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Here is one more visualizer from me. It is made for #Actionscript-as-Art audio visualizers contest.

Initially I wanted to make something like brush that changes according to music but failed to make anything that looked good enough.

Instead collected this one from various prototypes (I think I made something like 20). Probably not good for too quite or too noisy music.

Also had 0 time to work on interface so it is simplistic and probably confusing :(

I will be making improvements later on (interface and it fails not saying anything for lower quality 48khz mp3s).

Wonderfl version with code
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How do you do that?!? I wanna try to do this!
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It's so cool with heavy metal
ultrazz28's avatar
This Is Great WOrk I Love It Plz Update If You Can You Did Great Bro!
RachelandJessica23's avatar
Wow! This is amazing! I like it!
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laurenisabae's avatar
I used a stopid music here Giggle 
deema78's avatar
Wow, yeah, the Wonderfl versin is amazing, great job
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Hmm and code is not that clear. Though I was not writing it for "code reuse" reasons at the start.
Hope it helps anyways :)
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Heh, I see some people added alternative loading methods :)
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How did you do a check for seeing if other music streaming was going on?
I ran into that error with this:…
And had no clue how to fix it.
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
I just catch the error and presume that its caused by that bug. Curiously sometimes it fails to detect that stream is from other source so I sometimes was able to watch visualization for youtube videos :D
MakeGamesHappen's avatar
Clever! I need to make a conscious effort to be more clever and less brute force in my attempt to solve problems.
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Well I just try to find something that at least somewhat works. In this case its bug of Adobe, not much to do for us except for well hacking...
MakeGamesHappen's avatar
Hacking as in cracking? Is Lativia in the European Union?
I know some countries don't respect copyright.
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On Latvia, well usual small EU country from post USSR block. Has its issues but is not that bad aether.
And yeah EU, we just, after many years of our politics striving for it, got Euro as our currency. Were using our own Lats in previous year.
On copyright. Its mostly fine. Not sure we had patent cases but we do have an agency that kinda extorts copyright taxes :D Kinda our own RIAA
And piracy is doing well here as in most places too :D
So nothing special about LV in this sense.
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No, here I meant like using bugs to fix broken things. Aka bad idea but sometimes you don't have much of options. Solution I did here with detecting problems is not perfect but there are no other option...
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ICE CAP MUSIC MIX HERE WE GO! :nuu::la::iconlawooplz:
sampea's avatar
I played Beauty and the Beast's finale music, that was amazing!
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May be you can link me to it on YouTube or something. I don't know which is final -_-
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