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  • Listening to: 89.1 Bash + Music of His Soul
  • Reading: Netflix & Mysteries of Life + DA
  • Watching: Netflix YT Deviantart Skype TV games
  • Playing: The cords of nature / universal
  • Eating: Roast fucking--good-Beef / snacks etc
  • Drinking: Margaritas/booze,Tea,and Milk (strong bones)
:icondahub: ' is a nice little thing that allows you either Pay 20 -100+ points for a Limited feature ( i expected it to be longer and i'm not sure how it works but seems it gives everyone a chance to get noticed fairly.) Or you can just watch/fave/lama a few people (You have to do a decent amount , be pretty active, be probably at least a week or 2 if not more old, and be active outside DA hub etc.) You can post a journal like this as well See here;  Guidelines - Referral Network:bulletblue:
Post a new journal on your account or in your groups about dAhub and/or include the dAhub code in your signature then leave a comment on my profile page dAhub with the links to the journals and/or mention the word "signature". I will send you 5% of the points donated by any users who visit my page because of your referral
You can receive points for publicizing dAhub through any of the groups where you are an admin.  To receive points for publicizing through a group, include a link to the new group journal in your comment
Remember, featuring dAhub directly on your profile or group page will boost the points you earn too!
Example Journal
Hey! :icondahub: will give you free :points: if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!
You can also be featured if you donate some :points:
So go to dAhub now! :D
 Guidelines - Referral Network (in-case other doesn't work,i do both.) 

Note: For this to work You/Your viewers must click the link from the journal and participate / donate. You earn a 5th percent of what ever they donate (be it 20 or 6000 points w/e lol) (please help and do it yourself as well.~) Totally worth it. I don't know how long it lasts, read the guidelines and main page. 

Their main page is here: so check it out if you have spare time and or need it. I think this is mainly for people who aren't well known and are struggling. But anyone can do it.

It's very generous even a little is better than nothing, You can feature a friend too and it really helped one of mine. So idk , you decide if it's worth it or not. Do research first if you're a skeptic etc. Enjoy!

Also we are trying to commit to winners of 777 Contest, Art collabs / trades , (Commissions too if any of you want any~) IRL etc. So please bear with us. We could use your support and patience. Thanks ~M.H

PS there is this too ;  :icondailygiveget: probably much more stuff too

Art of the Day (From my gallery) ; 

Traditional -  Madness of the Devi-Hatter (Traditional) by WonderlandTrades
Digital -  AT - Aiko'sMagic 4 firewolfheart7 by WonderlandTrades  Watercave - Artic - A.T W/ ArticTheFoxwing by WonderlandTrades

Got some bases / more species/adopts etc coming up too ! so be sure to check them out and keep an eye up for them. We appreciate all your support and hope to continue working with you. Cheerio Mates!~ 
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Submitted on
June 17, 2017