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oddball Flying Squirrel!

By woodchi
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* Thanks for the names - we're going through the list to choose one *

This lil' fella needs a name. Chosen name will appear on the crew card in the oddball Aeronauts Free Kingdoms deck (Kickstarter eta November)

art and world by me

You can find oddball Aeronauts on:
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I really like the character design you did here. Very nice work.
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Thank you - it's very much appreciated :)
I do like to think about the practicalities of costume etc as well as looking cool if possible! So each character takes a bit of time
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Added to the list - Thanks for throwing in!
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For some reason Perseus popped in my head the instant I saw the character... So Perseus, but his friends call him Persy.
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Nowt wrong with Perseus :) Thanks!
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Just, "P."
Do et.
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Thanks, Fred931.
So far the shortst name is 'Gus' so it'd take the top spot for that if it gets chosen
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Sugar Glider Legume Pinenut
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Cheers! Consider it added to the list of potentials
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Yay! I kickstarted the original.
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You have our heartitudinous thanks for that happyWulf :D
I hope you're enjoying the game.
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I actually haven't had the chance to play it yet. Local people are lame. =p
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That's a shame. Well, I hope you do get to play it soon :)
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(Pron. Kay-owe)
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Cool, thanks! Is it made up or from somewhere?
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Made up. I often devise odd names for things, but then never use them.
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Good to know - okay to put on our list of potentials in that case :)
The first part is great (making up names for things) but the second is a shame.
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I just don't find many things I need to give names to.
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I see. I'm honoured the flying squirrel was one such a thing.
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