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I'm sure that got you attention; and a former friend who called me that a lot. You see at one time me and this person were really close friends, andI won't say what their user name is now because I think thatw ould make things worse so I'll call them what, they used to be called (BN1) until they were banned from that account and made another making them a ban evader but I didn't care about that at the time. I don't remember where we first met on DA but once we met we became friends right away and I became really cose weith them. We excahnged e-mails, we chatted on yahoo messanger and they were also the first person to donate points to me when my account was young back in 2011.

 In my last journal I mentioned how I would make offensive jokes and make fun of people's bad art and he was the one I did that with half the time. He would wish me a Merry Christmas and a happy 2012 and I thought that we would be friends for a long time. Fastforward towards the end 2013 when I was spening the holidays with family out of town and I logged on to the computer to see them only to see that I was blcoked outta the blue. I know it sounds so week but I cried and I was so sad that it physically hurt me. I wanted to know why this person blocked me so bad so sometime later I asked a third party to talk to him and it seeme dthat they blocked me because they were tired of the random jokes I was making with them. I wished they had talked to me about it rather than just blocking me like that.

Well fastforward again to a more recent time I noticed that they had unblocked me and I wondered if this person had forgiven me or wanted to be friends with me even and wondered if they had changed. Well one of the first things I did was look through our old conversations and they were as I remembered. I also noticed that there were some strange comments comming from 2016 and 2017 that were adding to the older conversations. He said things like "Hey whatever your name was can you just go away forever?" " :icondownarrowplz: go choke on a fencepost" and "I hope you die soon you dumb cunt :3" I thought these messages were for someone else because we hadn't talked in years and I didn't think much of them. 

I would later send him a couple notes to him asking if we could be freinds again and told him how I was doing, and told him the time where I was making random jokes was a phase I was going through. What I got had to be one of the most hate filled responces I got in years! They were as followed:

 "Wow. Maybe, you should quit while you're ahead and STAY there for another couple of years, KID. - Why? Because your grammar and punctuation is SHIT. What, didn't they teach you kiddies commas, full stops or paragraphs even? Jesus wept. [and he did] Or were you too busy daydreaming, and drawing in class to pay attention, you dumb cunt? You know, I cringe at you especially, you're an embarrassment to people who really do suffer. 

For your own good, DEFINITELY stay in school, the world needs less twats like you anyway. I'm here, working myself into a frenzy of nervousness trying to get back into work actually making something in this fucking life, and you sit there gloating you want jobs in animation?! Fuck YOU!

Ugh, I was actually hoping you didn't notice that unblock, because I certainly DO NOT want to give you any "second chances" I should have cut contact with you years ago, you were never worth talking to in the first god damn place. Just, just see yourself off this planet already, the sun to be more specific.

Also, I want to say this too; I just realised how much of an ungrateful little shit you are. That drawing I spent days making for you, and when I finally present it, you tell me the fucking style is wrong?! How the fuck did you expect me to work from a low-quality image reference?

Oh, so you live on own now, no mummy or daddy there? Booo hooo! Hope it all goes to shit for you!

Kindly stay the fuck off my page from now on." 


Go to hell, I'm done talking with you. Additionally, hell NO, I NEVER want to be friends with you again! Oh, yeah a "phase" Nice fucking try.

Leave me the fuck alone. "

Both from BN1, August 24, 2018.

Needless to say I was hurt but not as much as last time and I realised that those comments about me choking on fence posts were for me. Needeless to say since he hated me so bad I decided to make it easier for him by hading as many old comments I made on his page so that he'll never see my name again and so that he won't get to post anymore creepy hateful comments to them too. I am sharing this with all of you today because I need to get this off my chest and talk about it with someone. I'm not sure how many of you have gone through something like this but if you have you can share your story with me. I am happy that I changed for the better unlike my former friend who seems to be extremly hateful towarsd me over something old, trivial and something that happened 5 - 6 years ago. 


Lauren B.
United States



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