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Hey, Hooligan!

I'm leaving the house in a few hours to drive up to Grand Rapids MI where I'll be sharing a table at Grand Con with my friend Ryan Wellever! :D

It's my first time at Grand Con and Ryan's first time tabling anywhere. Wish us luck!

Otherwise I've got a lot of ideas for new comics and videos, I just don't seem to have the time to get them done as quickly as I'd like. The eternal struggle.  ;P

I'm thinking about doing a short, 10-15 minute video when I get back mocking the anonymous NYT Op-Ed "I'm Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration". That whole thing is just hysterical to me. ;P

How are you all doing? What projects are you working on?

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Samuel Isaac Dealey
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United States
Hi! I'm Sam and I create Laughter for a Better World! You can help us do that by joining us on Patreon! Or just check out and share our comics at Woohooligan!

I have lots of sources of inspiration, my top three being the Daily Show's John Stewart, Adam Conover and George Carlin. Others include Gary Larson, Warner Brothers cartoons, public radio and cognitive science. I'm always looking for new material and challenging new projects.

And now I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Bob Dylan: "any man not busy being born is busy dying." :nod:



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Slouch to Bethlehem p16
Hey, Hooligans! I forgot to post this here last week when the page went live. D'oh!

Amity continues to lament carrying Lucifer's antichrist baby... and the seven deadly sins may not be quite what you expect.

Hey, Hooligan!

I'm leaving the house in a few hours to drive up to Grand Rapids MI where I'll be sharing a table at Grand Con with my friend Ryan Wellever! :D

It's my first time at Grand Con and Ryan's first time tabling anywhere. Wish us luck!

Otherwise I've got a lot of ideas for new comics and videos, I just don't seem to have the time to get them done as quickly as I'd like. The eternal struggle.  ;P

I'm thinking about doing a short, 10-15 minute video when I get back mocking the anonymous NYT Op-Ed "I'm Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration". That whole thing is just hysterical to me. ;P

How are you all doing? What projects are you working on?
I was tagged by FireNationPhoenix Hug

1. Marvel or DC?
Marvel. I know they have their Galactuses, but I always felt the marvel characters were more relatable.

Deadpool became my all-time favorite when they gave him his own title. The first 26 issues were amazingly well written, dealing with ideas of fate/destiny, free will, responsibility, etc. Subsequent stuff has been good comedy, but that first 26 issue arc was what hooked me.

2. Weirdest thing that has happened at work or school?
... fuck if I remember... two of the four high-schools I attended no longer exist... and I had a ton of jobs, but nothing "weird" is springing to mind.

3. Have you been to any Disney park?
When I was a kid, yeah, my parents were rich for a while and took us to Disney World in FL.

4. Favorite 80's song?
I truly can't pick one. The one I heard most recently, and definitely in my list of favorites, Africa by Toto.

5. Cats or dogs?
Cats. Dogs are too much work. Though lately our cats are giving them a run... Dexter whines for me to pet him almost every time I enter the room now.

6. If you could have any power, what would it be?
Read minds... but that's primarily because most people actually have that power (to a limited extent) and I was born without it. (Autism)

It also manifested in an intense interest in con movies like Ocean's Eleven and Focus because those characters understand people in a way that's always been really hard for me.

7. Do you believe aliens exist?

8. Most overrated Disney movie?
Toss up between Cinderella and Fantasia, although to be fair, I think Disney movies as a whole are incredibly overrated.

9. Corgis or Shibes?

10. Favorite video game?
Mega Man II ... despite the fact that I enjoy it, I've never actually finished it. ;P

I may come back and tag a few people later... Busy with some work at the moment.

Hey, Hooligans! This past week I published a new comic page, a new webcomic review, I finished my 2nd book (following the Kickstarter) and I got it off to the printer! (Waiting on delivery now.) :D

Woohooligan vol 2: Laugh It Forward by woohooligan

This morning I got a new comment on this old journal I wrote in 2011 about how to earn more commissions. In the seven years since then I've not really pursued commissions for myself, but it's still really nice to hear people enjoy the article. :aww:

Melinda McGill is a Hungarian illustrator who loves sci-fi and fantasy, and joined DeviantArt just two months ago, so she's just a babe. ;P

Griffin by melindamacgillart Cyber punk by melindamacgillart Tania the wolf by melindamacgillart

Beautiful work! :la:

She asks:
I don't know how to get started, I have my skills, I used to work on commissions full time previously, but I still feel a bit insecure. I made the choice to stop doing digital art, I enjoy traditional art so muck better, I wish I could earn a living drawing and painting exclusively that way. Is that possible? Do you have any advice where to start? What goals to work at, what opportunities to take, what doors to knock on?

I wrote this out in a reply to her, but it occurred to me that it might be useful for a lot of others as well, so I decided to make this journal for all of you, to share what I've learned in the last few years.

Is it possible to earn a living making traditional art commissions? I'm pretty sure I've seen people doing it, so I'd say yes. Personally I've opted to focus on making books, prints and similar products that I can sell to multiple fans -- that way what might have been a fairly expensive commission can be enjoyed by a bunch of fans and it becomes very inexpensive for them each individually. Just something to consider as you think about how you want to earn your living.

I set a goal to replace my disability income during 2016 and fell flat on my face. ;P By the end of the year I had achieved 4% of that goal. It was really hard on me, but I didn't give up, and I've found some really great resources since then. (Five years after the original commission journal.)

My best advice is start a newsletter. It's going to be awkward and uncomfortable at first -- you won't know what to say, you'll be afraid of rejection, etc. But if you push yourself through that awkward learning curve and learn to talk to your newsletter subscribers like any other friend, it will help you grow your audience. Set a schedule for it. I do mine every week -- you might choose 2-weeks or monthly -- however you prefer, just so you know when your next one will go out, and be consistent sending it out.

Most of your newsletters should be providing something to your subscribers, like in my case mostly jokes. I also give links to funny, important or inspiring news... I share a fair amount of science news. After having developed a rapport with them and proved that you're giving them good stuff, then they'll appreciate when you occasionally say "hey, I'm offering commissions" or whatever it is you need to sell, because they know you and they know you didn't just get them on your list to constantly advertise to them.

Speaking of getting people on your list... also look up how to create a landing page for your newsletter signup. I had a newsletter for a year before I figured this out (or that I should send consistent updates). Several of the mailing list providers like MailChimp offer some basic landing page features, and there are also third-party landing page providers like LeadPages, or you can design it yourself on your own site.

You should also have your signup form on your personal website or your blog (Sumo has some tools to help with that), but make a separate landing page you can send people to in your email (in your signature is great), or written on a cocktail napkin, etc. A page that tells visitors what they're going to get after they enter their name and email address. Offer them something extra they'll enjoy for free -- a tutorial, a book you made, etc. (mine is my first ebook of cartoons) and let them know you'll send them art or tips or whatever (in my case jokes) in each newsletter and that they can unsubscribe any time.

My landing page is here in case you're curious (it's not perfect):

Try out different landing pages periodically to see if you can improve on it -- try and find a way to measure the effectiveness of the page, like, how many people sign up? 1% of visitors? 5%? That's a huge gap by the way, and I wouldn't expect more than 5% -- I've heard of 10%, but that's exceptionally rare.

I'm also enrolled in several marketing courses from Tyler James (Vogel) who produces the ComixLaunch podcast, which is about publishing comics through Kickstarter. He also has a ListLaunch course that's specifically about building your mailing list / newsletter. The podcast and the courses are both very good. :nod:

If you're like me, that $400 price tag was the reason I never enrolled before. The reason I did eventually enroll is because he changed his pricing and he offered a deal at the time I could get in for $40/mo (and because it was new, he waived the setup fee). You can see that in the enrollment options for ComixLaunch ... I'm not finding it for ListLaunch, so you might want to contact Tyler about that. You can also find him on Twitter.

Also check out Russell Nohelty. I recommend his book Sell Your Soul: How to Build Your Creative Career. I read a ton of marketing books and most of them are utter garbage, but this one had a ton of useful info in it. He also used to publish a blog / podcast called the Business of Art, which you can still check out the archives for good stuff there... and here's a Facebook group he runs for writers and artists

Russell also offers at least one premium course (like the courses I'm in with Tyler James), but I haven't enrolled in his course yet, so I can't really vouch for it/them -- but I assume it's very good, like the value I've gotten from his book and other resources.

Okay, I feel like I've given you a lot to think about. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, or send me a note if there's anything else I might be able to help you with! :D

Slouch to Bethlehem p14 art
Hey, Hooligans! Work on the Kickstarter and the new book has finally settled down and I've started getting back to my usual work of new pages and webcomic reviews. :D (Big Grin)

This week, Amity talks pregnancy and potential abortion with the father, Lucifer, the Prince of Pride!


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I've got some REALLY bad news for the internet as a whole.
It might even mean the death of the free internet.
(Text copied from 'fight for the future foundation'.)

Last week, WikiLeaks released the final text of the TPP’s intellectual property rights chapter and it is absolutely terrifying.

These are just a few of its most dangerous pieces:

  • Compel ISPs to take down websites without any sort of court order, just like SOPA. (Appendix Section I)

  • Extend the US’s copyright regime to require copyrights stand for life plus 70 years, preventing anyone from using works that belong in the public domain. (Article QQ.G.6)

  • Criminalize whistleblowing by extending trade secrets laws without any mandatory exemptions for whistleblowers or investigative journalists. (QQ.H.8)

  • End anonymity online by forcing every domain name to be associated with a real name and address. (Article QQ.C.12)

  • Make it illegal to unlock, modify, or generally tinker with a device you own. (Article QQ.G.10)

  • Export the US’s broken copyright policies to the rest of the world without expanding any of the free speech protections, like fair use. (Article QQ.G.17)

The worst part is that this is just one of the TPP’s 30 chapters.

The final text confirms our worst fears — click here to take action demanding Congress vote NO on the TPP.

For years, governments have held critics of the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in a perfect catch 22. Officials brushed off public outcry and concern by claiming that the dissenters didn’t have all the facts.

This was by design—the 12 country trade deal was negotiated entirely behind closed doors by industry lobbyists and government appointees, and even now the text of the agreement is still classified.

But late last week, WikiLeaks released the final text of the Intellectual Property chapter, meaning those excuses won’t work anymore.

We’re planning to go all out against the TPP, but the first step is to make sure Congress knows just how many people oppose the TPP.

Click here to take action demanding Congress vote NO on the TPP.

Taking action today is just the beginning, because if all we do is send emails and make phone calls, Congress is not going to reject the TPP. Too many giant industries are seriously invested in making sure Congress ratifies the TPP.

If we’re going to win, we need to go big. Which is exactly what we’re going to do.

So take action right now. Contact your Congresspeople now and tell them to vote against the TPP. Then get ready to do more because we’re going to unleash some of our strongest campaigns ever.

Already we have plans to work with hundreds of different groups as a massive coalition to fight the TPP, coordinate gigantic on-the-ground protests in key cities across the country, and produce compelling content to spread the word to as many different audiences as possible just what is at stake in the TPP.

To do all that, we need your help — if you can, pledge to chip in $5 every month between now and when the TPP fight ends so that we can run our biggest, boldest, and best campaign yet.

Thanks for all you do,

P.S. Want to read the text of the chapter for yourself? Check it out on WikiLeaks here, or read their overview of it here. It’s long and complicated, so maybe you'll see something that we didn't. If you do, send us an email.

(Please spread the word.)

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