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COVER - Woohooligan Vol 1: Into Dorkness

The past couple weeks I've been formatting the first Woohooligan ebook, and thanks to some info from a friend, it turns out I'll also be printing some physical copies of this one! :la: The pages of the book are mostly complete, although Word keeps crashing when I try to distill the PDF, so I'll probably have to manually format a few pages where I've got some complex text-wrapping of some images. If that doesn't work, I'll figure something out, but long story short, this book is nearly finished. :D

I really like the way this cover looks. I'm kind of proud of myself, actually. :D

Fun fact, all the photos taken by the Hubble telescope are in the public domain. :nod:

Also, this is made at 300 dpi to the dimensions of a "magazine size" book on Ka-Blam. They'll trim an eighth of an inch all the way around when they print the book.

Stay awesome, hooligans!
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