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Euler's formula 3d visualization

By WoodMath
Visualization of Euler's formula (e^ix) = cos(x)+i sin(x)
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omg this is exactly the formula I've been searching for going on a month now!!!!!!!
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Fantastic work. Love it. It is nice to see his formula in action.
fuyuasha's avatar
very cool, thanks for making.
Panthers-Enigma's avatar
This is brilliant!  The projections on all the planes, ugh, it's perfect.  Thank you for making Euler's formula even more fun to look at than it usually is.  I was already excited when I saw it in 3 -D.  Then it started moving! :omg:  And properly counter-clockwise. :love: Totally awesome, and very helpful! :)
Awesome, been looking for this. Still not 100% about the numbers and its relation to mind matter duality...
WoodMath's avatar
Mind Matter duality?

Where did you get that from?
vikingsoprano's avatar
This = Fuck Yeah Euler! Very nice.
Zoogoo40's avatar
green always meets with yellow on the vertical axis and meets with blue on the horizontal axis. Eather way, it's a great animation.
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Can I just say that this is aweomely nerdy? :XD:
WoodMath's avatar
You may say it.

Though I prefer the title "oober-nerd" over "nerd".
RiseofDarkFire's avatar
Ha! You want to be an oober-nerd, put in some numbers, ya hippy. Otherwise, you'll have to be content with just being a plain old nerd!
WoodMath's avatar
Though I do aspire to be a hppie, I was kicked out of the group. Don't insult hippies like that!


What happened to the wraith tatoo? I thought it was very "Hangover 2"?
RiseofDarkFire's avatar
That's part of why I lost it. :XD: Plus, it was just time for a change.
WoodMath's avatar
You could always go for a ferengi tattoo!
RiseofDarkFire's avatar
Oh yuck. I don't think so. XP
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Thanks for the " add to favorites" and "add to watch"
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