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So I've seen a few people doing this and I thought it would be a good way to summarise the year. I also have to honour my answer to Synfull's poll :salute:

So here's a rather lengthy breakdown of my artistic (ha!) activities of the year :la:


Deviations: 15

I went a bit crazy with experimentation at the beginning of year and created multiple element themed bases for emotes. I also became more confident with pixel art again and carried on with my doodles at college :la:

Elementicon: Version 2 by Wooded-Wolf An Unusual Table of Elements.. by Wooded-Wolf Many Moss' by Wooded-Wolf

I also became obsessed with rotation and perspective which is evident considering my first emote of the year and my following animations for the month :B

:Dynamo: by Wooded-Wolf Orbs: Werewolf Character by Wooded-Wolf Orbs: Rowan by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 9

Not much happened this month, I continued to doodle and started to map out some ideas for a story. Didn't get very far with that part of the process :shrug: Did a couple of emotes but that's it

How they're really made.. by Wooded-Wolf Earth by Wooded-Wolf

And the second doesn't really count :blush:


Deviations: 15

Had a pretty good month - started off feeling a bit meh about art until I stumbled across a project and a certain deviant who continues to bug me :giggle:

Nautical Oddity by Wooded-Wolf Which Witch is Which? by Wooded-Wolf Moltres by Wooded-Wolf

I also got my third Daily Deviation, found out about WeEmote and met a load of new people in the emote community :aww:

Emoticon Starter Pack V 3.0 by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 28

A fairly busy month - continued with my character concepts, made a few emotes, entered another project, entered a contest for the first time and doodled lots of cute cuddly animals :phew:

Profile: Werewolf Form by Wooded-Wolf :Skippy: by Wooded-Wolf Beaver Plushie by Wooded-Wolf Flight of Rainbow Butt.. by Wooded-Wolf :Disarmed: by Wooded-Wolf Woodland Doodles Coloured by Wooded-Wolf Emote MeMeme by Wooded-Wolf

I also finally named Wolfwood Wolfwood Thrust by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 42

Submitted more deviations than I've ever submitted before :wow: Focused most of the month on developing Wolfwood and started to develop a style which I continued to use in all of my project entries including in my own project

Hence the Name.. by Wooded-Wolf Wolfwood's Lair by Wooded-Wolf Im asleeping - In my tree.. by Wooded-Wolf EmoticonHeights Project Closed by Wooded-Wolf

I also entered another two contests - one of which I won :w00t:

Bullet Entry: Solar System by Wooded-Wolf

Made a couple of stamps and emoticons

I like the colour brown by Wooded-Wolf Inspiration by Wooded-Wolf

And did a lot (a heck of a lot) of sprite work :giggle:

Dolphmon Coelamon DNA by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 20

I lost the use of my graphics tablet this year in exchange for a better computer so it was back to small scale work :shrug:
More Wolfwood, more sprite work, a new ID picture and the start of something terrible...

Wolfwood Hug: Sini by Wooded-Wolf Dolph-Coelamon DNA Mega by Wooded-Wolf Me x3 by Wooded-Wolf Emoticon Emotorise by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 16

A pretty good month, I revamped an old emote and tried a couple of adventurous animations

Explodicon F.N. Revamp by Wooded-Wolf Another Paint Job by Wooded-Wolf Light Ignite, Burn Drown by Wooded-Wolf

I also started this:

Emoticon Emotorise 2 by Wooded-Wolf Emoticon Emotorise 3 by Wooded-Wolf Emoticons Emotorise by Wooded-Wolf



Deviations: 25

I decided it would be a good idea to make Wolfwood versions of standard emotes - might have been a bit crazy :nod:

I also did a few other things including opening requests for the first time:

Death and iGor Emotorise by Wooded-Wolf Peeny Emotorise by Wooded-Wolf Phones Emotorise by Wooded-Wolf

As well as making the avatar I'm currently using and an entry for what seemed like the first project I entered in ages

Special Hypnotic Dance Avatar by Wooded-Wolf Dreamland Entry: Need Title by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 19

Did a surprising amount considering I had to leave for uni later that month :wow: I developed my transforming emotes, entered a few projects, did some more WeEmote based activities and created an emote/pixel art combination piece which would become my fourth Daily Deviation

Gloat by Wooded-Wolf Reformatted by Wooded-Wolf Combined Emotorise 2 by Wooded-Wolf Lazy Days by Wooded-Wolf The little he can offer.. by Wooded-Wolf Ninja is a Deadly Weapon by Wooded-Wolf Me no pea D: by Wooded-Wolf

My last truly busy month :wave:


Deviations: 10

My first month at Uni, I actually did quite a bit of art in my spare time. More project entries and a bit of revamping on old emotes.

Mountaineer Puzzle Piece by Wooded-Wolf Wolfwood's Floor by Wooded-Wolf Avast by Wooded-Wolf About Turn by Wooded-Wolf Emote OCs Revamped by Wooded-Wolf

And a more traditional All Hallow's Eve :giggle:

Berte Hallow by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 9

A rather slow month in terms of digital art, most of what I submitted was ballpoint doodles - a lot actually came from October :blush:

My Populations Notes... by Wooded-Wolf Halloween Squiggles by Wooded-Wolf Slightly Evolved Doodles by Wooded-Wolf

But I did some traditional work for once...

Chiroptera by Wooded-Wolf Pity he's a kitty... by Wooded-Wolf

...And managed to do one last animated emote before my birthday:

Speed Bullying by Wooded-Wolf


Deviations: 6

This month I've done next to nothing:

Wooded-Wolf Doodle by Wooded-Wolf Happy Birthday Synfull by Wooded-Wolf Holiday Season WIP by Wooded-Wolf Sky Box by Wooded-Wolf

But I'm pretty pleased with what I have done :dance:
And there's still a few days left :eager:

So that's it for another year :faint:

© 2009 - 2021 Wooded-Wolf
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this was a good year
SparklyDest's avatar
An awesome year for your art. :nod: :thumbsup:
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
Some amazing work for a year :clap:
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Wooded-Wolf's avatar
A very good year :la:
bigfunkychiken's avatar
great from the start:thumbsup:

and i love your transforming emotes!!!:love:
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Your art has been awesome through out the whole year :la:

I said I'd do this on the poll to so I will eventually :paranoid:
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:giggle: Honour thy answer :salute:
ManiacalMuffin's avatar
Haha I was in the process of writing the journal entry, got about halfway then accidently closed the window :iconstareshakeplz:
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I was terrified of that happening - I had to plug my laptop in half way through to stop it from dying on me :noes:
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