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The Wandering Woods Book!


Its time!  I fly to Korea on Tuesday for the "Weta Workshop Fantasy Exhibition"  Where I will all so be revealing my next fantasy sculpture based illustration book project that I have been working on with collaborator Johnny Fraser-Allen. Here is the new Facebook page for "The Wandering Woods" with some exciting sneak peaks of what we are up to! Get on board to follow our show in Korea where we will be producing all sorts of merchandise and helping raise money for the young victims of the Korean Ferry tragedy.…

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This book and all the others look very interesting,
Weta Workshop is awesome, and your work is mind blowing. Can't wait to see your book. 
are you planning on going back to NZ anytime soon? I really cant wait to read the finished book!!
EPIC! I'm so excited and can't wait! I want to read it SOO badly!
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Fantastic. Looking forward to more info.
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
Uwah, so cute!! :la: Is this a book series you two are making? I can't wait to hear more about it!
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Congrats! So excited for you!
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YES. Epic!~
Safe travel, may god bless yous! >w<
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Hey! I saw this at the Weta Workshop tour! They looked epic then and they look even cooler now XP 
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These sculptures are ao cute!
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This is beautiful. ^^
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Wow, Wandering Woods.... I guess the woods really ARE wandering . . . to the nearest 7-11! (Dunno, that was weird) Do you know where I can buy your first book? I can't remember the exact title, but it was along the lines of 'curse' and 'beast'.
DelusionsOfSquallor's avatar
I love how they creatures are like pine needles and pine cones!
the wandering woods; great concept
RDutch's avatar
Fantastic! Much more imaginative than the typical, un-inspired, cartoon and anime style characters that seem to get cranked out by the truck loads.
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This looks to be an awesome book, I look forward to it coming out.  :w00t:

Best of luck in Korea; may you have loads of fun, and raise lots of support for your cause.
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Awesome! Looks like a bestseller in the making to me! ^-^
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Lol if that's what they look like as pinecones, then how do they look as they grow up?
WontonAxel's avatar
it's incredable! I used read books similiar to that but a little different.
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