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Is It Just Me
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Published: August 2, 2008
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Winner of three Telly Awards in:
- Videography & Cinematography
- Use of High Definition
- Student Produced Film

May 2008

Is it Just Me was produced by a collaborative effort with Sean Lake and with the guidance of John Sturgeon and Kelley Bell. The short film is a mental walk, a surreal observation of an environment from ones mind, investigating our obsession of self-learning through curiosity. The act of learning is metaphorically compared to the pursuit and engagement of unraveling a piece of tangled string, untangling and processing the chaos of foreign information into manageable and understandable knowledge. Globally it can be assumed that everyone possesses a string at any given moment, containing a varied collection of foreign information, waiting for its owner to unravel.

The film, however, narrows down to one sample, one individual, who untangles his string to unravel strange events within an environment in which he lives in. These strange events become more prominent as he is released from structured learning of the museum, and into the open societal world. His curiosity of this environment also fuels his learning of the self, actively and obsessively decoding the chaotically knotted string in his possession. Though the character may not seem to be directly interacting with the environment, however, he is indirectly interacting from his action of untangling string. Upon reaching the end of his journey, his self-revelation presents him with a pivotal decision.

What do these happenings mean? Is he the only one that is willing to notice them? Are others blinded by their self-censorship?

Thanks to:
Sean Lake
Clifford Ian Workman
Christopher Moss
Carla O'Rourke
Kelley Bell
John Sturgeon
Saira Khan
UMBC Visual Arts Department
Robert Chubin
Laura Schraven
Laura Baptiste
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Bethany Bentley
Leeza Papalanis
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

EDIT: For a short time, here is a 720p version of this short (400mb). [link]

For the techies:
- Shot with Canon XH-A1 HDV cam w/ x0.75 Lens
- Final output at 24p in 1080p
- Audio captured with Oade Brothers modified Marantz 660
- Glidecam 2000 Pro Steadicam
- Photos with Nikon D200
- Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro
- Effects in Adobe After Effects w/ Magic Bullet
- DVD authored in Adobe Encore CS3
Image size
640x267px 151.62 MB
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juliumHobbyist Photographer
This work is really cinemathic! Excellent cinematography, shooting, editing... I love this kind of conceptual stuff, brilliantly connecting things like knoted cord, picture frame and constant motion. :D
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firedudewraithProfessional Digital Artist
i like the notion that the guy got so immersed with untying his knot that he overlooked everyone hence the censored face for everyone except the guy with frame.

which is like in real life, that we often overlooked many chance which stroll past our shoulder just like that. like the saying that goes, luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
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thank you so much!
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Incredible video. Instant fav.

The concept, the symbolism, the film quality, the angles, the selective focus (props to the 2nd AC). It was all there. Flawless execution. :clap:
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i just watched this twice, and i think it is one of the best films i have seen here on da. i really liked the concept, but what i really loved was the photography. i thought that the shots were set up great, and i also really liked the very wide frame (2.39:1 i think). great job guys.
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Wonderful job, very fascinating.
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¡Amazing work! :w00t:
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arlrexHobbyist Digital Artist
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dotcommerProfessional Filmographer
That was very good man. Props to you and your crew you worked with. I felt the cuts worked very well.

What camera did you use for filming this? 2k? 4k? Or some kind of HDV?
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dotcommerProfessional Filmographer
Never mind, I answered that already by reading further down.
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ha no prob. thanks for viewing! i wish we had a 2k/4k cam!!!
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