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'The signs were not good, somewhere down there the enemy drew closer ..'

Card art from the Edath action adventure game 'of Shot & Blade'.

Made as a wallpaper for iPod/ iPhone - feel free to download for this purpose only.
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© 2013 - 2021 woodchi
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great piece! love the muted pallet :)
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You are killing me bro with so much epicness! You gotta teach me how you do things like this. Please.
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Thanks :) I appreciate it.

The idea comes first and you already have good ideas (I like your new avatar, by the way).
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Thanks. But my only problem are the colours and shading. Besides my ideas are not as good as your bro.
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Shading - picking one light source and imagining all light coming from that place (for example, the top left corner) will help give a picture good light and shade. That way you know where the shadows will fall. In my picture here the light is coming from the left side.

Colour Cheat! - Using nature photographs (of animals or flowers) and the colour picker tool will give you good colours that generally go well together (preferably a photo that hasn't had much effects added to it). It's a good cheat to begin with :)
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Interesting...Thanks for the tips bro!

Hey if you need names, species or any sort of ideas you can count on me.
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No problem.
Thanks for the offer :)
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Always a pleasure to be of assistance.
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