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UPDATE: - GROUPS! - New!: &  the-midna-fan-club.deviantart.… (Old but gold - started "repairing it) - Will add more as they come now read below Thanks.
Hey guys Mad Hatter here, or some just call me MAD. What ever floats your boat, so long it's respectable. Nothing but a bunch of stuff here and updates, enjoy!~(please read all info's before leaping to questions etc)
Also Check out >  Notice: DA Hub - For Starving Artists:icondahub: ' is a nice little thing that allows you either Pay 20 -100+ points for a Limited feature ( i expected it to be longer and i'm not sure how it works but seems it gives everyone a chance to get noticed fairly.) Or you can just watch/fave/lama a few people (You have to do a decent amount , be pretty active, be probably at least a week or 2 if not more old, and be active outside DA hub etc.) You can post a journal like this as well See here;  Guidelines - Referral Network (in-case other doesn't work,i do both.) 
Note: For this to work You/Your viewers must click the link from the journal and participate / donate. You earn a 5th percent of what ever they donate (be it 20 or 6000 points w/e lol) (please help and do it yourself as well.~) Totally worth it. I don't know how long it lasts, read the guidelines and main page. 
Their main page is
 Notice: DA Hub - For Starving Artists (it's something if you have time you can earn a few points, the journal thing really helps if more people did it that way.) 

First off, Going to leave this here as i am lazy and pretty tired n ill ass today,  dA is Not Selling Your Works to Third PartydA is Not Selling Your Works to Third Party Royalty Free
Hot Topic selling artist's works without permission
A Tumblr post has been circulating, where Hot Topic is selling artist's works as T-shirts in their store, including popular fan art without the artist's permission, deviant artists included. It caught on wildfire when one user linked to deviantART's Submission Policy, stating users gave permission to dA by agreeing to their Terms of Service thereby allowing dA to sell it to third party royalty free.

This is false and inaccurate!
deviantART's Response:
"We appreciate the rallying of the community around the rights of this artist. Rights and ownership of artwork are an important cause whic
 dA is Not Selling Your Works to Third Party - I don't know which is true but always be careful, i suppose.

Art Scammers and Customer Scammers - Beware of Those. This can go in so many directions you wouldn't believe not just left and right. 
UPDATE!!: Here is ANOTHER thing about Scams harassment and illegal actions we found!! It's HUGE
   [link]  PSA: AnotherJackal / Pawrtist (more updates)Please NOTE: This is NOT a callout. Do not ridicule, harass, or do otherwise inappropriate things to this user. I am just posting my side of the story since the allegation against me was proven false. SERIOUSLY. LEAVE THEM ALONE. JUST BLOCK.
UPDATE5: ANOTHERJACKAL HAS MOVED TO THE ACCOUNT @/PAWRTIST ------- ALSO, THEY NO LONGER OWN COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP OVER SUGAR SHARKS. It turns out, they revoked designs without even talking to the true copyright holder. Also, my images keep getting deleted due to DA wanting to delete the pictures off the journal. I have a stash compilation of all the proof images here >> ; If pictures are missing, pls go there. I keep trying to reorganize them but it's hard work

Update4: Their toyhouse accounts are m0nstermutt and beetlefox, so please block those if you use toyhouse!! Also sorry for all the updates, the images keep
PSA: AnotherJackal / D3ADMUTT (updates) This is FUCKED up in all ways BE CAREFUL! >.<
[link] This shit is serious people you could go to jail and it's not even your fault. So really, BE AWARE of that shit yo.. It's not cool

Have you bought/traded/etc - Any Commissions or what ever? : A while back ago did a couple art trades, one with my amazing art idol neonspider , Purchasing in the past can't remember but currently no
but if i did/had the money; Would probably have a hard decision between some great artists which i love EQUALLY , But would probably be queenofeagles , Why? This person has been patient, understanding and even helpful through and through. 
Dogs: Mostly putting this here for me……

Random Tips etc.: [link] [link] [link] [link] (Youtube Videos)………
- My Playlists - 
---- Note: Have Art Scan Videos coming up soon they will be on youtube, but putting all the arts on DA will take me some time. We have a lot going on right now both online and In real life, Due to Network failure and quickly deteriorating hard-drive / space , we are getting Delayed on 777 Contest - Tribute/Prize. - But we are working on it and WILL get it done, hope you understand all these and we thanks for your continued support and patience. For those of you who can not currently afford art (is 5c really too much?) or you simply don't want to, there are other ways you can help(in return), but we are not entitled, and will not give straight up free art. Art takes time and time is money, and art is a luxury. Not a Need, you even have to pay for needs. We are nice guys until you otherwise do something to pick us or someone we know. Thanks~
- Featured - (In My Gallery etc); 
1:  T-Rex RED (MS Paint Doodler - Read + Buy $ Base ) by WonderlandTradesT-Rex RED (MS Paint Doodler - Read description)
2:  Flames ( Text Graphics Test ) PS Manip/edit - READ by WonderlandTrades  Flames ( Text Graphics Test ) PS Manip/edit - READ
3:  My son - Art Contest - Digital by WonderlandTrades My son - Art Contest - Digital
4:  Midna's Tribute *Youtuber dedication (Traditional) by WonderlandTrades Midna's Tribute *Youtuber dedication (Traditional)
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