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Process of Sculpting

Process of sculpting. :thanks:
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Sep 21, 2012, 12:25:06 PM
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May I ask what you use to sculpt with?  Super Sculpty seems popular, but I can't touch polymer clay, and I'm trying to find something else that I can use, since sculpting is something that I'd like to try. ^_^;
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oh beautiful work, it looks like a photo at first glance.
XyliarRaina's avatar
Amazing! I love it's stuffed tiger!
Forgotten-Kingdom's avatar
So you make it on the surface you bake I on... genius...
ImagineCorgis's avatar
Can I just ask,
from part 3 to 4, do you 'edited' the face only with your hand or did you used something else? :)

Thanks dot answering! :heart:
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
Yes only with my fingers. :thanks:
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I'm sure you've mentioned it elsewhere, and I simply overlooked it, but what kind of clay do you use? I use this stuff called "Eric" and I cannot do small details very easily with it. Either it dries out super quick and crumbles, or it's too moist and smears all over my tools XD
Beautiful work by the way. Those colors on the finished sculpture look fantastic.
EPICNESSwolf's avatar
She uses regular white sculpey :)
Silverfang98's avatar
THis may be kinda awekward and personal...but how old are you?
I'm only a freshman in high school, and a bunch of your amazing artwork was done around the same age...HOW?!
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
:D I was 14 at the time, I'm glad you enjoy my work. :thanks: Wow! excellent job on sculpting the Mockingjay!
Silverfang98's avatar
Woa, you've got a crazy amazing gift then!
Thank you! I've actualy gotta fix the arrow because when I'd worn it, I accidentaly knocked off one or two of the fletchings :( so that's gotta be fixed.
But thanks a bunch!!
Jeskl's avatar
what kind of clay do you normally use
Jeskl's avatar
what kind of clay do you normally use
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
Regular sculpey clay you can find at walmart. :thanks:
SuperCJ's avatar
My only nitpick is that the hair falls straight down, like it's string. Might look better if parts were swept together, as hair has a tendency to do. But then again I'm not a sculptor :D
Crafty-Magic's avatar
Beautiful So nice to see each step.
ShadowWolf250's avatar
May I ask what you use to paint this with its quite amazing :D it's really is
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
The Acrylic paints that can be found at Walmart and thank you very much! :thanks:
ShadowWolf250's avatar
Oh ok cool I'll check them out thanks and np :)
fireanimewolfgirl's avatar
yayz? how do you bake such big sculptures? i might want to try sculpting one day ^^
Sarahostervig's avatar
can we buy these?
Sombraluz-Images's avatar
wow! I always wondered how this is done! What kinda of "clay" do you use? :?
YachiruFoxTailFairy's avatar
my dog sleeps with a tigger every night XD i love this
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