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Musical Fireworks - update-

By wonderwhy-ER
Happy new year everyone, hope you will enjoy it.

In case you do not have mp3 file that will work with this you can download some free music at Newgrounds Audio Portal [link]
for example here is one [link]
Tell me if something not works, I would gladly check what the problem is.

- Changed library I use for mp3 decoding, should work better now with damaged files and some encoders.
- Added warning about YouTube and other musical streams that cause problems

P.S Originally that would have ended up in #Actionscript-as-Art new year contest but it was extended till February so I intended to work more and make hopefully a more interesting audio visualization :P

P.S.S Haha its my hundredth Flash interactive submission to DA :D What a coincidence.

P.S.S Interesting that it weights 23Kb, and without text it weights 8kb :D
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Wow! This is so amazing!
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song that might play when you fight sans is better
fnaflover123abc's avatar
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luxidoptera's avatar
Miss Jackson looks awesome in this!
VriskaKick's avatar
g0thg1rl's avatar
Oh mai gawsh yus. I have the JubyPhonic english dub. :3 
(Ehh this coment is so old but I'm replying to it anyways. :P)
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Oh okay XD
alymarry's avatar
Wait,what I need to click to start downloading the music? I need to click ''Download this song!'' ?
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Hmm, its not downloading, you pick an mp3 file from your computer and it will show animation based on that music/audio
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Where can I download mp3 songs? Tell me please
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
What do you mean exactly?
You don't have mp3 songs and don't know where to get them?
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Try newgrounds portal
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lol power rangers crashed
nugget12's avatar
yeah I payed the song it was awesome and half way through it just froze
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Hmm, well often its about some music starting to play somewhere else, in other page, tab etc. May it was this, not sure.
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looks like rainbow sherbet.
i like it :)
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