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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Wolf

By Woodland-Mel
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This was done as a part of the Zelda Exchange. the request came from WolfLinkFan and was for a desktop of Wolf Link howling:


Download for the, large, full size :D
Copyright free images (textures) from cgtextures.com
EDIT: For a step-by-step W.I.P progress sheet, with a bit of a explanation, go to my scraps, or here: [link]

I did two :/ I'm not sure either really looks anything like the game model. I desperately wanted it too, but damn I had a tough time trying to get him to look like Link. I thought it would be easier until I tried to do it, lol. X) I'm usually 50 times faster at drawing animals (than people) but X) Not this time. lol

With this, the second one, I was determined to actually try and work with some discipline and structure for once. Heh. Maybe that happened. (I was at least closer to it than usual) I did manage to avoid some of the problems I was having with the first one because I changed the way I worked a little. Anyway, I really liked the light & basic original color of the background, (especially with the colors of Link's coat) but it was nonsensical, so I had a tough time figuring out what colors things could/should be when I was trying to finish it out. I ended up giving it kind of a orange glow, (maybe like a sunset/rise?) to get the over all look to (hopefully) work together... but I'll probably end up working on and posting a sketchy lilac-like one if I get some time :p It calls to me X) I also think the wolf looks really unattractive in this; I dunno. That's not me fishing for remarks to the opposite, I'm just stating it because it's like my personal preferences on wolf aesthetics are telling me *enh* "that's really not my kind of cute." I had a damn hard time with him :x I re-drew him so many times and this was the best I could get, so I guess I have to deal. I also couldn't decide on what to do with him. Now that I'm done I have better ideas, but at the time- I was having inspiration problems. I did get actually get very stuck and I looked at another artist's work that I had saved to my computer, it had some stylistic lotus leaves. The colors and shape helped me get over my artist block. If you know the artist's name, please let me know. The inspiration is a small and in the background by the tree.

As a character, his markings are so cute, but were damn confusing to me when I tried to draw them out- I think the game model is adorable. I think the official art, with Midna on his back, looks pretty retarded- esp. for a wolf.

EDIT: Oh, looking at it again I remembered I wanted to say this: I originally drew this with the wolf being smaller, I scaled him up near the end, but, so, the tree's didn't look quite so tiny in comparison to begin with ;p I'll also be posting a sheet of the W.i.P save states in my scraps at some point too; because I think I have most of the major ones this time (The earlier versions of the Autumn Stream pic got saved over, sorry I couldn't do it for that one)

I've had a busy few days; I was hoping to have more free time but, I'm more happy to get some stuff done for once. I also did a brochure for my mom's interior decorating- woot! Now I goes toos sleeepsssesssz
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EtherineaHobbyist General Artist
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Winter-Alpha-WolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible do you take trades?
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Twilight princess is the only reason why my favorite animal is a wolf. 🐺
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Electric-Fantasy2303Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you take requests?
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fahRENheit06Hobbyist Writer
Oy! Mel! It's Doofy!

I was looking for TP backgrounds and I found your art on this site: www.pixelstalk.net/free-downlo…

FYI in case you didn't give permission.
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elmow1502Hobbyist Artist
I love this picture so much :D
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BlackPetals23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A DeviantArt user by the name of chaosthecat36 has uploaded this picture without any indication in the description that it is yours. Stealing art is a serious issue on DeviantArt and should not be ignored. This user had also uploaded other work from other users across DA and should be reported immediately. If you did not give he/she permission to use your work, then I suggest reporting it to DA immediately to get it removed from his/her account.
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KashmiraDragonGodessHobbyist General Artist
wow such a beautiful peice if i Dare say. exellent and stunning. which is why I decided to inform you of a theif who has taken it for themselves.
they are chaosthecat36.
here is her stolen peice of this beautiful work.
howling out  by chaosthecat36
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This is marvelous. :love:
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PuppyLover42Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful. Just... Wow. 
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WhoAOw. My brain...it can't comprehend...the total...wow...

*clears throat like a business salesman* Why thank you, I've been looking for something awesome and Zelda-related to use as my desktop background. *Yoink.*

You are amazing.

This is incredible.

I must look at it every day.
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RiNgToNeS000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow this is amazing!
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XxAngelTheKittyxXStudent Digital Artist
i LOVE this <3
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Solo5095Hobbyist Artist
one word can only describe this " Awesome "
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Spotzy General Artist
I love twilight princess, Maybe my most favorite zelda game ever <3 gj on the backround too c:
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I have a question. Do wolves actually have five fingers on their back paws ? Because I know that dogs do have only four fingers but I don't know for wolves. Still,I think this is the best fanart !
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wolvessoldierspack.webs.com/1p… Seems that they have 4 that hit the ground and then the little one higher up
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This is amazing, mind blowing, awesome, m-a-g-i-c, I'm lacking of words to describe it. Thanks for doing such beautiful art !
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Deep6HowlHobbyist General Artist
Nicely done! Well done!
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Moon-Flower4022Student Traditional Artist
Beautiful work!
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realy good!
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Kirbystar50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gorgeous picture! May I use a part of it as a 'book cover' for my fanfic story? :)
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