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Nice stories guy but hurry up and pass the light! The fire is starting to get low. Hey don't drop it! Just put it on my wand, jeez! Alright, I found myself floating and not the up and down bobbing you see in cartoons. Just hovering in the darkness of empitness. Nothing for as far as the eye can see. Weirdly, I wasn't scared, me having a fear of heights and all, just… bored.  So here I am drifting to god knows where, wondering how I got here, I start hearing this drip, drip, drip. When I look around, I find myself under this giant faucet and I don't mean, oh look it's over size! I mean, should planet earth suddenly turn human giant and the droplets! You can stuff ten people in them!

As I'm staring at this gargantuan tap, the drops start to fall slower. It kinda felt like I was in a movie and someone had pushed the slow-mo button. Suddenly, they glowed and transformed into a flower.  A daisy to be exact. The petals spread out like an eagle ready to fly. It's yellow centre stared at me, so golden yellow that almost made it seem like the sun had shrunk. Something in my head told me to touch it. Hurry! It told me. Place your hand on it! and for some reason, I did. Well I was about to any way when it turned into a giant mouth that screamed "Trinh! Wake up!"

Bang! Down to the ground, I hit. Despite being the beginning of summer, I felt very cool...and wet. Sitting up, I found myself in two-inch deep pool. "Mom! There's water in my room!" I scrambled to my feet, scooping up all my belongs that was currently floating on top of the water as it slowly got ruined. The first book of my pirate girl series! My favourite purple plaid scarf! Oh gods no! "What's going on?!?!?!" I cried, holding my [u]One Piece: Chopper Wanted Poster[/u] in my arms along with my other belongings.

"There's a broken pipe somewhere in the basement." My mother shouted back.

Too sleepy to ask for more information, I gently placed my possessions on my bed, speaking words of encouragement to each of them. "Don't worry, you'll dry perfectly! Your pages wil be straight. The water won't make your wool shrink. As long as we don't put you in a drying machine, you'll be fine. Just a few dabs and your back to normal!"



"Out of bed yet?!"

"Yeah! I just need to brush my teeth!"

Running to the bathroom (which probably wasn't good idea due to the wet floor) before Mom could complain about my manners. It was a good thing it was on the main floor, or else I would tripped, slipped and break my neck down the stairs. Then again, I'd be more worried about how high the water was then my safety. Turning on the tap, I washed my face, crudely dried it off with my towel then filled up my cup. After that was brushing my teeth which was a slightly pain with my braces.

After ten minutes, I arrived in the kitchen, making a beeline for the drawers. Mom was at the stove again cooking god-knows-what, with her giant steel pot in front of her. She stirred the broth, which had a chicken leg sticking out, with her wooden spoon, sipping the soup from time to time before adding some kind of spice. I've had ten years to learn that it was best not to question the woman who fed me. After all, it would somehow taste great and end up in my stomach anyway.

My younger sister, Mi was already at the table, grinning like a fool as she scooped tiny sugar coated floaties into her mouth. Grabbing a bowl and spoon, I poured a healthy apple spice multi-grain cereal into my dish. My taste for sweetness had long since evaporated ever since  I threw-up from eating to much chocolate chip cookies. Looking up, I questioned the missing equation of this morning splendour. "Where's dad?" He was usually outside, in his sweats, on the porch, listening to the radio as he did his jump jacks.

Not looking up from her work, my mom replied "Fixing the broken pipe. We might have to call your cousin Albert if it isn't fixed by this after noon."

Remembering my dream, I took a spoonful of cereal before saying "I dreamt about dripping water and a daisy."

Reaching out to pinch my cheek, Mom scolded me. "Swallow first. No one wants to see the nasties in your mouth. Not even you and I'll sure to tell your father when I see him." Despite being a dedicated catholic, Mom still had her spiritual side. Maybe it was because of her asian heritage.

Scrunching up my nose, I stuck my tongue out playfully at my mother before taking my breakfast to the table. "Hey ugly." I said, greeting my baby sister even though she was six. Mi swung one of her legs to kick me but the rattling of the table proved that she still didn't know how to aim. Laughing, I couldn't help but point my spoon at her face. "Smart move ug-uh-ah-ACHOO!" Like a mini bomb went off, the milk and cereal in both of our bowls jumped out and onto our face and hair.

Mom was laughing the entire time as me and my sister went to shower. It also occurred to me that it was my birthday. What a nice way to start the day. While washing the shampoo out of my hair, a loud shout shook the house, "I DID IT!", which was followed up by stomping and "HONEY! Where are you?!?"

"In here!"


After what felt like the stupidest screaming contest between my parents, my father finally found us which was right outside the bathroom. As I towelled my hair dry, Dad started waving this daisy flower in front of us, shouting at us about some rapid rabbit. "Dad!" I finally said, throwing my towel at him. "Calm down! We can't understand what your saying!"

Taking a deep breath, the man in sweats pointed to the flower. "This daisy's roots was breaking into the pipes!"

"Hey! That's from my garden!"

Stopping, my dad looks at the flower closely and sure enough on the stalk is a little red string, marking as the flower as mine. "Dad!" but before I could get my rage on the doorbell rang. Sighing, I went to the front door and opened it. "Yes?" I said with a friendly smile.  

You can all guess who it was. A staff from our school. I still have no idea how they got here so fast but Mom just said to go with life. The man came and talked with my entire family and when he was finished explaining it, he asked me the question. "Do you want to be a witch?"

Of course my answer was "Sure! It'll be easier to explain why I'm weird that way."
UBER LATE. I'm not even kidding. The deadline is August 30th and I'm posting it at midnight. ">_> At least I finished it right?
Would love for advice on what I can do to improve on my writing :D Anything would do. Grammar errors, usage of words, anything. Mostly though is: Does it keep your attention? I constantly reread it so I get bored of it easily. Are you getting that vibe as well?
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