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Steampunk TARDIS

Boy, the day I spell Gallifreyan right without messing up is the day I become a companion.
This was quite fun to do! It's simply the TARDIS from Doctor Who as a steampunk creation, and I'm quite glad I avoided adding a chimney on top.
The writing of the stained-glass window is just gibberish.

My Tumblr post: [link]

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...You do realize it's called a Chameleon Circuit for a reason yes? XD Hardly can be called camoflage if one attracts attention to themselves. I mean my stars man! You're making the madman/madwoman in the blue box look more stealthfull!

>.> Though it is pretty.

Wow! I love it!! :D Very unique, wacky TARDIS design with beautiful detail, it really feels like something the Doctor would have - with those golden carvings and the clock on top, which give it a real Victorian feel, the mixed colour of the wood, and those beautiful stained-glass windows!!! :D
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This is amazing!  If I could have a tardis this is the one I'd want.  Wow :-)
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Oh dear, Just loving the interior I just saw, and you got the exterior all wrong.   Mind you the exterior of the TARDIS is always the Blue box, so you should have kept closer to that.   The object is that the TARDIS blends in with its Chameleon Circuit, but that it defaults to the Blue Box, she's just eccentric that way.
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I love outdoor tardis 
Lord-Sunday-s's avatar
Just amazing!

Seriously, amazing!!!
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Nice reference to your other work
Summer18092's avatar
That is just epic
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this is awesome!
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Grammer Nazi: Uh, it's Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, not Time And Relative Dimension In Space-- *gets slapped*
BloodLily16's avatar
Actually, it's both. Susan originally called it Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It varies as time goes on.
AnAnimeWhoofian's avatar
That's why I added the 'Gets Slapped' part. I know it's both :D
AnAnimeWhoofian's avatar
**That TARDIS would be a Chameleon-Circuit suit for Gallifreyan Discos.
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:iconclappingplz: MAN THIS IS AWESOME. 
Cool. I like it.
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Stunning!!! I ♥ it!
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I love it. it is so Tardis-y especially the interior
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Have you considered making this come to life in the online game Second Life?

Cos this is so beautiful

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Neat looking, I think the stained glass looks lovely!
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A nice edition to Tardis design, keep up the good work!
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