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I blocked :iconscorching-whirlwind: because despite my asking and then telling him several times to stop going to the pages of the trolls/cyber bullies who were harassing him he kept going there stirring up shit instead of blocking and ignoring them.

So when the trolls would retaliate against him he would come to my page ranting about how they’re still bothering him on top of several messages from him denying all the crazy shit the trolls were saying about him which included claims he was harassing people online.

Despite my telling him repeatedly I didn’t believe anything the trolls were saying about him he still insisted on defending himself to me on my page.

I started out being on this kid’s side because nobody should be harassed but because he won’t listen to reason and keeps messaging these trolls and ultimately fighting with them instead of blocking and ignoring them he’s just keeping this cycle of bullshit going by harassing them.

So needless to say I don’t need this constant cycle of needless drama in my life so I decided the best thing to do was block him.

Instead of Scorching-Whirlwind accepting the block he decided to have two of his friends note me asking why I blocked him on top of Scorching-Whirlwind using this account :icondrfrankenplz: to note me demanding to know why I blocked him.

I explained to all three of them why I blocked Scorching-Whirlwind and then I blocked them for going around the block which is against the rules on DA and it counts as harassment. So I asked them all to leave me alone and respect the block.

This was 2 days ago and now today Scorching-Whirlwind decided to note me YET AGAIN from this account :iconevilrsmegaplz: demanding I unblock his main account. That's right, he fucking demanded I unblock him despite my telling him already why I blocked him. 

And once again he had yet another person note me asking why I blocked him. So now instead of harassing the people who were trolling him he's now harassing me for blocking him instead of just accepting it and moving on with his life. 

So here’s the deal:

Any account Scorching-Whirlwind messages me from will be blocked and any message he sends me will be reported as spam without being read. These accounts will also be added to the journal and publicly displayed so people can block them.

Anyone that messages me on Scorching-Whirlwind's behalf is getting blocked, their messages will not be read and they will be reported as spam.

All I ask from my watchers is that they block Scorching-Whirlwind’s known accounts listed here just in case he decides to bother any of you and ask you to message me on his behalf.


Once again I do not condone flaming or trolling this individual. Just please block his accounts and pass the word on to your watchers.

If you need to know how to block someone here’s how:
How to Block Someone on DA by wondermanrules

UPDATE: So now :iconscorching-whirlwind:  is noting my watchers who haven’t blocked him in an attempt to harass me by bothering them.

If you get a note or message from this guy please block him and then report the message(s) he’s sending you as spam. I can’t stress the reporting him as spam strong enough since if enough messages from him are reported as spam his account will most likely get suspended.

Once again I thank each and every one of you for your support when it comes to dealing with trolls like this and I apologize to anyone who has been harassed by this guy because he hasn’t learned to accept rejection like a fucking adult.
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He blocked me recently and is also saying shit about me all because I have forgiven those from the past and started talking to some of them and commenting on their posts, he still is holding grudges and is hating on them and anyone who associates with them. He has shown his true colours now as far as I am concerned, I can't believe I defended him at one time.
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That's pretty much what he does. He cries he's being victimized by trolls or whoever and tries to turn anyone he can to his cause. Then the second they don't say or do what he wants he turns on them and attacks them viciously and repeatedly hoping to get into a war with them. 

My best advice is just ignore his bullshit rants and tirades against you and others and block all the accounts I listed in the journal as his. And any messages from him or his followers that get through just report them as spam and block them as well. Don't respond to them at all. 
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You say the exact same thing I’ve said for years. I haven’t been here on DA for about 3+ years and for the last 5 years he’s been shitposting me claiming that I ruined his life over an RP on Facebook. Like you said, he refuses to be an adult and screams victim to anyone who listen when he’s really the one stirring the shit pot himself.
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He's literally done this to anyone who he comes in contact with. He sees someone post about a cyberbully or whatever and jumps in it, then he rants about anyone he's currently fighting with to them to gain sympathy, turns on that person, harasses them, plays victim and then repeats the whole cycle of bullshit with someone else. 

Since he's obviously doing the same shit to you I have another journal on how to report someone for going around a block. Just follow the steps I list and DA will usually handle it within a few weeks to a month depending on the severity and amount of attacks. 

The most important thing is ignore any messages and report them as spam. I can't stress that enough. The admins will look through those once you report the person and it will usually get the harassing account deleted. 
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Either that or DA finally shut him down
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Hi, just wanted to let you know that :iconjimmyjackjoseph: is yet another :iconscorching-whirlwind: alt account, you should block him as well
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Thank god I have him blocked. Found out he was lying to me about everything that happened to him, and I'm like "Mmmmmm, fuck this shit; I'm out."
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I've blocked him for a long time too. I've got something to show you via Note.
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Make sure you block his other accounts if you haven't already. I have them listed under his main one. 

It was the same thing with me. He kept crying to me about people harassing and bullying him and I told him to block them and ignore them and instead of listening he kept going to there pages stirring up shit and then he'd run back complaining they were being mean to him again. 

Like don't keep kicking a fucking hornet's nest and complain to me each time that your being stung :XD:
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*sighs annoyed*

I'm going to send you a note about him. He's already going after someone that we both know.
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Yeah he noted me, and I just told him the truth. He stopped however.
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He noted someone who wasn't even commenting on this journal. So now he's trying to involve people who didn't even comment about him in whatever this is instead of just accepting the block and moving on. 

Still just to be safe you should block him. From what I have seen and heard from others he never stops once someone replies to him. 
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