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Hey guys, haven't wrote here anything for a LOOOONG time :)
Am participating in LudumDare 26 if anyone cares…

Contest ended
Well made a game, will upload to DA soon,
in meanwhile here is my my entry…
And here you can find my blogposts during the event…
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Hey guys.
I mentioned before a little that trough do a project with the team. Well we are slowly progressing and lunched a beta subscription page recently
Any suggestions? Does not work on your device? Or may be you even want to become a beta tester and get early access to prototypes?
Your feedback would be welcome ;)
And if you have questions feel free to ask :) Will use those to make page better, may be add FAQ later too :)

Percussive guitar from the guy who invented it (and someone he inspired): Preston Reed and Usman Riaz at TEDGlobal2012
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Help needed, take this survey
Hey guys, I mentioned before that I am taking US university level free online courses, I am addicted :D
One of them is technology entrepreneurship by Stanford
Its about hmm startups. You have a hypothesis about a business model and problem and solution that would work in current conditions. They teach how to make it happen more efficiently.
So I am in 3-5 week of it and currently they teach about value proposition validation/testing.
Part of it is interviews, part making surveys.

So guys, here is open public survey from my team…

Please!!! Do it ;)
Ahm, if you have questions of feedback I would love to hear it too :) THANKS!

other stuff

Okay... Where do I start... I am still freelancing part of the day,
other then that am taking Python web programming and this venture lab course. Loads of fun, not enough time ;(

My first elevator pitch
As part of that validation homework last Thursday went to TechHub Riga, a local variation of startup incubator. They have an open free to attend meeting once a month with some talks + open for volunteers elevator pitches.
Elevator pitch came from "You have 3 minutes of time inside the elevator with some boss to tell and hook him to your idea".
So 3-6 volunteers do it there once a month in Riga.
As part of homework decided to go, pitch, collect feedback. but they cut it from 3 minutes to 90 seconds ;( And I prepared for 180 seconds :D Ups... So did not went as well as I would have liked but was fun :)
Still waiting for video to be put online of it.

Pirate Part of Latvia

Ok guys, one another thing. Finally a pirate part of Latvia started to form. Went to small meeting around Creative Commons state in Latvia, in short CC is illegal here ;( Artists do not have a choice in how their work public exposition rights will work. For example, you can't tell Radio to play your song for free, in Latvia by law all public music performance including Radio in shops is taxed, no meter if it is free, copyrighted or anything.

Anyways, there are number of issues in Latvia like this, and there is no public opposition to industry groups here to make things balanced. But now PP is forming to step in and provide an opposition to find better solutions, not ones that benefit only some small interest groups at expanse of wider audience. here is their site

And if some of you remember I was very very interested in this years back, was writing journals here or on my blog etc. Sadly I came to conclusions that nothing can be done unless some interest group like Pirate Party is formed, but now does form. And probably I finally can return to talking and exploring this + now finally also trying to do something too.

Guess that's it for now :)

P.S I made a post on my experience with the course if someone wants to read more…
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Just continuing joke of undead deviants who write journal "I am not dead" :D

Anyways, little status journal.
Firstly, I haven't really left the DA, I still check it almost every day, though I mostly check comments, on a more rare occasion journals and even on a rarer occasion deviations in my message center.
And I almost not submitting for reasons that follow.

Big journal haha :) Tried to break it to sections so that you can choose if you are interested in any.

So, what's I am up to.

In short. I am freelancing. Doing flash mostly on that side. But its half time at best that allows me to stay a float with money.
Other half time? Learning new stuff. Server side technologies. HTML front end, basics mostly. So expanding to be a more broad web developer then just interactive Flash based RIA.

And now more elaborate parts.

Flash platform

I guess I haven't done any for fun flash since last October.
But I still am doing as I mentioned above some freelance stuff with it.

So why?
I somewhat lost interest at the moment and concentrated on other stuff. Am thinking to do some things with Flash but mostly am finding more interesting or useful things to do elsewhere at the moment so Flash projects and ideas are not at the top of the list.

Also, Flash is aether dying or is in transitional state to something else:
a) Adobe discontinued support for mobile browser Flash last year. And last year there were more smartphones sold then PCs. What that means in long run that Flash is not ubiquitous anymore, and never will be, so its unprofessional to pick it for simple projects. But I am web developer, don't like platform stores ideas etc so... Flash is not enough anymore if I want to stay in web application segment and participated in projects of all kinds.

b) Flash right now is repositioned as game platform in desktop browsers. Here it is still ubiquitous, and has chances to stay that way. Also now it has hardware 3D with great tools support like Unity and Unreal engine. So cool. Flash is good games platform for web. And that's almost only thing that is left for Flash.
I love games so why I don't like it all? Well Unity and Unreal engine. I haven't seen and probably never will see native Flash developers tools to compete with Unreal engine. What this means is that great games will come to Flash platform almost passing native Flash developers in a "slow lane". I mean those games will be developed using C# and C++ which are better languages for high profile games, and they will use incredible tools and pipelines for development that Unity and Unreal have.
So good for Flash as a platform but not good for Flash developers.

Case in point. Recently Adobe announced "tax" on usage of premium Flash features. If you want to use high performance Alchemy features that are used by Unity and Unreal engine to expert to Flash + you want to use hardware GPU 3D you need to register a license. If your project over its lifetime earns 50K or more you need to start paying 9% of your profits as part of the license.
Why Adobe did that? Well I mentioned above. All those high profile games will not use Adobe tools for their creation. And Adobe business model always was selling tools. But world have changed. Small company who bought 10 software packets can server hundreds of millions of customers earning millions. And what Adobe gets? Couple of thousands for their software.
So Adobe envies Apple and Facebook business models where developers are taxed trough various means so that platform owner gets a cut on everything that happens.

Yoke is that 50K is not that much. Team of 10 people working for 6 months(average game project) with salary of 1000$ per month(really on a low side) will spend 60k$ only in salaries. So they will need to make it back. Including 30% tax from Facebook and now additional 9% tax from Adobe. So may be it will not touch some indies but it will touch everyone with scale reaching "small" business.

So that's all about Flash I guess.

Expanding my skills and free university level courses

I have been playing with PHP and HTML for looong time but never liked both. PHP is like some student party that is still cleaned up and HTML/CSS/JS are a mess that is cleaned up still too. Though HTML/CSS parts are almost cleaned up, I guess in few years they will become good enough for me not to swear all the time when I use some parts of them.

Anyways, with this Flash situation since summer I started to spend significantly more time playing with server side(no swearing there at least :)), and a little bit more with client side.

Soo... Half time I work, half time I do stuff for myself learning + courses.
Thing is that ice started to move in education sector. Finally :) One of those things is movement for free, open, international university level education.
There are many things happening there, Stanford Coursera platform and former Stanford teacher and Google R&D labs supervisor Sebastian Thrun venture Udacity, or already famous Khan academy that at the moment targets school education.  

Mind blowing future vision of education

I wrote before that I participated in AI class last fall which was done by Sebastian Thrun. After doing it he said that it was like Matrix moment for him. He was given blue and red pill. And after trying red pill(teaching class of 160 thousands of people from school children to elderly, from poor in Africa to rich in his own Stanford class who preferred it instead of real class) he said that he can never go back... So he left Stanford.
And he has a vision of education future. In my view a very strong and disruptive vision. Vision that in 50 years there will be only ~10 universities who will teach whole world for free.
- Such universities will hire pop teachers with clearest and brightest visions of their disciplines, giving chance anyone to learn from them for free
- Those learning tools will go trough computers giving them ability to collect, harness, analyze data on the process and allowing continued incremental improvement based on deep real data, same Google does now for search, same Facebook does for social, same for music discovery, same Amazon does for improving their trading and providing you with best things you don't knew you wanted :)
- Most curios is business model of free education. Thrun has mind blowing idea... In the end of AI class he sent emails to 10% of best students asking them to send a CV if they want a job.
Only recently I learned why. Large firms pay for talented workers. So bring them good worker for hire, if they like him they will pay you. But imagine if teachers get % of what their students earn in first years.
Imagine the implications. Now its in "university" interests to teach as many students as they can to a level for which firms will pay good salary, because that's only way they are getting payed! And firms get good worker! And you get education for free and a job in the end if you were good at it!
That's that win-win-win situation where all three sides get what they want from this!!! That's what I would call 21 century education. Its only a dream at this stage, but dream that started to try to become a reality... And its inspiring and hopeful :)

So courses I am taking
After AI I registered to:

- Courseara Human-Computer Interaction (interfaces)
  Sadly postponed :(

- Courseara Software as a Service
  In 5 weeks I learned about Ruby/Rails/Amazon web services/ Behavior driven and test driven development/bunch of other stuff
I learned a clear vision, a lot better that anything in my 6 years of real education about clean code and test drive development.
Loved Ruby. In short. Ruby is what JavaScript should have been. Clean, transparent, powerful in expression. Sadly there is price to pay, performance, issues with IDEs.
Anyways loved it a lot more then PHP.

- Technology entrepreneurship (was Courseara but for some reason is now independent now)
Just started, cool class about brainstorming business ideas, planing business, teamwork, finding funding etc. Only just started. Seems promising.
It already made me brainstorm ideas and I come up with some that I don't want to share lol :D Am thinking of starting doing one myself in summer because its that promising :D

- Udacity Web Application Engineering
Starts soon. Apparently will be "develop your own blog with Python in few weeks". Also thought by Reddit creator ;) Talking of pop star teachers :)

And I guess that's it :)

P.S Ouh and one more thing, Pinterest

Registered recently to Pinterest. Simple, clean and cool idea. At minimum its about collecting pictures as boards. Like pined to wooden board photos.
But going further its about collecting inspirations. Photos of places you want to visit, things you want to learn. Things that inspire you and make you creative.

We all do it in different forms. Like I was storing links for some such things in Evernote. But doing it in a way that Pinterest suggests... Its not only collecting what you like, its collecting it in form of inspiring, jaw dropping pictures that motivate you more then just links. And community that shares, curates and filters most awe causing pictures.
Inspiring idea for a project :)
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I wish you to be as strong, noble, elegant and wise as a Dragon in this coming year!
Just a funny observation I want to share and may be hear something from you :)
Recently it become quite often that I see "I am not dead" or "I am still alive" journals :) Just today seen 3 out 12 in my message center :D
I am wondering if it is just me or it is a common sight for many?

Anyways I find it funny :) We have many unDead artists here :D they are not dead but not active here aether anymore :D
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AI-Class and my little project for it
Soo, for last week was mostly busy with Stanford AI-Course
Why? Well its not that it took that much time itself. It just that fro mechanical side site leaves lot to wish for at the moment.
Examples? They have interesting system of quizzes. you watch lecture, by end of it a question is draw/written in the video. When it ends, check boxes and other input methods popup over video where you pick your answer. Problem? Question is not written. Its only told by voice in the video. You can try reading them in subtitles but its not so fun aether when question and related text is spread across 15 seconds of video in few chunks.

So, trough the week was playing with various ways to fix that end ended up doing this Basically you can read all lecture texts there, search trough them and jump to exact moments in lectures where this text is spoken :D And its all almost automatic, I only did the page and consumed some YouTube APIs :D
You can read more on how/what here…

Other stuff
Probably starting my first freelance project this week, so will have some work and hopefully payment with time :D

What else, after trip have 3 started but unfinished projects, and am hating myself for not finishing any of those >:( Well hopefully will completely finish with that ai-course project soon and return to those :) Argh... BTW those 3 projects are flash related so you can await some deviations from me soon ;)
Refreshing to see more ideas, experimentation and progress in modernizing our decades old education system and removing it from a dead end it chased itself in to.…
What do you think? Would you send you children to such school or usual one?

P.S: Will return to updating my euro trip journal today :) Was just little bit busy with some other things :)
So I am back from my Euro trip(Italy/France/Monaco/Austria).
And boy it was a ride... Firm have done a great job with hotels. Guide was perfect. Young woman who loves to travel and loves to "infect" you with this "virus" as she calls it :) I got so much for so little to be honest...
And boy it was a rich experience. I guess I will go in little chronological realizations...
I will be updating this journal with more with time. Links to some photos or things I forgot to mention.

Update 1
So, started adding some filtered public photos in to the internet publicly, so added links to this post.
Will be adding more during next day and then return to finishing my trip story :)
Also added related albums section to the end, one album for now :P

Part one

First time I was struck was in Austria... Their wind generators... Huge! Hundreds of them... In hills and mountains...(here…) It felt like getting in to utopia. And from what I can say Austrians are little bit like that as a culture. But I was there for a short while so I can't say.

Then it was a road trough Austrian and Italian Alps... Such a scenery... Honestly I very like scenery of mountains and hills. Skies, waves or hills and mountains, clouds that are very low... I was blown away by them. And for a while I would say that I had doubts that even Venice with Florence will be able to top that :D Also started to think to add mountain climbing to my list of things to try for 30 days or more :) Here some photos……………

Then it was Venice. Guess first thing to say is that in a way I was there. At least in popular places. In a game. There is this game series called Assassin Creed. And it second part and addons to it are about Renaissance times mostly in Italy. Before going to trip and checking stuff about places I will visit I was struck by realization... I been there, I climbed those, I know every corner of them...
But it was even more funny later. Thing is that almost in every city I went to some tower/basilica etc to climb the stairs or use lift and look at city from above. And in some places in Florence and Venice I got such thoughts "Ouh boy, I been there, I climbed it, I seen from there, and here and now I can't, aether because it is not possible for mere mortal or because tourists are not allowed there". It was weird and funny feelings and thoughts. Here is a video of game about art and architecture there for those who don't know it…

Anyways back to Venice. City is beautiful... Ride on Gondola was great and their architecture is unique... It was all I expected and I expected a lot from it which is hard to match :D
And here I got robbed a little. Its a long story but in short. In span of 10-20 minutes between checking my purse. Up in a tower hovering over Doge's Palace probably while filming a ringing bell above(while everyone else also was looking up) someone managed to open my purse and take only a credit card. Anyways I noticed that it is opened when I went down and exited the tower. At first I thought that they only managed to open it as everything seemed on place including 50 Euro banknote. But then noticed that credit card is gone. I was shocked. It was right before my nose, and was confused they did not take money. Is it that they accidentally grabbed card or that it was to confuse me and not notice that card is gone. But then was disappointed. Heard a lot about Italian thief's both from Internet and from guide... I would expect them to close my purse so that I would not find it for a while :) Anyways made a call to block the card and I did not lost anything except for time to order new one now when I am back.
Anyways after it was blocked started to joke that I did everything a tourist should in short visit of Venice. Seen city, rode Gondola, climbed tower to see it in all its glory, bought some souvenirs for friends/family/my own memory and got robbed. Mission accomplished :D

Anyways, after that we went to a Montecatini Terme city between Florence and Pisa to our Hotel for that night. One more thing to tell is that I had my phone with internet with me. Mobile internet. And for LMT(my operator) partner there something is wrong. I had internet everywhere but there. On the north of Italy. In Venice, Pisa and few cities we stopped for a night before including Montecatini Terme. Situation with WiFi is as bad. Almost no open ones, etc. So I was without internet for few days. But in our Hotel at Montecatini Terme we finally had a free WiFi for those who stay.
Why did I need it? Thing is that part of my plans for the trip was to try local food for dinners each day. Read about things to try and how good restaurants and cafes work etc. Sadly its hard to find a good one without some "review" service. I made some notes on some places in our major stops but at evening when it is dinner time we usually were in some smaller cities in a hotel so my notes were useless.
Anyways, here trough internet found out about La Pecora Nera or a Black Sheep restaurant. Honestly I felt like a poor guest there. Did not knew Italian(almost), it looked very "high" standard. And garson there was incredible... Had this feeling of nobleness to him without arrogance. Tried a Spaghetti Nero Sepia (…) and here is photo of dish I ate there…. Its basically a spaghetti made with squid and its black ink. Result is black spaghetti with little bit "fish" taste(very a little) but other wise its own rich and deep taste. I probably could say that it was best spaghetti in my life :)
Another interesting thing is how it all is served. You get a menu only with salads first and second dishes. You pick and while you wait you get bread and free appetizer for free. Also you get a taste of their Champagne (or something similar) for free. Then also got a bottle of mineral water(very good one) and glass of wine. Now here interesting part is that I do not get to pick. All their usual wines cost the same(I guess you can ask for special one that would cost more) and depending on their dish(it seems) they pick it for you. So they got me rather tasty white wine.
And then I got my main dish... Boy I enjoyed it. And then you get second menu, with deserts :D I was not planing to take a desert but after such a treat I reconsidered :D Took a good ice cream there. Not as unique as a main dish but good one.

Ok, guess that's it for now, will be updating this journal with more later.

Some related albums
Road to Italy…
Foods I ate during the trip…
Well :) Am packing bags :) Will go see Italy, Monaco and some Mediterranean France like Cannes and Nice.  
Chances are I will miss my 100K here :D

Anyways wish me luck :) First trip of this kind of me :)

P.S Ouh boy, I will need to stand up at something like 4:45... I had times to go to sleep that late but not to stand up that early :D
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Guess some of you may find this interesting, found trough……

Draw on paper, at same time it records it in to vector format with ability to have layers. Looks cool :) Merge of real and digital :)
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Went to yet another beech today, this time place called "Veczemju kilntis" or "Rock of old lands".
Over 3 hours walking, something like hour of swimming (well more like half with half on the beech) and many cool photos taken with a phone :) Probably the best HDRs I managed to take so far o_o
Here shared some on G+… :)
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LudumDare 21
So, LuduDare comes to an end. Submission was extended by 12 hours because of their site issues, you can read about it here…

It seems it was most horrible LudumDare for site owners, and also the most popular. Over 500 games were submitted , you can see them here…
And over next week or two voting will begin by participants to reveal champion of rapid game development this time :D

Notch, MineCraft creator participation
In other news, Notch, creator of MineCraft was participating (he actually participates often), but that's not all. He was live streaming his participation o_0
And it gathered over 12 thousands of people watching him, and this generated over 60 thousands of viewsing hours that cost him somewhere in between 10 to 15 thousands bucks :omg:
You can read some comments on that here here…
So far did not found any recordings of this to see.

My participation
Other then that, my participation. As I metioned I had other things to do so something like 4 hours were spent on going to the city for local DevMeet (ah such a bad pick of date for me :( DevMeet and LudumDare on same weekend...), had some more things to do but still managed to get some 20 hours behind computer.
Sadly something like 10 hours of those were hours of frustration ;(
My mouse was glitching a little for some time but yesterday it got a lot worse. Thing is that left click was producing more then one click, then when I hold it randomly does clicks, and when I release it randomly produces clicks. So in many cases click was working like 2-3 clicks and dragging stuff was not possible most of the time.
And that's with a game where mouse is main input method :(
Anyways changed mouse to another one I had, all was good for an hour but in an hour same started to happen with it :omg: So I got all confused and started to suspect that this is not mouse but notebook fault...

Well bought new mouse today and everything is fine so far, seems both mouses broke in same way :omg: How often that happens :D

Anyways, here is my entree and some more stuff you can read there…

P.S I went to sleep only 5Am yesterday, feeling dead now :(
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From Dust game
Soo, bought From Dust few days ago… and finished campaign today. Beautiful and fun game :) Sadly it leaves to wish for a lot more. Actually its a great toy and a sandbox, but it is a so so game. In a sense that "game" mechanics and elements are not as fun as just playing with the world there. Its almost always that you finish the level but you do not exit and continue to play around with the level and natural forces there for more, sometimes even for longer then you actually were overcoming the challenges to finish the level.  And thus it feels weird. It does not feel like playing a game. It does feel like playing in a sandbox building sand castles and then destroying them with water :D

So it leaves a lot to wish for on game design side. So much more to do with such a great simulation. I hope they will use this engine for new games. May be something more of Civilization like where it is not "God" fighting forces of nature but humans and technology, building walls, rerouting rivers, etc.

Preparing for LudumDare that starts tomorrow
So inspired by From Dust and in need to prepare a little for tomorrow 48 LudumDare game creation marathon decided to go and take my LudumDare 17 unfinished entry and play with it more
And also put it on to WonderFl for anyone to check the code behind it :D Actually called it From Dust there :D

Sadly local DevMeet also fell on to the same dates and is tomorrow, which means it will steal few hours from those 48 hours...

Poking around buying e-reader again. Actually took B&N Nook from friend for few weeks, great device for usual books reading. Sadly I need more then that. I do have many books on PC in PDF format, math, physics, programming etc stuff. Sadly they are complete unreadable on Nook. And from my poking around the internet it seems that there is no e-reader for this. At least good one. Seems like Kindle 3 and Kindle DX 2 are best so far.
Soo anyone of you has a e-reader? Would be curious to hear your experience with  "academic" PDF books.

Trip to Europe
And in other news, was planing to go to a trip to Europe this summer, well slightly missed it and am going in middle of September.
I am not an avid traveler, actually never been to anywhere outside Eastern Europe.
Soo wanted to see a Mediterranean Europe :) And as I never been anywhere there, so I did not want to pick one place. Instead am going to "rush" kind of trip.
Venice - Piza - Florence - Roma - Cannes - Antibes - Nice - Monako - Monte-Karlo - Milan - Vienna in 10 days
Honestly I would have gladly threw out few places to spend more time in others but  considering I went trough Tour firm I don't have much of a choice. It will be rough and rushed trip it seems but I do hope to get enough impression to return in to some of those places later for a longer visit :)

Soo, what I want to know, anyone of you been there? Have advice to share? Places to see, places to eat, interesting souvenirs to check out?
Or may be some of you my watchers are living in one of those places and would like to share a meal? :D Don't be shy, I am all ears :D

P.S Guess that's enough for this post :)
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Here… theme voting for twenty first 48hours game development sprint event :D
So yeah, coming weekend will result in over a hundred of crappy games. But considering that only few days were spent on them they will be amazing :D

Am hoping to participate but there is also local DevMeet I am thinking to visit on that weekend too :( So probably I will have even less time to participate and even two days is not enough usually...
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Stumbled on this interesting thing today
So Standford has and Artificial Intelligence introduction course. But this year they decided to expand it in a way. This year an online version of it will run in parallel and include video lectures, quizzes, homework's, online discussions and exams. It will span from October till December and in the end online participants will get a certificate if they pass :) And its free :D
Soo I am seriously thinking  on trying to participate. Should be a curious experience.

Actually for some time am following with interest one curious trend. Universities and Institutes for various reasons are pursuing an online education as an option for students. People who are abroad, are busy with work or for some other reasons can't visit University in person. And those online studies are structured something like an above course.
So interesting side effect of this is that some parties make content of their courses available online for free. Which potentially means that with time a lot of free educational content of real universities in "course" format ends up in the net. Add an automatic online system to this with tests,exams etc and you end up with education system that only needs internet and time. It is not tied geographically, financially or by time. And also it is a more voluntary thing, people actually choose from a lot of stuff on what they want to learn.  And also can quickly go trough checking what each course will teach to decide which they want to spend their time on.
So it is an interesting trend with some believing that this way education may end up being free and available to anyone, anywhere and anytime.
Well for some professions it can be possible. I mean designers and IT specialists are already learning a lot themselves trough internet. Sadly some need laboratories and other physical things to learn some disciplines and it does not go away anytime soon.

BTW one more interesting read on somewhat related thing… on Khan Academy, kind of a reinforced learning(…) introduction to schools  trough automated system.

I wonder if all this internetization of education has a name. Guess Education 2.0 would fit :D
Hmm actually searching for this term found this post… kind of summarizes many little facets of all this.
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Just little post I thought of after joining G+ and starting to think why I always disliked Facebook…
So, can you share what brands and firms have what kind of personality for you?
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Article on software patents nonsense in US…
Seems recently situation gets completely out of hands...
Here is little addition of UK software developers leaving US markets as situation is reaching non viable for business point…

Today read this article…
Not really that much new, same story as above to some extent.
But what I found interesting was at the bottom. Link to site, basically its a site made for crowd driven prior art searching. In short, study on a patent is ordered to community with a reward and community starts to submit relevant publications and other sources of prior art to make patent invalid.
In some sense just another business made on patent mess but still.
Here is an article about Angry Birds patent case on that site…

So I find it kind of interesting move, crowd sourcing fight against such lame patents. Still sad that it should be done in first place...
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Watched Bicentennial Man, interesting how I missed that film back then... Watched it only now. Great film, great exploration of what it is to be human told trough classic artificial intelligence plot. Seriously recommend this to anyone. It will make you laugh, smile, go trough all kind of emotions. Including being uncomfortable... But in the end as after any complex mix of bad and good emotions it will leave you tired, but satisfied, feeling joy.
But also it is in a way a good food for thoughts. But may be that's just me :D
Here IMDB page.
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Nice TED talk… about certainty, failure and God Complex.
He makes some good points, I liked very much what he said "I will admit that trial and error principle is a obvious when people will start using it in education, politics and decision making".
Check the talk, it is kinda obvious but he makes some good points :)
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  • Reading: Aftodarfe on Nook
  • Watching: TED talk
  • Playing: Google+ :D
  • Eating: Fresh bread, melted cheese as butter, red radish
  • Drinking: Tea