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Emote OCs

As mentioned in a previous journal: wooded-wolf.deviantart.com/jou… I have started a group with the purpose of creating an Emote OC Encyclopedia. While I've created the group it is not yet running but should be soon. The group is called EmoteOCs and you can now visit it but will notice nothing is happening yet.

So I've got a few of ideas of how things can be done. Either:

:bulletblue: Deviants can submit a profile piece of the OC and include the information in the artist comments
:bulletgreen: A template could be made which each deviant could fill in and then submit to the gallery
:bulletblue: Each deviant could create a piece using the information

While a template will make everything uniform I think it would be nicer if the entries were more personalised and by creating a piece themselves it will allow the artist to choose which information they want to include if there's anything they don't feel is necessary to include. The simplest option is just to submit a piece of the OC and add the information in the comments but that seems kind of boring to me.

I also thought it would be a good idea to have a separate gallery folder for art involving OCs. As the group is called EmoteOCs it would make sense for it to include art of emote OCs. Alternatively, and this actually makes more sense, the group could just favourite art involving OCs. You might be able to tell I'm thinking of things as I go along :B

Right now I have no admins for the group and as I'm not available for most of the week I'm not going to be of much use to the group if I'm running it by myself. If anyone's interested send me a note but I'll be more likely to make someone I know well and is experienced an admin. Still any help will be welcomed :aww:

I'll add the information required to make an 'article' to the group today but if people want me to make a basic template I won't be able to submit that until the weekend at the earliest.

Okay, so now that's out of the way back to personal stuff.


I go back to uni in just over a month. Unlike my friends who are going back at the start of September I'm not going to go back until freshers week which is near the end of the month. Because a couple of friends are coming to uni this year and there's a lot of stuff to do in freshers week I thought it would be good to do it again. It also gives me enough time to get used to our new residence before my course starts again. I'm a little apprehensive about our living situation as it's a bit unusual but considering a lot of the people I know at uni are stressed because they still haven't found a house I can't really complain. Well I can and will but there's not much I can do about it :B

Right now I'm kind of obsessed with art and it's annoying me that I'm not getting much done. In the last few weeks I've been working on and off on a resource for spriters and although I got near the end of it last week the last couple of steps were starting to frustrate me so I've given up on it for a while. Looking back at the amount of deviations I've submitted recently I've noticed things I created weeks ago are still my newest deviations. I know it's quality over quantity but they're not even that good :shrug: I've got a couple of traditional pieces to submit but my camera isn't doing them justice so I kind of don't want to. I've also been thinking that although my art has improved to some degree over the last few years I don't feel like I've progressed at a fast enough rate for me. I could be wrong but I feel like I should be doing and submitting big pieces which is hard because they require more time and I'm a bit reluctant to submit traditional art except for doodles. I'm not sure why I'm more comfortable submitting digital art.

Anyway that's about it for now. Thanks for reading :aww:

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I've had my own Oc template for months, and took requests: [link] I could release the *.PSD... people with Photoshop or GIMP could use it and even make custom backgrounds (cause of how I made it, yo) and I could make a 'default' background of each frame for those who animate frame by frame using online programs or summat.
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Thanks for the offer but I'm hoping to get as much information about each emote as possible which would require a bigger template. I'm thinking it would be good to have something like those character development profiles but I'm not sure how to go about it :shrug:
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Joined the group I will fill the template later
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Okay. I might be worth waiting until I've found out if people want a template for the deviation though.