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*~ The Divine Shards ~*

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Wonderlings are a SEMI-OPEN SPECIES by Lantiis. Make any UNVARIED Wonderling for FREE. Credit Lantiis for the species when you upload/share.

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BotW: Wonderlings

The Trinity has called for another worldwide pageant where wonderlings of any alignment can strut their stuff and see who is the real beauty of the world!!

For this event, you can use either a dark or holy wonderling.

Dark and Holy Wonderlings
Showcase your powers and skills!
What vanity asset/skill do you have that stands out from a crowd?!

This event lasts until June 30th! Enter as many times as you wish!
You must have a Wonderling to participate!

This is for either visual or literary artists.
Visual: at least half body and flat color.
Literature: at least 250 words.

Your goal is to have the most creative and inventive piece according to the admins!
Depending on how many enter, one lit and one visual will be chosen.
The chosen 1 (or 2) will get a MYO up to Unique Stage 2 Rarity with no time limit to complete.

Don't have a Wonderling?
Unvaried Wonderlings are FREE to make!
Wonderlings: The Divine ShardsAbout Wonderlings
Wonderlings are shards of weapons used by gods that had enough power still in them when they fell to Earth that they fused with a sentient being when they touched them (usually a human). They are the silent heroes (or evil-doers) of the human world - literal magical girls and magical guys! They live to fight and find competitive ways to curb their warring spirits when there are no battles to be found.
Wonderlings can be any age - once they fuse with their creature though, they slow down on aging thanks to magic. Their fused form gains speed, strength, and the desire to fight! And they have a crystal(s) on their body somewhere that shows the type of weapon and god they were torn from before they fell to Earth and fused with another creature. Should those crystals become cracked and dim, Holy Wonderlings slip down the slope of evil and become Dark Wonderlings...
Holy Wonderlings:
Any Available Shape - geometric or otherwise

white (healing), pink
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