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Wanted...Spelling Tutor

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Wow...what a loser. Put a dunce cap on this guy. Not sure if anyone else will see the humor in the bad spelling...but I had to do it :P
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Haha. This is hilarious! (Thanks for sending me this Catherine-Supernova)
I find a great deal of humor in incorrect spelling and grammar... in the work I've done for the last few years you either have to laugh or cry. Haha. I love the concept. Good job!!!:clap:
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i'll refer this to an english tutor i know...
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hahhahahaha. brilliant.
great job, love the blue background with the multi-colored blocks, and your expression is perfect.
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Oh, I see it. *grin* Definitely.

Great piece.
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Oh wow. I love him, he's awesome. Being a 'looser' looks cool... can I be one too?
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Absolutely! You're in :blowkiss:

Anyone can join my looser club.
But you gotta have your own dunce cap :nerd:
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ToygerCatHobbyist Photographer
This one hit home =/
Dyslexia can be hurtful, a loser is what you feel like...

I'm not sure if this was the intention of it, but, the main reason why this struck home is that...little kids correct my spellings :XD:
I used to have a 11-year old "teacher" before FireFox saved me ^^;

I thank FireFox for their bright idea of a built in dictionary every time I type :worship:
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thank you
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good shot man,
great gallery.
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Thanks :)
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lol I love this. I absolutely can't stand it when people write "looser" instead of "loser" or "loose" instead of "lose". Another one that drives me nuts is when people write "angle" instead of "angel". But then, I'm an English major and the managing editor of a literary journal so I deal with this a lot. lol
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So glad someone can relate!!
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Thanks :)
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I like your glasses.
Grammar is a beautiful thing.
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Those damn glasses were way harder to find than I thought :)
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Hehe, this one made me giggle! =3
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Good...thanks :)
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I dunno what it is about the picture but it just....works. :)

...even if you are making yourself look slightly crazy. ;)
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lystig Photographer
Hehe. we need to start collecting some money so that you can get a model :D

Nice composition and I love the skin tones.

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What would I do with a good looking model :lol:
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lystig Photographer
Pfft, you don't need a good looking model (remember my offer in one of the other comments? =P), but I'm concerned about all the time you are spending alone with your cam :lol:
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Awesome portrait.
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