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RampantGrowth 2010, code

So it seems I hit 80k of pageviews.
Some time ago was asked for code for [link] and decided why not to share it on as a thanks to 80k of view here on DA.

So thanks you guys for attention to my works and here is a version of this work under MIT license [link]
feel free to copy, modify and reuse it ;)
I would be thankful if you mention where it came from if you distribute it with only slight changes or without them :)
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this looks like a cat scan of a pine tree :XD: Excellent! :D
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I have no idea what you are talking about :D Cat scan?
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imagine looking down on the top of a pine tree, then slicing off a thin section from the top at 30 fps: then do that in reverse.

kinda like how cat scans look :P its a bit of an abstract observation lol
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Wow this is awesome! Great work. I would love to use it as a screensaver... is that even possible?
Keep up the good work!
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I did made screen saver out of it few years ago but it is too CPU intensive...
Also site where I was hosting it went down and to be honest it was not that good in other senses. So not publishing it anywhere anymore.

And thanks :)
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Oh I'm srry. Just noticed TheeFirstChildOfSin asked the same thing. Too bad though :p
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I see, so there's a 10% chance of a new sprout forming from a stem every frame? Cool! Also, did you simply use the getPixel method to see if it hits another sprout?
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Yeah and yeah :) Nothing very complex :)
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Здорово! Поздравляю =)
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Хех, немного странно слышать на эту тему поздравления :) Как буд то DA день рождение что ли :) На самом деле не думал про это нечего толком писать и что то намутить тока к 100к но недавно попросили поделиться исходниками и я подумал совместить :)
Спасибо :)
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erg... I'm not all that computer savvy, but I wanna know, is there any way to set this as a background or screen saver?
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No, not possible as background, years back made previous version in to a screen saver but it is too laggy and kind of not easy to do. So not providing that anymore.
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Oh, I remember this. :) Nice colour and could stare at the movement for a long time. :D
Gotta check out the old one now, too, to see how it differs.
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Not much, different speed, size and little bit of colors + some other things. So just some small tweaks :)
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Thanks :) Kind of mesmerizing thing to look at :D
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OOoh, so smooth and organic looking. This would make a great effect in a flash game of some kid.
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