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Audio Visualization Template

By wonderwhy-ER
This is an Audio Visualizer Template I made to start making an entry for #Actionscript-as-Art audio visualizer contest [link] [link] [link]

It features "load from drive", "rewinding" and both sound wave and spectrum visualization together.

But I am actually pursuing more with this then just a starting point for me. Here are my self serving plans with it:
1) To be a starting point for anyone who does not know from where to start (I do wish to see as many work as possible :P)
2) To enforce adding "load music from hard drive" functionality on other works (I would like to pick my own music to see how it visualizes :P)
3) To enforce "rewinding" functionality (boy I miss it sometimes with those visualizers :P, its hard to make to not get in a way of visualization visually though)

P.S Also visualization part here is SLOW. I was thinking on optimizing it but then I understood that this is a good motivation to scrap it and make your own. In the end what I want to share here is not visualization but basic backbone of features for it.

Source code
Here you can download the source [link] ;)
It's AS3 class that theoretically does not depend on Flash IDE/Flex or anything. I used it with empty FLA file that is included too and I am not sure if it will work out of the box with Flex.

For MP3 loading uses class by Flexible here [link]
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lol how to make that?
Jellyfishiez's avatar
FTW - Let's be friends. :D
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Hmm? You are from antarctica? Cold place :D
Jellyfishiez's avatar

Oh, no. XD I just have it set to that because I'm stupid. I'm really from the uk.
g0thg1rl's avatar
I played Pompeii! :3 
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Hmm, that's probably lest interesting of ones I made. Check music atom thingy :)
And thanks :)
silvermidenight's avatar
That is way to cool not to be faved. Awesome work :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Hmm, thanks :) I have some better ones. But that probably depends on why you like this one :)
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Wonder, your scripting skills never cease to amaze me, nice work ;)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
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ou oh.. ~3fps :D i'll check back when will get a new pc ><
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Heh, as I said it is pretty bad on performance side but I decided not to fix it to motivate people to change theirs :)
Thumaszz's avatar
Very nice, I can definatly use the load function!
Rahzizzle's avatar
Great starting point! Thanks for putting this on here, will definitely encourage more entries
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Apofiss's avatar
you can almost do the streching thing on it :D good job!
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Hmm not sure I understand what you mean :confused:
Apofiss's avatar
by holding down and moving the slider back and forth, you can get a similar effect to vinyl stretching, almost~
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