little stain?'
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When I heard Michael Jackson died, I though maybe he was just playing. I mean he would have done that, but not fall and never get back to his feet.
I just wanted to hope he would recover from cardiac arrest. He was the light of my life.
I wasn't in sorrow when I heard the news on Mays, but I remarked to my mother that it is an odd occurance, so many famous actors and musicians died this month. This week alone sparked the worst. :(
Michael is dead...but I want him to be in Heaven...and be happy for eternity. :)

On the other hand, really cute cartoon. You did very well with it. I have another awesome cartoonist on the list of awesome people. :)
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Hey thanks JT, really appreciate the complements and the fav. :thanks:
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(No one calls me J.T., you are the first. :) )

Ah, you are most welcome! I appreciate the work people do as a whole, so your work is really good and so are others.
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As always, great comic! :) I think I have a new favorite cartoonist! ;)
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Thanks for the complement, I'm flattered. :nod:
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