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Facebook cover creator prototype

By wonderwhy-ER
Hi guys, haven't uploaded anything Flash like for ages.

Was playing with various fun Facebook timeline cover ideas recently. Wanted to create an app to do it fast, fun and easy.
No time... :'D

Anyways, got myself involved with TEDxRiga, and they were playing with TED covers idea too...

So I decided to do one I was finding to be fun, here is kind of an interactive result with some adjustments. Its kind of a prototype of variation of Facebook cover creator.

Anyways, go and save this and set it as your facebook cover. TED is an idea/conferance/event worht spreading. So SPREAD it by using this cover right now :stinkeye: :D

How to use
- Click on cover to change light diameter, you can change
blending mode and colors to the right.
- you can change text under logo
- Use save button to save in to an image.
- go to Facebook and use image as cover

stuff to do eventually
- do facebook integration to turn it in to 1 click set as cover
- make it dynamic so that you can add your own images and texts turning it in to real Facebook cover creator
- add avatar creation/adaptation so that you can edit/tune your avatar for Facebook to look good with cover
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This is fantastic. Need more time to play around with it, but what a brilliant idea! Keep these coming!
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Want to make proper app for that later :)
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Diezgan interesanti hmm
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Hehe, sorry lazy to write on lv.
Interesting why?
I am thinking to do a proper app for this later.
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Then English it is :3
Interesting?-Well because it is XD
And a app sounds great too ;3
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I found a few errors. For the area where the text is editable, the letters j, m, q, y, and z won't work. Also f is in capital whether the shift or caps lock are or aren't pressed. The only letters that can be capital or lowercase are I, P, A, and S.
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Thanks for feedback.
And 3, 2, 1 and its fixed! :D
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Perfect. I can't see anything else off.
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