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Rattlesnake logo

Ok, which one guys?, its supposed to be a logo for a Mexican restuarant/bar called Cascabel/ Rattlesnake...and the wanted the snake to look like if it was going to eat the name....
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Wow! Those are brillient concepts indeed! =D :) It's hard to choose which one cos they are all great in my book! =D

I love your colour scemes on those concepts! :) :+fav:
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thanx a lot JF! :hug:
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You're very welcome! :hug:
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first of the bat: wow!
secondly: i know its too late to have an effect on which one u end up picking (good luck btw!) but i think the ones with the brown backgrounds work best - esp the 6th one. It's immense.

What one did you choose in the end?
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guess what, the client had this weird idea....sometimes is really hard to satisfy them...anyway...he wanted a shoehorse above the snake, with the words...RESTAURANT-BAR...I was like O.O?!...I keep telling to myself..that most look awful..soooo I did it, and it did look weird...I´ll submit it later so u can see how (weird-bad) it looks...

Thanx a lot 4 your comments!!! :hug:´s
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no problem- ur stuff is ace.

horseshoe? hmm...that could look interesting. let me know how that works out! :D
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The black one that is one the left and in the second to last row! My bro and I think it's cool!
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Hm, I can't decide between the third and the last one >.<
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i think the 4th one looks good :)
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what if you used the text from the last row, coloring of the second one in the 3rd row, and the style from the second row?

just some suggestions. i took everything i liked from each of the logos and kinda just combined them. haha. hope this helps :)
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thank you! yes it does help.
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the 2nd one in black!! :XD:
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