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SOLD Handmade Bunnyfly



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(NOTE!) This special "Bunnyfly" I created as a side project while I was in :star:New Zealand "Weta Workshop":star:  She also traveled with me to exhibit all the way in :star:Korea!:star:  

This seasoned world traveler "Fantasy Bunnyfly" is fully hand made and a one of a kind original piece of artwork being offered up for bid!     This Bunnyfly has a lightly posable skeleton inside the body that I made and wrapped with stuffing so its very soft!  I then carefully hand applied Synthetic fur in tiny clumps onto the face by color!

I do not use molds, casts or patterns, each is fully hand made!

Approximately 11 by 5 1/2 inches.  Work is signed. Enjoy! :iconsmilinstanwooplz:

(C) Warning!  Original Designs Under License, All Rights Reserved-

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how do you make thes3e?
Scrathed's avatar
ouh gooood!
This looks so adorable! I want this :D
How awesome would it be, if these were real??
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aug! bunnyfly!
too adorable for my eyes!
Gzo78's avatar
Awesome idea! How about a Meowl (cat +owl )?
NanaBarb's avatar
That one is sooo adorable
Elven-Tigeress's avatar
Your creatures are absolutely magical!  Some of the most wonderful works of art I've ever seen.
Rhissanna's avatar
OH MY GOODNESS! I don't usually type in caps, Lee, but this is a freaking BUNNYFLY! It's wonderful! So very wonderful!
OperaMorgana's avatar
THIS IS AWESOME!!!! OMG this is one of the mostest cute thing EVER *__* i wanna one of those Q_Q
Sutegosaurusu's avatar
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...How do you come up with these adorable little creatures? I mean, I don't think anyone else would have thought of mixing a bunny with a butterfly the way you did. Very imaginitive, and very adorable. :aww:
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
Thanks! :tighthug:  I just dig deep into the raw imagination.  And I just feel very blessed!
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Best creature for me :D
This guy is so cute!  I'd love to see more original creatures by you!
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
Thanks! :la:  Well I do only create my own original designs. :D
Well, yeah, but I meant more...  I mean, you have unicorns, and racoons, which although the fur is very unique, they're still racoons (although I do LOVE your racoons ;p), this little guy was SO unique in shape, he was beautiful.
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That's got to be the cutest and sweetest thing I've seen!! Heart Heart 3D Heart - Free 
Aw, not keeping this one?
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
I've only kept the very first creature ever made, this is my full time business for the past 4 years. :iconsmilinstanwooplz: Its also why I try not to name them personally so I don't get far too attached then I already am. :D
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Bunnyfly?! That has got to be the sweetest thing I've ever seen Heart 
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woah so creative and cute! love it!
Bat13SJx's avatar
i love your bunnyfly! so adorable!!! XD 
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