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:iconwonderlandtrades:WonderlandTrades posted a status
Greetings followers,New to this and just started.
It is -strictly- business plz PM skype fb or something else
we can chat on details do NOT send me NOTES,about "HEY i bout a purple umbrella today xD ehe!" , Keep the Notes Info sharing (PM me on skype,add me on: so and so ,Etc) or , Your business requests and inquiries / questions. Thanks! I would really appreciate it. 
--Temporary icon/profile picture. It bugs me... - Stay Tuned! And Welcome to our Store. ~ Hatter

Devious Comments

WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Professional General Artist
I do NOT Support:
LGBT etc'ist (Anti/Haters/Judgers/Arguers)
Haters/Flamers/Trolls/Bigots and Spammers in general.
I do not enjoy War Kill Addicts,Either, So don't bring that crap here.
I do not support/tolerate or mean to cause any Anti-Hate against ANY religion of any form,Legalized or "Made Up". So do not expect me to mingle in your demeaning affairs.
Thank You!...Please keep this Page Mature,Professional,And Fair. Don't like something,Don't Look/Walk away. Simple as that. If you can not complete such a simple task then you have ONLY but to blame Thyself (That Means YOU) Do NOT Abuse anyone else that is here,Thank you. (Workers and Viewers alike) May all of you enjoy! 
Feel free to be you,We are open and respectful,we will not judge (Only assholes lol)
Please feel free to request ANYTHING but remember,currently,i am only good at so much.
I do not have an issue with it,but i do not draw porn so don't expect me to,YET....Thanks!
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