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  • Listening to: Music of His Soul
  • Reading: Netflix & Mysteries of Life
  • Watching: Netflix YT Deviantart Skype TV games
  • Playing: The cords of nature / universal
  • Eating: Roast fucking--good-Beef / snacks etc
  • Drinking: Margaritas/booze,Tea,and Milk (strong bones)
So a contest/give away thing has requested we post a link to their journal in ours or a poll i don't know polls so i am doing it here.

Check it out!  950 POINTS + 4 ART GIVEAWAY! [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]There were:
90 participants
2,412 tickets total
5,019 tags
2,076 unique tags
146 users who were tagged twice
17 users who were tagged three times
and 1 user who was tagged 4 time (tsk tsk tsk)
And now - the results are in:
For RTD: Each participant's name was put into's list randomizer the amount of tickets they had
For Equal Draw: Each participant's name was put into's list randomizer once.
Most Tickets
Winner: :iconMiaChan14: !
with the impressive amount of 629 tickets!
* Custom digital sketch from me
* 300 points

Equal Draw

WINNER: :ICONWater-Pearluu: !
* Custom digital sketch from me
* 300 points

Random Ticket Draw

WINNER: :ICONCreamcloudie: !
  Support these awesome people heheh ;) it's worth it!. People like this are so amazing, maybe one day (if) i get more supporters well known and such i will do these too! ;)

While i am at it i will post some updates ; 


Commissions Are ALWAYS open you just need to notify me somehow (yes i am aware i have not been posting a lot of art lately, you'll figure out the reason later, doesn't mean i won't do your work.)

I have been sick IRL bs drama work etc. So it takes up most my time, but if i had a (Paid) comission that is work as well and would prioritize its actually one (contridictary) reason i;m not posting a lot atm.

I don't know what i'm going to do, and this is NOT a pity story so spare me sap and drama please thank you all *bows* You can always reach me on Youtube via: AlphaTengua (most active) / TheMADWonderland / Garden of Nightcore , and Daily Dungeons. I'm a person who doesn't like to be confined to just one thing, so before you assume or what ever please read all descriptions ask me what ever.

I would really appreciate that. Most my stuff is under construction atm so please do so more digging before judging by first sight/ IE cover. For those of who truly can't afford stuff,message me anyways i'll find a way to work things out like trade promitions (help me get out there so i can help other people too and such) etc. What ever it takes, i'm willing to try any options with you. But i will limit ones that are "out of the goodness of my heart" im not such a newbie that i will let myself be manipulated tricked and walked all over, so those of you who think u can just because someone is new or just starting out paid wise, 
Shame on you!!! Time is money and good art takes time efforts etc. That's almost like theft. "Given" or not, you know it's worth more. Now if the person OFFERS that is different. Art trades will be limited on and off so if you want those message me or be sure to check back when public ones are open , okay thanks :) I am doing my best to get everything in order but by baby steps. So bear with me please appreciate it. Now below i have some random nonsense and links for you, hope that you enjoy it haha!  / Copyright Disclaimer / No infringement intended on videos remixes music etc,Fair use non profit 107 etc

Youtube: AlphaTengua (Etc)
Tumblr: AlphaTengua and BrazillianBold + TheMadWonderland2015 (inactive)
DA: This is my only one now. My old was (Obviously) absoleum, i will not be moving or going back. 
FA: TMadWonderland or TheMadWonderland (Rarely on and has mostly junk posted)
Hangouts Kik Face time anything? GOD NO ! lol sorry
Twitter: AlphaTengua and TheMadWonderland
Facebook: Pages, ask for my personal one, people i can trust or Roleplayers editors etc only.
--- That's about it. I'm on skype and steam or youtube most so those are the best ways to reach me. 

If you eevr need to email or call me please send it in a PM and keep it to yourselves, if someone is asking you for my info just direct them to me and i'll get it. Thanks

About Me (O godz)
G: Male
A: 21 (21 in Nov4)
O: Gay w/exceptions (mostly gay) /LGBTQ PROUD!
S: fuck off i love myself , he's great <3
Hobbies: Art (=creation) , Music, People (sometimes) Spiritual(Not the kind you think) , Self love, Animals, Working out , Equestrian , Hunting (not an asshole about it), Gaming, Animation/AmVs/Editing/PhotoEditing etc. / Slightly interested in stores and writing and programming etc. / Biology/Science/nature/theory of the universe etc etc.... That's about it.
Purpose: Get better, Possible future career, Money to afford shelter food better equipment help friends care for animals etc. I hope to make a living in the Trade industry as my health and LD/etc  do not
Allow me to do "Regular jobs" nor would i be happy and able to work like a sheeple slave./ No offence to those who do i praise you more than the higher ups etc. It takes strength to do what you do.

More than You Know....heh. 

Do you Rp? : I honestly don't have the time right now. But i used to, and it's been awhile also for logical reasons, but i may consider it,IF i'm in the mood. do NOT beg and push me i'll ignore you.!

= Arts/ Etc =
Me/ Main "Persona/O.C"
The Mad Catter -  MS Paint O.C Doodler  (READ) V1 by WonderlandTrades He has many forms etc. So no,it's not a "Furry" or anything, if anything "Demonic shapeshifter"



= PManipulation / AMVs/Animations ETC =

Mask:  follow the link for in info for more! :) / Copyright disclaimer free fanbased non profit fair use under 107 Thanks!
MEPs:…… awesome meps by awesome pplz! lol
Underrated Solo:  Despite being old and not as clean. More on both channels if interested.

Thanks for Watching / Viewing ! Rate / Comment Watch Sub share etc etc. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." No way do we take claim credit theft nor profit for all media used. It is strictly transformative. Please support all original artists, it's what makes the world go round thanks! tata
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Submitted on
May 15, 2017