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IBIZA LOUNGE - Flying to Ibiza

This pic was taken on the Barajas International Airport in Madrid, when I was on a flight connection from Portugal to Ibiza.

I really like the 60's look of that screen...
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can't wait for the next summer! :))) Eivissa!! :D
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Let's meet there :D

I'll probably go in August.
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we haven't decided yet, but probably it's gonna be end of July or August ;)
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Haha sweet, you going to party? I love airports, especially the typography on the signs. I'm a fuckin' nutcase though ;)
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Off course I went to party :D
What else can you do in Ibiza??!? ehehe :P
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Hahah word. I've never been to Ibiza, always wanted to go and catch one of their famous sunsets.
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Don't talk 'bout it...

I went express to San antónio's Café Del Mar to see it... The party people world's greatest sunset and when i arrived there I noticed that my camera stayied at the hotel... Anyway... That beautifull image is recorded on my mind :D

PS: There's a lot mor to catch on Ibiza than sunsets :P Pacha, El Divino, Amnesia, the fucking great sexy nights of mManumission and so on... I'll be posting more photos of it in the next days.
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GOD damn man, I want to fly out there soooo bad. Sounds like such an amazing island. Looking foward to seeing the pictures you took :D. Did you take any photos in the clubs? Any photos of scorching hot women perhaps? ;)

ONE DAY I will make it out there once work settles down a bit more haha.
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thats really nice what you did to the levels.
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