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So yeah, participated in LudumDare 26, theme was Minimalistic.
Here is my entry

And here are my blog posts during compo
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yay!!! i defeated the random level!!!
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And here is a badge for you, "killer of randomness"! Sorry its virtual :D

You liked it? Did not got to it but I plan to clean it up and make a closer to something[link] like this game later:
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yay!!! lol

Yeah i really did like this game... it required alot of strategy.
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Heh, sadly not yet :) Need to add resources and think of ways to limit some crazy "end of the world" combos :)
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lol yeah... i guess that makes since ^^
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Now that's fun!
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Thanks :)
What you especially liked?
It just that I will be making new version soon :) Collecting feedback's :)
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I really liked trying out patterns to see which could get me a stronger next generation. I think it would be a good idea to give players some hints of strong patterns.

Also, it would be easier if I could simply click to add a pixel instead of dragging it.
Maybe you should also add walls where patterns just die if they reach it.

Hope you make this into a complete game :thumbsup:
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Yeah, I already thought of ideas on predicting patters. I can go with ToriBash way, showing animation of next 3 steps all the time while its paused.

On pixel dragging. Well there are issues as I am planing it mostly for mobile, but browser is second choice too for few reasons.
There was other reason for dragging too, I had various predefined patterns that you could drag/rotate and drop, it just did not got to making levels that are complex where I would start allowing using patterns instead of pixels.

On walls, I already thought of that for a reason. It just that there are patterns that are pretty crazy and can fill whole level as some kind of end of world :D So I need ways to make them less efficient, and walls is one of the solutions.

Really thanks for your big answer :thumbsup:
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Great concept, although the control is obviously improvable. Would be good if it's possible to put in groups of pixels (for example, a group of self-propagating pixels) in one click.

Zooming is horrible, although I think that's because of how dA treats SWF files. They don't simply use an object tag or swfobject, and I think as a result any attempt to lock the mouse's scroll wheel will be made invalid.
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I had it in development, just did not got to making levels where it was used.
Also had resources that run out so using bigger structures is less efficient then modifying ones already on the field.

On zoom yeah, It was bit made for DA you can play here instead [link]
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Would be good to know where the borders of the map are. Also, besides the typos, I think it's too fast, so making up a strategy is hard as you do not see what setup causes which reaction. Neat idea though.
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Yeah, well I had 48 hours from start till end so it came out somewhat messy on game side.
I am thinking in making it in to strategy/puzzler/turn based right now. Seems best options to try from the start, but there are many curious ideas :)

As for borders, I had them, it just that they messed some other things up on UX side and I did not had much time so just turned them off. Here older screenshot [link]
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