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IV: Flint Aceves by Wooden-Flashlight IV: Flint Aceves :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 25 2
Murdoc meets Astrus
The old truck rocked and heaved as it rolled into the town. **Welcome to Indieville** had been on the sign, and the huge male heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of it. He palmed around in the seat beside him for the tablet that was wedge between the seat cushions. Pulling the thin device free after a few gentle pulls,  he pulled over to start typing with one hand on the device.
`I made it! I'm just outside of town. I'll meet you outside the address you gave me, okay?`
He hit 'send' then pulled his huge boot off the break and pulled back onto the road. The truck was bright silver, or it was supposed to be, under all the dust. Rolling through town, he used the GPS on his tablet to guide him to the designated address, nerves fraying. Murdoc was meeting an online friend of his- a blogger named Astrus who lived in the cryptid-heavy town of Indieville. They'd been talking about meeting up for a few months, but after spotting a familiar shadowed, lurking figure in the background of Ast
:iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 2 0
Iv: Murdoc by Wooden-Flashlight Iv: Murdoc :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 12 11 Jasper by Wooden-Flashlight Jasper :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 30 11 Pear Give by Wooden-Flashlight Pear Give :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 1 3 A Time Later... by Wooden-Flashlight A Time Later... :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 4 1 The Wooden Flashlight by Wooden-Flashlight The Wooden Flashlight :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 15 15 Orion Pax by Wooden-Flashlight Orion Pax :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 15 6
Meatloaf Recipe
My friend Amy, she loved to make this with me. This is my own recipe I invented.
1 1/2 to 3 lbs ground beef
1 cup milk
1 egg
1 cup ground up cheddar Cheeze-Itz
2 1/2 tablespoons of Onion Powder*
McCormick’s Hamburger Spice*
Worchestire sauce*
*For the Onion Powder, keep in mind it’s a REPLACEMENT for chopped onion. Season to taste.
*Season to taste for Worchestire and Hamburger Spice. Also steak and stuff spice from McCormick’s works too.
Heat your oven to 350.
Put cheeze-its into a plastic bag, leaving it open. Then with a glass bowl, roll it over the crackers until they’re a fine, crushed up consistent size. I make mine really fine, almost like the powder at the bottom of cereal; but it’s up to you!
Add everything to a large bowl. Mix together by hand. I like to use plastic bags around my hands to keep from touching the raw meat itself, but you don’t have to, as long as your hands are clean! Make sure to take off your rings.
Once it’s all pro
:iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 4 2
Drifting by Wooden-Flashlight Drifting :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 101 31 Rapidflash by Wooden-Flashlight Rapidflash :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 19 8 Nailed It by Wooden-Flashlight Nailed It :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 56 7 SunnySwerveBob by Wooden-Flashlight SunnySwerveBob :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 42 7 Derpin' along by Wooden-Flashlight Derpin' along :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 8 1 ADVENTURE! by Wooden-Flashlight ADVENTURE! :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 20 15 Hello~ by Wooden-Flashlight Hello~ :iconwooden-flashlight:Wooden-Flashlight 4 4


drinking buddies by prisonsuit-rabbitman drinking buddies :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 72 18 polymer clay Mimikyu by Helix-Wing polymer clay Mimikyu :iconhelix-wing:Helix-Wing 20 5 IV Requests 2 by rinyx IV Requests 2 :iconrinyx:rinyx 66 14 Fred the Therizinosaurus by Qvi Fred the Therizinosaurus :iconqvi:Qvi 87 11 Indieville: Eli by Helix-Wing Indieville: Eli :iconhelix-wing:Helix-Wing 44 13 Heart-Shaped Face Barn Owl by BenHeine Heart-Shaped Face Barn Owl :iconbenheine:BenHeine 12,660 464 IV: Mesmer by Helix-Wing IV: Mesmer :iconhelix-wing:Helix-Wing 46 1 Halloween Dime Rats by nEVEr-mor Halloween Dime Rats :iconnever-mor:nEVEr-mor 74 24 Well of Souls: Dead Wife Blues by Helix-Wing Well of Souls: Dead Wife Blues :iconhelix-wing:Helix-Wing 23 5 UT UF US SF Papyrus by tabe103 UT UF US SF Papyrus :icontabe103:tabe103 1,546 51 Get your hands off!!! by tabe103 Get your hands off!!! :icontabe103:tabe103 4,687 527 Rin Collab by Helix-Wing Rin Collab :iconhelix-wing:Helix-Wing 48 4 There he is! by Helix-Wing There he is! :iconhelix-wing:Helix-Wing 33 19 Commission - Axolotl Altoids Pond 2 by PepperTreeArt Commission - Axolotl Altoids Pond 2 :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 1,045 36 Plushie: Zecora - MLP: FiM by Serenity-Sama Plushie: Zecora - MLP: FiM :iconserenity-sama:Serenity-Sama 36 2 Raupture - for Alex by algenpfleger
Mature content
Raupture - for Alex :iconalgenpfleger:algenpfleger 2,580 793
I am bad.
And that's good.
Iwillnever be good.
And that's not bad.
There's no one I'd rather be,

Than me.

BellRose and Buttercream by aha-mccoy

Zecora Heart by BambooDog:iconzecora-love:




Artist | Hobbyist | Literature


Name: Z

Likes: Transformers, District 9, Aliens, Robots, Cartoons, Old Cartoons, PS2 Games, SNES Games, PS1 Spyro Games, Critiquing Movies,Writing, Roleplaying, Music, Daft Punk, Ozone, Creature Feature, DDR Songs, Dr. Horrible, Felidae, Del Toro Films, Del Toro, Australia, Cuba, Getting feedback on my fictions, getting commissioned for fictions, ponies, Zecora, PLUSHIES.

Slash, Porn, Art, Comic Books, DSDS Lite, Gift Art, Fan Art, FanFiction, Hellboy, Boobs, Turtles, Cats, Pirates, Ninjas, Youtube, OCs, Chatting, Roleplaying!

90's (and Early 2000's) Disney, Old school Pokemon, Dreamworks, PIXAR, Dark Horse Publishers, JTHM, Invader Zim, JCV, Squee, Tim Burton, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter Burton, Tim Burton films, O Brother Where Art Thou, Interstella5555, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Japanese One Missed Call, Lord of the Rings, The Road to El Dorado, Elton John, Billy Joel, Monty Python, Many actors who's name I never remember.

Favorite People In the World I've Never Formally Met:
Chris Sanders [alohalilo]
Vincent Price [RIP :C]
Guillermo del Toro
Jim Cummings
Hans Zimmer
Guy-Manuel de Hohem Christo
Thomas Bangalter
Kevin Michael Richardson
Vin Diesel
Steve Irwin [RIP, Miss you terribly..]
Frank Welker
Jim Henson [RIP, you left us far too soon]
Brittany Murphy [RIP, and say hello to Freddie Mercury for me]

Dislikes(Hates): Hetalia, Liars, People who try and forget I exist, Rude people, Assholes, Getting my comments hidden, Rachael Ray, Paula Dean, Bobby Flay, Michael Bay, Perez Hilton, Kyane Wast, South Park, Revenge of the Fallen, Tyra Banks, Religious Freaks, Mormons, Twilight, Homestuck, Michael Jackson(And his family), Vista, Tracers, Sonic, Pokemon past the number 150 (With very few exceptions), Ignorant people, People who think thy are better than everyone else, Anyone who fakes an illness for attention, Attention Whores, Myspace relationships made just for the sake of being able to say you're in a relationship.

Contact Info:

AIM: ZbuuZa
SKYPE: Wooden-Flashlight

Personal Qoutes:
"This better be good. I put on Pants for this."
"I'm not a fan of this."
"Robert Pattinson was O.K. as Cedric Digoery, but once he turned into a sparkling, spinning ball of disco vampire faggorty, he sort of lost all of his appeal."
"My fandom can kick your fandom's ass."
"You know you're jealous of the snuggie."
"-Incoherent Babble-"
"I will TURN this DVD around!"
"Oh, fuck. I forgot what I was thinking about again."
"Goldfish!"(In indication of my memory)
"Imma touch you in your parts."
"Then you hold the Oreo under the milk until the bubbles stop. You know, like when you're drowning someone."

My BFFS: In no order

My Sugar Daddy/Big Daddy/Partner in Crime/Luff/Host/MUSE/ROOMMATE: :iconpeanuttie:

:iconinsaneladyofdoom: :iconhi-no-tenchi-23: :icontayanacon: :iconnot-anonymous: :iconocto-erotica:
:iconperri-the-platypus: :iconkillermonk3000: :iconhelix-wing: :iconinvader-zim-fanatic: :iconpeanuttie:
(If I forgot ya, guys, it just means I forgot your F'in username and you should tell me >U)

:iconamyjanebrandhagen: Rest in Peace. I love you so much and I miss you dearly. One day I will stop hurting from loosing you, one day the bastard who took you from us will have justice served to him. I love you. November, 5th 1990-August 14th2012.

Plush Pusher/Awesome Friend I Can Depend On: :iconwhittykitty:

My Kooklets[Kids]: :iconxcopyen002:

My sisters: :iconhello-tech: :iconschwarz-one: :iconkrazifreak:

My Big, Stupid Brother: :iconbamboodog:

ID was drawn by BambooDog

Journal History

Help Z and Rae get their apartment!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 1, 2017, 8:35 PM

Hi, above is a link to my personal fundraiser. My roommate and I are so very, very close to an apartment; we've been approved, our move-in date is Dec 1st, 2017. We need just $1,800 to get us from barely scraping by to somewhere ok. There's more details in the link, but in short we don't have beds or anything, but we're getting out of an abusive household. We're so close. Please help! 


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Congrats on the new place!

I'll still give you cash to keep making up for what I've done to you and shut up about the past.
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Rainbow Dash rules. Suck it cuntface. 
Even the writers want fans like you to fuck off.
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I wanted to help out with the MLP group, I really did. I would've let it all go if it wasn't for the swears and insults you continued giving me the third time we spoke, which were way worse than 'Fluttershy Heart'. That, and apparently you were allowed to do that. It's not like I was asking for it.

I've let my anxieties get the better of me. But after what I did to you, I guess not even a Buttercream plush will make up for that, huh?
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Hi there, is the MLP Group you founded no longer active?
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So, um... Have you considered passing on the reigns of dirtyformers to someone who likes the idea and actually wants/is able to run it, since all submissions are expiring except for :iconcrimsonmetal:'s comic (although i just checked, and most of it has been removed...
CaptainZ-Yo Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016
Yo! Do you wanna know a place where you can turn any of your creations into plushies? Check it out, dawg! I hope you like it!
kharis-art Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the watch :heart: 
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 :( (Sad) ...Flashlight, I just wanna say I'm sorry. For stalking you, wasting your time, everything. The reason why I overreacted to that image was because after the first time I saw it, the next morning, it kept appearing in my head again, and again, and again, all morning. It was horrible. That, and I didn't know how to properly warn members about bad images. If you don't forgive me, that's completely understandable. I just want you to understand how bad I feel about calling you out a lot because I couldn't accept ending it on a note like that. All the sludge I gave you about that image and me stalking you were never my intentions. Thank you.
LunarIce430 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016
I would like to join the mlp club.
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Hi I love your work. Especially the Transformers crossover pic with Pacific rim. 

I was also curious if your the person I talk to about submissions for Circle of Survival group?
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Hello im new here ^^
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