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Northern Lights

By wonderwhy-ER
So =lightbird shared this video some time ago on Facebook, it kind of inspired me to go and quickly try to reproduce something like that in Flash and here is the result.

You can also play with parameters achieving different effects and then save/share it as a link. Sadly DA does not allow some things so I can't get browser address data from Flash.
At the same time after this work save mechanism I did not want to make copy/paste based saving, too many clicks and too many places where user can make a mistake loosing his result and saddening me... So I really wanted to make it in to one click save and one click load. You just click to get a link and then just a click to open the page with your results loaded. I also do not need to store it anywhere, link itself is the save.

Soo after some thinking on how to do it for DA I have up, may be possible but not worth the time and still would kick my server so I decided just to link to my blog entry with it where I can allow Flash to access browser address with parameters.

Source code and links
I also made a wonderfl version here [link]
So you can see the code, learn something, fork it and make something new with it ;)

Also here is blog post with it [link]
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put rgb and multiply then see isnt it cute as :iconnyancatplz:?
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
:) No probably not as pretty but rainbowy :)
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What a coincidence! I saw a documentairy about northern light a while back and thought 'I'm gonna make that in flash!", never pulled it off though. Really amazing effect, my eyes like it :D
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Haha I see :) Thanks :)
lightbird's avatar
So, droolbucket time. :rofl:

I think the basic idea is well put, though I think it could be more, hm, undulating, not so wavy? I like how you can mix various effects in this. :3 Perhaps the colours could be more natural, but that's probably being nitpicky, eh? :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar

Yeah I know it is not as superb as real thing and I guess it is possible to make it better but I am fine with result for now :) As for being too wavy... Not sure real thing is less wavy :) As for colors... Well it is just green by default, not sure what makes real color look real, guess just range/depth and details then color itself.
Anyways fine for me, not that I wanted some Hollywood grade effect :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Thanks :) Not really, its just 88 lines of code and a sloppy ones made for fun :)
Graphica's avatar
-.- ah yeah that's easy! Could do that in my sleep :orange:
CaKeS1's avatar
Wow I love this, really cool. No idea how you did it either :D
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Well there is a link to wonderfl version where you can see code and learn how I did it :)
gr4y-inu's avatar
cool i like it, basics are correct, good job dude
Donitz's avatar
Pretty freaking sweet. These kinds of effects would work great with a third person flash game.


Blur y = 1, noticed that it wasn't included.
derpydozens's avatar
i find you everywere
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Ups your are right, fixed... And damn such changed currently break old links :( Weakness of my methods, will need to be fixed but it is too late for this work... Ah well :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Heh I guess but it eats up lot of CPU... So not unless GPU shaders will be available or something :)

You mean that blur y was not saved as parameter?
Apofiss's avatar
man, this is beautiful... *goes for source code!*
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Haha, I actually recommend that site. DA has some things to learn from it.
Zappan's avatar
Wow, I love it :O

Very beautiful effect :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Thanks :) Honestly it is far from real thing :) And I bet it is possible to get a lot closer to real thing just not in time I have available :)
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