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Crag: oddball Realms creature

By woodchi
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The Crag sleeps for decades and when it wakes it is foul tempered, intolerant of others and destructive to anyone who invades its space, which is wherever it wanders - due to its dominant darker nature.

There is a certain Enchantress who can subdue the ‘Hyde’ part of an elemental beast and bring out its better nature.

This was done almost entirely in Flash with the brush and fill tools - the only thing I added in Photoshop was the texture. I created many symbols of grass clumps and leaf clumps so as to speed the work up. Each major part of the Crag beast is painted separately so that it may be animated in the future. Now that I mention it it occurs to me I could have done the same for the branches of the head-tree aswell for extra motion effect! Maybe someday ...

art and world by me

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Ammazing! I would have never imagined the Crag to be this awesome!! Splendid work my friend!

Will we see more of them?
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:D thanks! I'm happy with how it came out too.

I'll be doing a few smaller ones, mostly related to Event cards in the Aeronauts game. I intend for one of the smaller ones to be an aquatic creature as =Ralola suggested.
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No problem, it absolutely rocks (bum tim tssk)

Oh that will be very interesting to see.
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Very good!
I'll be sure to post a huddle here when there are enough
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Also I believe you should look at this for inspiration if you like...

I sincerely love the water one and the icy one.
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Thanks for the link. You can easily tell what each one is made from, more or less - nice element effects.

I try to get my inspiration direct from nature or my imagination as much as possible.
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Oh okay, but that is really good!
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