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Happy Halloween! Guest-Starring Puck!



Happy Halloween! This week's strip stars a couple characters from my friend Electric Gecko's comic, Puck! I have one thing to say to you, man: damn you! Damn you and your freckles! This comic was hard! There I was, all proud of all the effort I put in making that nice tree and the spiffy lighting in the finale and I was just about to post it up when I noticed it... I'd left out Puck's freckles. I'll see you in hell!

But seriously, thanks for backing our Kickstarter last year! I know it was an extra hassle for you for a couple of reasons, and I really appreciate that you went ahead and did it anyway. :hug:

The bonus panel features Phoebe and will be available for about a week until the next comic is posted. The previous bonus panels and alternate endings will be made available after we finish the Kickstarter rewards and launch our Patreon page!

Also, congratulations to Mark Stokes whose Zombie Boy Kickstarter funded with 3 days to spare!
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Electric Gecko is my brother - this is amazingly awesome!