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If you would be willing to donate to me, please consider checking out my Patreon page. The more support I get, the easier it will be to submit content on a regular basis, and with each goal I reach, the more bonus content I'll be able to offer to my supporters. 

If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, the gist is that if you choose to donate to me, you become my Patron, and receive exclusive access that isn't available to other people. Right now, you can receive access to my initial sketches, and the drawing process of each piece I upload, from sketch to final product; but as I receive more pledges, I will provide new content e.g. clean line art for you to colour, and the option to vote in polls for the content of my YouTube videos. 

You can choose to donate as much or as little as you want, and you can change your pledge or cancel at any time. 

At the lowest tier level, $1, you will get access to my Patron feed, where I will offer exclusive updates on my plans, and I will prioritise your suggestions and queries above everyone else's. As well as receive your support, I want to be able to foster my own community.

So if you're interested, click the link. I appreciate any and all support I get :aww:

Commissions are still open if you want me to create artwork for you: 
And if you're interested in hiring me for a bigger project, send me a note (on my main account: FeralDoodle)
Commissions: OpenLast Updated: 25/06/2017

Please read everything before sending me your request. 
To be fair to us both, I will only start a commission once I’m certain you understand the terms below.
Once you have read the terms, either send me a note or an email


The information and prices in the price guide mostly applies to character designs 
If you would like me to do something else e.g. portraiture, caricatures, illustrations etc. prices outlined may vary, but we can negotiate a suitable price
If you would like a full character sheet, a price will be negotiated
Character Designs
I will draw practically anything given the right references
I specialize in creating fictional creatures, and am comfortable drawing humans, most animals (some invertebrates make me want to vomit, but feel free to ask), plants, fungi etc.
I am open to drawing things out of my comfort zone, but this may take extra time or ad
It's been 10 years since I first joined DeviantArt! :party:

Big News

In order to try to make a living from my art work, I am opening commissions. I will be providing more detailed information tomorrow, but if you are interested, please check out my page over at FeralDoodle

FeralDoodle Commission Prices by FeralDoodle

This is just the price list for one off commissions, but if there is a bigger project that you'd be interested in hiring me for, I would be happy to find out more.


I am now posting videos on YouTube on a weekly basis, and have just posted the last of five videos of a style challenge I did in April. 

If you could subscribe to my channel, it would be greatly appreciated. The further I go with this, the more content I will be able to create on a regular basis. 


On that note, I also intend to start uploading artwork more regularly, so if you're not interested in commissioning me, please consider donating to me on Patreon:

You can either pledge an amount each month in exchange for several perks, such as progress sketches and step by step images of my drawing process, or you could just donate money without any reward

To Close

This means a lot to me, so any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this :aww:
So much to say, only so much I can remember...

Firstly, I am still alive. I'm active on my other account FeralDoodle, and am about to start uploading on a more regular basis. I have various projects I'm working on, but I'm in the midst of preparing my next major project, which I will hopefully start on in the next week or two. 


The most important information I have to share is that I have a YouTube channel:…
I plan to start updating on a weekly basis, but with everything else on at the minute, I'm probably going to update every fortnight.  I'm really hoping it will kick off, but I know it may be a while before it gets a lot of attention, so it would mean a lot to me if anyone interested would subscribe. If you like my videos, feel free to comment with suggestions on what you would like me to create next. 

My last video was a contest entry, and I created everything including the music for the video:

It's awesome - you get to see my hand, and my hair, and try not to focus on how skeletally thin my wrists are. Even when I was eating well, and working out, they looked that thin. 


I'm considering opening commissions to make some extra income, but I need to do a little research first, and get some feedback on what people would want. If you have any suggestions on what kind of things I should create, have a look through my gallery on this page, and on FeralDoodle, and give me an idea on what you think people would be interested in. I'm mostly going to be doing digital art, as I'm saving my traditional media for my own projects and videos, until I can afford to replenish them on a regular basis, but I won't be doing anything small scale (like sprites or minor pixel art) because it's generally not worth it. I will also be setting up my Patreon page again so people can donate if they wish, and will be uploading things such as work-in-progress shots of anything I upload, and gradually more content as donation goals are met. 


I meant to update this at the beginning of July, but I was house-hunting at the time, and although we started renting in August, it took a long time to sort things out and settle in. I have stopped posting placeholders for my webcomic, because although I had made some progress with the comics I hadn't finished, it was too much to catch up with, so I've put in on permanent hiatus until I have the time to focus on it, on top of my other workload. In the process of moving and updating my computer, I also lost the program I use to make it, so until I can find it again, it's not going anywhere. 


For the entire month of October, I uploaded one ink drawing a day. It wasn't always easy - some days I didn't start until almost midnight, which meant staying up until I was done. I one-shotted all of them, so I made a ton of mistakes, and didn't always do what I originally intended, but I'm still happy with the results. I used a cheap sketchbook to do them in, so many of the pages are falling out; the paper was horrendous to draw on. Here is the full 31 days worth of drawing, including a cover page I did at the end:

Inktober Roundup by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 1: Snailblazer (Fast) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 2: Bongo Bongos (Noisy) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 3: Trim Reaper (Collect) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 4: (Hungry) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 5: (Sad) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 6: (Hidden) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 7: (Lost) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 8: (Rock) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 9: (Broken) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 10: (Jump) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 11: (Transport) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 1: (Worried) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 13: (Scared) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 14: (Tree) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 15: (Relax) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 16: (Wet) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 17: (Battle) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 18: (Escape) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 19: (Flight) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 20: Squeeze by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 21: (Big) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 22: (Little) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 23: (Slow) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 24: (One Dozen) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 25: (Tired) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 26 (Box) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 27: (Creepy) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 28: (Burn) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 29: (Surprise) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 30: (Wreck) by FeralDoodle  Inktober Day 31: (Friend) by FeralDoodle 


Life right now is pretty stressful; there's a lot going on, but nothing I really want to share online. It's coming up to Christmas, so my work hours are probably about to increase, but they will plummet again in the new year, so I need to find a new job to support myself until I can survive completely freelance as an artist. I hope it doesn't come to it, but it's probably going to be necessary. 

So that's it for now. I'll try to update again when I've got more figured out in terms of commissions, but if you're still following this page, I will be using FeralDoodle as my main page, so look for me there instead. Thanks for reading :aww:
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I'm not back!

Just letting anyone who follows this page, but not FeralDoodle, that I have new(ish) plans, and will be starting to submit art very soon (but not on this account). I'm still in the middle of catching up with my webcomic (it's looking good, but I've still got a long way to go, so it will be a while before I update all of the placeholders). In the meantime, I've decided to start creating other art, so I'm at least uploading something on a regular basis.

So that's it. Not back, but will be becoming more active elsewhere. Thanks for reading :aww:
Seasons Greetings, one and all.

As you probably know, I haven't been very active on this account this year, as I've been busy working on other projects that I hope will make the transition into freelance work slightly less frightening (that's a lie - it's still pretty daunting); so in the new year, I will be focusing all of my attention on my new account: FeralDoodle. I've made a lot of friends through this account, and I feel bad that I won't be uploading some of the kinds of art people know me for, especially some of the projects I left incomplete, but I feel like I've got all I can out of it, and it's time for a fresh start. I'll still be updating with any news I have, and answering any messages people send me, but for the time being, I will be uploading any content I make to the new account. I have a lot planned, and I'm looking forward to revealing some of the things I've been working on very soon, so if you want to see what I'll be getting up to, that's the place to find me.

And that's it for this year. Thanks for all of your support over the last 8 years, and I hope to see you again next year over at FeralDoodle
Hope you have a happy New Year, and as always, thanks for reading :aww:
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It's November, which means life is about to get really hectic, really quickly

It has now been a year since I got braces, which means there's only six to twelve months left before I get them removed. There's been a lot of progress, but things seem to be going slower than expected, as I've had several appointments where treatment has been postponed until more progress had been made. Even though I'm used to it now, I can't wait to have things over and done with. 

The last time I updated, I mentioned taking some time off to work on my webcomic. It didn't go completely to plan, but I made some progress and I'm currently updating as much as I can in my free time before I commit to working on creating my YouTube channel. I have the channel already, but I haven't really set anything up past the name. I've already updated a few comics that needed completion, and there are some that are practically finished, but I'm trying to update them in order in case anyone is following the story.

The second week of my holiday was dedicated to camping in the Peak District with a friend. We had a lot of fun, and I'm considering trying to find a job up there if things still aren't moving fast enough with my art stuff and I'm desperate to leave my current job. Realistically, I don't think I'll be leaving it, but I am tempted to quit after Christmas, regardless of what's happening. We'll see. One of the more surprising things I enjoyed while we were away was going to Conkers. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but we had a lot of fun there, and I could happily work in a place like that. We also went to something called Go Ape, which was amazing. Definitely plan to do that again at some point. I took a lot of photos while we were away, and I've been sketching bits and pieces for illustrations I plan to film. I'm really excited about my art plans.

Speaking of which, I made a practice piece with the copics I recently bought, and apart from a few mistakes while inking, and various bleeds (I used the wrong kind of paper, but it behaved surprisingly well compared to my test swatches), it turned out pretty good. Here it is if you're interested: 

Gwendolyn Practice by FeralDoodle

In case you're wondering, it's Gwendolyn from my Webcomic, Stench Maiden (Which I will shameless plug here)

So that's all for now. I intended to say more, but now I just want to sleep. Thanks for reading :aww:
Really, I should have posted this yesterday, but I didn't intend to write another journal until November (for some reason)

As you may be aware, this account is dead and isn't coming back. 

Just kidding; it's dormant. I will still be posting things like pixel art on occasion - mostly for community-related things, like the emote Secret Santa, and collaborations. I'm trying to shift over to the other account, because that's where the majority of my work is going to be going, and I want to focus on producing less haphazard artwork. As much as I love this account, I'm not particularly proud of my artwork.

That aside, I have a lot of plans for this month; so hopefully I'll have something to show for my work by the end of it. The biggest thing is that by the end of the month, I will have a YouTube channel, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could visit and consider subscribing (when it happens, obviously). Anything I make on there will more than likely be submitted to FeralDoodle, and also put on Tumblr. I have a couple of ideas of what I want to upload this month, including a Halloween-related piece, and from November, I'll be submitting at least once a week. I have a preliminary schedule that I will give more info on when things are actually running. This links to the next point:

Patreon; you may be aware that I set up a Patreon account, earlier in the year. Ignore it for now, but towards the end of October, I will be completely reworking it. This is because I've decided to change the content I will be producing. Because of varying circumstances, I've had issues producing my webcomic, so I've booked a week off work to focus on completing the comics I've started up to this point, and prepare several in advance as a buffer. It's going to be a lot of work, so I'm hoping I can actually manage it. I didn't think it would be fair to expect people to donate money to something that wasn't a finished project, so I've held off uploading anything to Patreon until it's actually done.

When I rework my Patreon rewards, goals etc. I will be changing it from a per-content basis, to a per-month basis, because I want to be creating and submitting more content on a regular basis. I've invested in a lot of art materials and equipment in preparation for the videos, so now it's just down to time and motivation. I have 7 projects to work on outside of my webcomic and YouTube channel, so I have plenty to be getting on with. I really want to push towards making art a career instead of a hobby, so I'm hoping to make a lot of progress in the next year. I will also be using Patreon to reveal information on upcoming plans, which is something I never really divulge anywhere else. 

I've also booked a second week off to go travelling with a friend. The festive season is quickly approaching, and I'm not close to quitting my job yet, so I need a break before the manic rush that is Christmas retail begins. My demeanor at work isn't great at the minute, because I know what I want to be doing, and I'm frustrated because I feel like I'm wasting my time doing a job I have no intention of pursuing any further. Everything hinges on what I can accomplish in the next few weeks, and hopefully the time away will help me process things and take my mind off all of the crap that's happened this year. Anyway, I'm really excited, and I guess I just have to work on patience. 

And now I end this journal with the standard thanks for reading :aww:, and apologies for the lack of activity. 
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How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I joined on May 28th, 2007; so roughly 8 years. I've been intermittently visiting it since about 2003 though.

What does your username mean?

That some mistakes are permanent? 

There's a bit of a backstory to this, so the short story is that I like wolves and trees, so what's better than a wolf covered in trees? Anything; the answer is anything.

So long story: if I remember correctly, I wanted to set my account up at 11:11 (I like eleven) or 11:28 (my birth month and date) and specifically waited until that time on the 28th of May (6 months before my birthday) to do so - unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a name I liked so I went with the best thing I could think of at the time; I can't remember if I actually managed to register at one of those times, if I waited until 5:28pm, or if I just gave up and submitted at any random time, but I at least wanted to register on that day, otherwise I probably would have waited until another meaningful date. It was probably about 11:30 or something - who knows?

Anyhow... I wanted to incorporate some form of nature, plantlife, and wolves into the name, and I thought Forest-Wolf and Woodland-Wolf sounded dumb, so I went for Wooded-Wolf, which sounds ridiculous. I instantly regretted my decision.

I've since attempted to draw a wolf covered in forest several times, but never actually completed any of them. I would have changed the name when the option became available, but I'm too attached to it now, as much as I hate it. Maybe I'll actually finish a representation of the name at some point.
In case you're wondering, this number obsession is down to OCD, and I still have a tendency to create accounts only at specific times or dates, although the distressing thoughts related to such actions no longer concern me, and I just do it as a quirk for the records
If you have trouble with OCD, feel free to message me about it

Describe yourself in three words.

Quirky; Restrained; Surprising


Another human boing

Are you left or right handed?

Right. The left hand is good at unscrewing bottles though, so there's that...

What was your first deviation?

It was a picture of the Pokémon, Shinx, which is now in storage. You can see it here, along with a revamp: Shinx Before and After..

It was my first attempt at using an Oekaki app, and my first digital attempt at line-less painting (I think). It was horrible, but better than some of my subsequent experiments with Oekaki. I just wanted something to submit so my gallery wasn't empty, and wanted to try out the airbrush and watercolour tools since I was used to solid shading, and the app had a bunch of options I didn't have at the time - I also made several ten minute pieces and submitted them, because apparently I thought quantity was better than nothing at all. I really wish I'd just invested in a scanner or a decent camera, because I continued to make these messes until I got a tablet (and even after). 

What is your favourite type of art to create?

I really enjoy anything that involves some kind of challenge e.g. palette limitation, using particular shapes, creating something from something else.

I guess my favourite thing is concept art, particularly character creation; I especially love mash-ups.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Realism; as long as I understood the principles involved, I imagine it would make mastering the others a lot easier.

What was your first favourite?

<da:thumb id="56626045"/> 
By glitchedpuppet - I remember not adding anything for ages because I thought the people would look at my account and think "why are you favouriting my stuff?". It seems crazy now, but I'm sure I had my reasons...

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Illustations, landscapes, a lot of fanart - I'm drawn to vivid scenery and interesting drawing styles. I also love colour; if I see interesting colour combinations, I'm already sold.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

There are quite a few to pick from, but right now, I'd have to say Cryptid-Creations
If you don't ignore this (hopefully you will), I really should start commenting on your pieces, but I'm kind of embarrassed in case you look at my page; if you haven't already done that - I have favourited a lot of your stuff.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

MaryDoodles - I randomly found her on Patreon around April, around the time I was setting up my own account, and have been obsessed with her videos on YouTube ever since. She's so cool...

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

So many people have inspired me at different points, and I'm about to try something totally new to me, largely because of the deviant I mentioned above.

Back in the past, I got sucked into the emote community for the longest time because the people were so nice, and I made a lot of friends, but special mention goes to Sinister-Starfeesh because she got me out of a rut I was in at a time when I just didn't feel like making anything. 

What are your preferred tools to create art?

I like pens and lined paper. I never submit them (except some doodles I made during lectures at uni), but my favourite drawings are actually sketches and doodles I make in notepads. There's something about drawing with a pen that's more satisfying than a pencil.

Tablets are also good. I still use the mouse for a lot of things, but a pen is so much easier to draw with.  

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

There's no specific place that comes to mind. Almost anything inspires me to create art, so anywhere at or away from my desk. Most of my ideas come to me when I'm not in a position to draw, and the most mundane things are usually the biggest catalysts. 

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

I really can't think of one. Every time I've come to my inbox to find hundreds of messages, and wondered what happened to make that happen.
And today, when I find my daily page count has exponentially increased over the last two days, for seemingly no reason, despite zero activity (barring journals) for weeks, thus demonstrating what a weirdly wonderful place this site is.
Hello! It's me again! OR, an imposter who's taken over this account and left it in a state of neglect... You decide

So, you're probably wondering why I keep bothering you all when I'm not producing any content. Well, that's all going to change within the next few weeks! Hooray! However, it will almost definitely be stuff posted as FeralDoodle
(A clue that this is indeed me is my habit of using 'so' to start sentences. I really ought to stop that)


I'm trying to keep all of my various online accounts connected, so the majority of my artwork will be posted on that account - unless it's just for fun, or I decide to make pixel art/emoticons on a whim. I have at least five art projects (revolving around character design) that I will be working on between updating my webcomic, and hopefully I'll be posting some of the progress paintings on YouTube when I've got all of that figured out. I've bought some equipment recently so I can make traditional art videos as well as digital, but more on that when it's all happening. I also bought a massive noticeboard to help me keep track of what I'm doing. I'm kind of an 'everything must stay in my head' kind of person, so this is going to be kind of new for me. I've decided to utilise the many, MANY sketchbooks I've accumulated over the years to split up the progress sketches I'll be making for each project into their own book, as well as for making life studies to help me improve quicker. This is especially important, since I'm aiming to do at least one piece of traditional art a week, and uploading it to YouTube, so I've really got to get comfortable with traditional media, and really plan things out in advance. Thanks to a certain YouTube artist I found recently *coughMaryDoodlescough* I finally understand what my sixth form art teachers were always saying about sketchbooks, and no longer have the mentality that everything I put in there has to be an amazing piece of artwork in itself (only took me 8 years, but whatever). However, if you do decide to check out Mary's sketchbook tours, you'll see that even her rough drafts are pretty amazing. I also picked up a few tips that really stumped me when I did watercolour paintings, so I'm excited to try them out. Honestly, if you're still reading this, I don't know why you're still here when you can be checking out Mary's art...


I'm still struggling to consistently upload new webcomics on time, so if you're following it, I apologise for the amount of unfinished content you've been seeing recently. For that reason, I'm not going to be working on anything else until I've got that sorted out. The last few months have been really weird. So much stuff has happened that's thrown things out of whack, that even though I'm just getting on with life as normal, I feel like I need a break just to process everything. My shifts at work have been in a really annoying pattern, and I've had various commitments with family and friends in my spare time, so I'm finding it difficult to settle down and actually work when I get the time to. I've booked my first holiday off from work since I started (over two years ago), in a couple of weeks time, so I can visit a friend for a few days, and hope to use whatever time is left to try to sort things out with the webcomic, so I can start working on my other plans. I'll probably be booking off another week if I can before the holiday period in November begins, if needs be - it depends on whether I can figure things out without it. I've reached the point where I want to quit my job, but I'm sticking it out until I've got everything going with my artwork. I feel like I've got a pretty solid plan, and while I'm working part time, it's more easily achievable. If it leads to a full time job in art (employed or self-employed), that's great, otherwise, once things are settled, I can look into more appropriate part time work elsewhere. Until then, this is the most ideal situation I can be in, even if I hate it. I also came up with a backup plan for a years time, and that in itself is kind of exciting. I am really optimistic about everything right now, even if it doesn't seem it, and I think I'm heading in the right direction, even if there are obstacles in the way right now. 

Back to Art

So (there's that word again), although I don't want to reveal anything (more than I have already), there are a few things that will become more apparent in the coming months. I still aim to be creating a YouTube channel; I will actually start uploading things to Patreon, but the content will be different (so things will be changed accordingly); I will start creating content for the projects I've planned over the past year (some of which has already been done, and just needs to be tweaked if necessary and uploaded); and I will be experimenting with traditional media to make illustrations (finally). 

I won't be saying specifically what the planned projects I mentioned are about until I start submitting content for them, but they are all fan-art based; two franchise mash-ups, one internal mash-up, one conceptual, one crossover. I got really carried away in the planning for each, and there are literally hundreds of characters to work on between the first four projects, so I won't be running out of things to draw any time soon (if you're worried about me not completing the projects - a very valid concern), I'll be creating the more prominent characters first, so even if I get to a point where I stop, it probably won't be until the more obscure characters have started to appear - I overplan these things because once they get started, people invariably start asking about x-character, and I don't want to be in a situation where I haven't factored them into things. Concerning the mash-ups, I also dread the moment when people start suggesting specific combinations, because it will look like I've taken their ideas if they match up to the ones I've already planned. Paranoia over, really excited.

The End

And that's it. Thanks for reading, I hope you're all doing well, and if you're not, you can always comment below.
I'm also going to steal an idea from Synfull and leave you with a question to answer if you feel like answering it:
If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life (a la the Power Rangers in their civilian clothes), what would it be?
HOPEFULLY :paranoid:

Right, I've made up my mind - this will be happening. I'm not sure when - could be next week, could be never; I mean, do I really know what I'm doing? Will procrastination strike again? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR ANOTHER EXCITING INSTALLMENT OF 'HOW ORGANISED DO I REALLY HAVE TO BE?'

But seriously, I am determined to make this happen. It might be awful, it might be adequate - it might be something else beginning with A. I already have a name for the channel, so yeah. Hopefully I'll actually be able to name the channel what I want to name it. If not, crap.

Current plan
Digital speed painting: I've looked at a few screen capture softwares that I can use for free, so I have a couple of options I'll be trying out. Program wise, I will probably be using GIMP. I really hate that thing, but I'm not paying for anything fancy until I can afford these things. If I ever do pixel art videos... I can't see that working out, if I'm honest. As long as it does the job, I will have to make do with what I have.
Traditional painting: Work space is extremely limited. I'm going to be gathering various bits and pieces to try to set up some kind of collapsable desk space, since my computer desk is not equipped to handle more than my current set up; I'm sure when they designed this thing, they thought it would be really good, space-wise, but everything is just in all the wrong places for what I need it for. I also need to buy a video camera at some point. Until then, I'm hoping my digital camera will suffice. If not, any suggestions on affordable video cameras would be appreciate. I'm going to experiment with traditional media when I have the chance, to get an idea of what I'll be doing. 

For the traditional paintings, I intend to focus on illustration. I have a pile of sketchbooks to plan things out in, so I'm hoping to produce some decent one off paintings that I could probably sell as prints. For digital, I have several character design projects that I want to get started on. Nothing's concrete right now, so that's really just an idea of what you'll be seeing. 

Tutorials: Long way off - I will be starting with pixel art, in all likelihood. It's what I started off with, it's what I'm confident with (kind of?), and I think it would be nice to pass on what I've picked up, since I'm probably not going to be doing a lot of it in the foreseeable future. I don't really know. I've got ideas for what I'll be doing, so I feel like it's something I should do. It will probably be at a point when I'm ready to appear in front of the camera, so it's not going to be for a good while. 

I will not be appearing on camera right away, because quite frankly, no one needs to see this. Not yet anyway. Maybe when I'm more confident, and have some kind of studio set up, but it's not really on the cards yet. I have a microphone that I may try to set up, so I may do voice overs, but again - confidence: lacking; voice: awful. Who knows? I'm going to have to try a few things out.

In terms of video editing, I really need help with this one. Apparently Movie Maker is an acceptable program to start off with, but I will probably be spending more time trying to figure out how to edit footage than anything else. 

If anyone has any thoughts, opinions, advice, knowledge on making YouTube videos, I would love to hear it, because honestly, I could do with as much help as possible. This isn't something I ever thought I'd actually be doing, so I'm insanely nervous right now.

Apparently, it's a psychological fact that you're less likely to achieve your plans if you announce them. However, while this does not bode well (considering everything I've just typed out), I kind of like to challenge these kinds of things...

So, if my manic ramblings haven't scared you off, thanks for reading, and I look forwards to hearing back from you. 
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Hi everyone! I'm still a thing. I mean, the account is kinda stagnant, but I'm still lurking in the shadows. Not that I'm creeping around or anything :paranoid:

In case anyone's wondering, I'm still drawing, but I've been trying to focus on my webcomic, which at the minute is suffering due to a less than ideal personal life. Things have settled down a bit, and hopefully I'll be able to devote more time to my artistic endeavours, which will give me a chance to finish all of the comics I've neglected, and allow me to start producing more in advance, so I don't have to rush to finish them each week. I can't promise anything but those are my intentions. 

Once I'm confident that I can post a completed comic each week, I've got another idea that I've been considering for the last few days. I already mentioned that I'm thinking of making a YouTube channel at some point for tutorials and other such [WORD IS NOT COMING TO ME], but until I get recording equipment, and am ready to appear in front of people, I'm thinking of making time lapse videos, and maybe speed paints. It's just an idea at the minute, but I'm thinking of doing it for several reasons: it will keep me practicing; I'm hoping it will help me improve my skills, speed me up (sorely needed), develop a style, try out new ideas etc. Increase the amount of content I'm producing, which will give people a better incentive to donate to me on Patreon; open up opportunities for potential paid work; and most importantly: just checking to see if anyone's actually reading this. When it gets going, I'll probably start taking suggestions.

So if anyone has any opinions, advice, general comments about that idea, let me know in the comments. 

As always, thanks for reading :aww: unless you didn't, in which case, why are just reading this bit? Unless you didn't, in which case, thanks for not knowing that I'm saying anything :aww:

P.s. Remember that I'm also FeralDoodle
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Exciting (terrifying) news! I've set up a Patreon page! Whoo! You can now choose to donate money to me (or not). Either way, I will continue to make my webcomic, which has currently reached 4 episodes (not sure if that's the right word, but whoo!).

SM 001 Awakenings by FeralDoodle SM 002 Burdens by FeralDoodle SM 003 Choices by FeralDoodle SM004 Departings by FeralDoodle

I will be very grateful if you could share this with anyone who might be interested, whether it's just in viewing the comic, or if they might be willing to donate. Any donation will be appreciated, and there will be special perks for donating certain amounts.

As always, thanks for reading :aww:
Just a reminder that I have a new account :iconferaldoodle:

So, as I mentioned before, I'm making a comic series (which you can find on the above account). I mentioned earlier in the year that I'm considering putting it on Patreon, but I'm wondering what kind of bonuses people would want in exhange for various pledges.

I've looked at a few different artists on Patreon, and the general kind of rewards are along the lines of high resolution versions of content, access to files, streams of art creation, personalised sketches etc.

So what would people be willing to give money in exchange for?

If I sign up, I intend to set it per comic (roughly 4 per month), so I've still got to figure out reasonable prices for each tier, but apparently patrons can set a monthly cap

(if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, here's a link to Patreon: Hi, I'll be your link for today

Thanks for reading :aww:
So as you may have heard, I've made a new account. Unfortunately, up until now, I've been hiding it from you (unless you follow me on twitter, have put two and two together, and worked out that it's the same as my twitter name). So here is the new account for all to see (waves of regret will soon follow):

:iconferaldoodle: <-- FeralDoodle

Hooray! :party:

And with this announcement, comes the announcement of my new webcomic:

SM 001 Awakenings by FeralDoodle

It's an ongoing story that will be updated on a weekly basis at or around midnight (gmt+1/gmt) on Friday night (Saturday morning).
I'm equal parts excited and nervous (nervous being shorthand for 'ready to implode'). Since this is a work in progress, I hope it will improve over time.

I still intend to post other art to this account from time to time, mostly spritework and any casual projects I decide to do, and I will devote the other account to the webcomic and any concept art and professional projects I may be working on. I already have a ton of ideas, but it will be a while before I pick up speed with the amount of content I submit.

So that's all I want to say. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new content I'll be producing :aww:
So the main news is that my webcomic will be launched at the end of the week. I'm hoping to update it on a weekly basis around midnight each Friday (Saturday morning). I'm still incredibly nervous, but also excited at the same time. As I mentioned before, I'll be posting on another account, which I'll reveal when I post the first comic. I'll also be posting on Tumblr, and probably sharing each update on Twitter.

Once the webcomic is running, I hope to start working on other things, but it may take a while for me to get to it since the comic will be the priority. I already have ideas for what I want to do, but since it will be kind of a learning process to improve my art skills, the art quality might not be great at first. Same goes for the comic. Seriously, people, I'm terrified.

Life at the minute is a bit complex. Family stuff has got me kind of down, but I'd rather not explain specifics, and I'm still kind of frustrated about my job. That's why I'm so eager to get these art projects going. I'm already regretting mentioning this, but it's probably a bit late to start being discreet about my life :shrug:

So in conclusion, exciting things to come; comic launch on Saturday; hoping this all leads somewhere good

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope not to disappoint :aww:
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In a couple of days, I will be starting a nine day project with work to put together a new shop in a different town. The days will consist of working, travelling, and sleeping, which gives me no time to work on my own projects. This is incredibly frustrating, as I'm at a point where I could start making the first few weeks worth of comics; so now the whole thing is delayed for another couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I can't afford to turn this down. It's also coincided with one of my best friends coming home for two weeks, so I won't be seeing him either, except for tomorrow. This, combined with my dissatisfaction with my job, and several other factors, has left me feeling pretty angry lately. But I'm sure it will pass once the work is finished.

Drama aside, as I mentioned before, I'm at a point where I'm happy to start working on the actual comic. I'm happy with the plot, I have a year's worth of comics planned already, I like the character designs, I have made a font, and I've come up with enough background information to keep things consistent as the story progresses. I'm incredibly excited to start posting things, and I haven't even made the first comic yet. I plan to make at least 5 before I start posting, so I have something to fall back on if there's a week I haven't finished a comic for whatever reason.

The point of this journal

So that brings me to my last point: later on in the year, I'm considering creating a YouTube channel devoted to video tutorials. I say later in the year because I want to make certain I have what I need to make them, and I feel I need to prove I have the skills necessary to be worthy of showing other people how to do things, before I start embarassing myself on the internet. I'll probably be starting off with a series of videos on pixel art basics, before moving on to subjects that people request. Is this something people would be interested in?

So as I nervously wait for your responses, thankyou for reading :aww:

Ooh, also, thanks to everyone who favourited, commented, and featured the piece I got a DD for last week. And to Waluigi-Prower for featuring it as a DD
So this morning, I created a new account. Bye everyone!

. . .

Just kidding, I'll still be updating this account. There's nothing in the gallery yet, so there's not much point it directing you to it at the minute, but it's created. So yay *Silent woot*

I'm hoping to start submitting art there soon, and setting up Patreon to help fund my artistic career - but more on that when I've actually launched my webcomic. I'm hoping to start making the first few comics in the next week or two. I've made the font, and I'm going to be spending the next few days solidifying the character designs, so it won't be too long before I actually have something to show for it. I'm really excited :|

So that's all I'm going to say for now. As always, thanks for reading :aww:
Since I'm not a premium member, I can't ask this in poll format. So I'll just submit it as a question here:


(note: I will be keeping this account as well)



I'm going to be making a webcomic, and I'm hoping it will eventually lead to interest in paid work (because I'm considering becoming a freelance artist). Since I want to look like an actual professional, I'm thinking of creating a new account that isn't cluttered with so much random stuff. However, I'm also aware that dA has a one account per person thing going on in the rules, and I'd also like people to know that this account is also me, since there is some stuff I actually like in this account, including several Daily Deviations. If I did gut out this account to make room for other stuff, there would be some residual pieces, unless I moved everything to scraps. I'd probably also want to change my username. I kind of wish dA had the option to link two accounts together, and although I'm sure other people have suggested it, I may suggest it as a feature.
So what do people think I should do?
So 2014 has passed, and it's now 2015.

I have a working computer again, and I have a lot to be getting on with in the art department. I have decided to pause with what I was doing in the Autumn, because I'm currently working on something bigger. In December, I came up with a concept for a webcomic, so I'm going to start working on that. I won't say anything about it for now, but providing my computer doesn't protest too much, I hope to have something to show for it by the end of January.

I will probably start posting the bits and pieces I was working on my other projects, but this is my current priority. I'm pretty excited, but I'm still not promising anything because something is bound to come up if I do. Once I get this thing going though, I intend to keep it going. I'll keep you posted :shifty:

I haven't really made any new years resolutions as such, I just intend to carry on improving myself, or whatever it is that people do.

And that's the end of this journal. Thanks for reading :aww:
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